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Location Sea Keep
Race Maormer Gender Female
Health 15,000
39,959 (As your follower)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Storming the Walls
Faction(s) Storm Sharks (formerly)

Castire is a renowned Maormer captain who became intimate with an ace Dominion naval officer named Pandermalion. Their affair led to the Storm Sharks exploiting a weakness in Sea Keep to capture it and Castire.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you and Pandermalion go through the secret door from the cave in the underwater passage, Castire will be seen tied in a jail cell:

Pandermalion: "Cas! Are you all right?"
Castire: "Pan? How did you—nevermind. Get me out of these chains!"
Pandermalion: "I'll see to her bonds. Cas, I need you to tell me everything you know about what your crew is planning."

You can then speak to her:

"Is it just the two of you? I suppose it'd have to be. No one from his garrison would volunteer to help a Maormer.
You know the truth then? About us?"
I know about your relationship, but I don't know how it led to this attack.
"You have to understand. The only thing lower than a mutineer to the Maormer is a High Elf. Consorting with one is tantamount to treason. Loving one? Unforgivable.
I made them party to the ultimate taboo. Now they're trying to wash away the stain."
How so?
"They're going to summon a storm so powerful it'll scour the entire coast clean—and this keep with it. There'll be no trace of my offense left, or anything to stand between Alinor and the Pyandonean Armada.
They'll be remembered as heroes."
We have to stop them. Where is the Sea Mage now?
"On the battlements, calling to the wind and sea. It'll be a hard slog to get there. My crew won't hesitate to lay down their lives to protect Urlsar."

After listening to Pan's plan once she is freed, Cas will immediately chime in:

Castire: "Pan, your plan's insane. I love it. Where do we start?"
Pandermalion: "We? No, you have to run while you can, Cas. Even if we stop the storm—"
Castire: "Stow it, Pan. I'm as much to blame for this as you. I'm not leaving you to fix it yourself."
Pandermalion: "You're okay turning a blade on your own? There's no way to avoid it."
Castire: "They stopped being my own the moment they mutinied."

After exiting her cell, Castire will join you as a follower and you have the option of talking to her:

"Do what you have to do. I'll not shed any tears for these back-biting sea snakes."
What can you tell me about the Sea Mage we're after?
"Urlsar's command of the wind and waves was the envy of my father's fleet. No finer serpent of the sea, until he decided to sink his fangs into my back.
He's always been formidable, but... I've never seen anything like he's brewing up here."
How can we defeat him?
"Just have to hope that Pan's plan to take the wind out of his sails works. If not, we brace for the storm and do our best steer our aim true."
How did you become involved with Pandermalion?
"I was making a name for myself on the Abecean Sea and caught the attention of a real bullheaded captain of the Altmer Navy. He chased me up and down the Blue Divide.
Good fun, until a tempest tore our battle worn ships to flinders."
You got stranded together?
"Left clinging to the same piece of driftwood in an empty sea. Between Maormer, it's the sign of a fateful match. With him, I thought I was cursed, but we survived together, grew close, and made vows when we thought we were sure to die."
What saved you?
"A Khajiiti trade barge pulled us from the drink and carried us along to Elsweyr. Pan and I promised to see each other again and went our separate ways.
We could have left all this behind, right then. Could we have been happy like that? Who knows."
What does your affair merit this much destruction?
"Every day, the immortal king of the Maormer nurses his grudge for thousands of years of exile. Retribution against the Altmer is practically all we live for.
My heart isn't in that fight anymore, but to my crew it's more important than their lives."
Pandermalion changed that for you?
"If you can believe it. I admired him as an opponent long before I fell in love with him. He was brave, tenacious, dare I say reckless. He had pride, but not the empty sort that puffs up most High Elves. He'd earned his command. I could tell."

Upon reaching the first magicka font:

Pandermalion: "There's one of the fonts."
Castire: "I don't suppose we could use this to blast Urlsar off the ramparts?"
Pandermalion: "Sadly, no."
Castire: "Couldn't enjoy it from down here anyway."

Coming in proximity to the second magicka font:

Pandermalion: "There's a font here."
Castire: "Is there any way to tell if this is working?"
Pandermalion: "Remaining in one piece will be a good sign."
Castire: "I'm in favor of that."

At the final magicka font:

Tenerive: "Too late to right the ship, captain. Nothing left to do but sink with the rest of us."
Castire: "I'm too stubborn to sink, Tenerive. That's why I was captain."

When you get to the door to the courtyard, you can speak to Castire:

"There wasn't a shred of hesitation in Tenerive's eyes. He went to his grave hating me with every fiber of his being."
Who was Tenerive?
"My second mate. Former second mate. He was like a brother to me, but he turned his back like the rest. I don't know why I expected him to be different.
Not that I deserved his forgiveness."
How so?
"I betrayed them first. I made vows to one of the tyrants that exiled our people from our rightful home. I've lost everything because of it.
Maybe I was right when I thought we were cursed."
There's nothing wrong with finding love when everyone else wants you to hate.
"Maybe I was never one of them to begin with. How many of those vipers [sic] would have charged in here to rescue me from capture?
Pan was the right choice."
You've sacrificed a lot. Was it worth it?
"Seems like a raw deal, doesn't it? My time with Pan has been the sweetest I've ever known, but I'm not the one paying for it. We chose each other over duty and there's a steep price for that."

In the courtyard, you'll hear:

Pandermalion: "The gates are barred. The locking mechanisms are controlled from those two towers."
Castire: "Easy enough. You two take one, I'll take the other."
Pandermalion: "Be careful."
Castire: "Aren't I always?"

Speak to her before she disappears in a puff of smoke and she will say:

"I can handle myself. Get to your gatehouse and I'll do the same."

Upon meeting her and Pandermalion at the gate:

Pandermalion: "This is it, Cas. Last chance to-"
Castire: "Don't try to talk me out of this, Pan."

When you talk to her:

"Urlsar's up ahead—in the eye of the storm."
Are you ready to face him?
"He drove my crew to mutiny, tossed me in chains, and nearly killed the man I love.
I'll drag him to the bottom of Mother Sea if it's the last thing I do."
Urlsar's not the one who's important here.

After talking to both Pan and Cas, they will say:

Castire: "You remember our vows?"
Pandermalion: "They were the only thing that kept us moored through that miserable storm."
Castire: "Let's do it again. How often are we going to see a tempest like this in one lifetime?"
Pandermalion: "You always were the romantic."

As you make your way to Urlsar:

Castire: "Shouldn't the storm be growing weaker?"
Pandermalion: "I said it probably wouldn't get any stronger!
Damn him! I can barely hold my footing!"
Castire: "Keep fighting! One of us has to make it!"

After killing Urlsar:

Castire: "Pan, your reinforcements—they're here! They can't see me with you!"
Pandermalion: "Castire, wait!"

After meeting with them further ahead:

Castire: "It ends like it began. The two of us, adrift among the wreckage of our lives."
Pandermalion: "But alive, and together."
Castire: "Fortune smiles, with a shark's teeth."

When you talk to her after beating Urlsar:

"Urlsar's dead and his mutiny along with him. I only wish I had the strength to settle the score myself. If there was any justice in the world he'd have been forced to concede that he'd never drown me in shame. I'll return home with my head held high."
You intend to return to your people?
"It'll be a long journey without a crew, but I'll manage. There's no shame in returning to port humbled, but unbroken, though I think I'll steer clear of sun-kissed shores for some time."
What about Pandermalion?
"I love him, for some reason, but the walls between us are taller than this keep. Just to see him for a few fleeting moments commands such risk it nearly destroyed everything we care about, and more.
There's no place for us among Maormer or Altmer."
That may be true, but there are other places in Tamriel where that history holds no weight./You two are proof that the two can coexist.
"Just leave it all behind. Live for ourselves. If only we'd just done that so long ago...
Our mistake was trying to live two lives that were on a collision course from the start. We won't make it again. Thank you."
Parting ways might be for the best.
"Pan won't take it well, but I think he'll understand.
Thanks for everything you've done for us. May you see clearer skies and calmer seas than we."

If you suggest they stay together, you'll give her a Good luck to you. If not, you'll wish Safe journey to you.

If you chose for them to stay together:

Castire: "I love you, Pan, but we can't go on like this."
Pandermalion: "I know, Cas."
Castire: "We've been fighting against the current for years. It's time to see where it means to take us."
Pandermalion: "You mean together?"
Castire: "If you're up for a swim."
Pandermalion: "Where would we go?"
Castire: "The storm could have carried us off to anywhere, Pan. Pretend it did."
Pandermalion: "Let's cast our fate to the wind. "
Castire: "If anyone asks, we were swept out to sea. Never to return. Farewell."

If you chose for them to part ways:

Castire: "I love you, Pan, but we can't go on like this."
Pandermalion: "I know, Cas."
Castire: "What will happen? When I'm gone?"
Pandermalion: "I pick up the pieces. Or I find myself in irons."
Castire: "I'm sorry. For everything."
Pandermalion: "I'm not."
Castire: "The span between us may be as far as the sun and the sea, but you'll never be far from my thoughts."

She walks to the edge of the cliffs, pauses, and dives off the edge as Pandermalion laments:

Pandermalion: "The sun and the sea were never so lucky as to have crossed paths."


  • Following an unknown update, Rulotar was removed from the game, which then prevents the last dialogue option with Pandermalion that is necessary to get the outcome where they depart together.