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Retake a fortress that has been infiltrated by the Maormer.
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Sea Keep —
Quest Giver: Pandermalion
Location(s): Sea Keep
Reward: Sea Keep Siege Cuirass
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 6131
The interior of Sea Keep during the Maormer occupation
A massive storm is brewing over the fortress of Sea Keep that is the work of a Maormer Sea Mage. It will devastate the entire coast unless the Sea Mage's spell is stopped.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Pandermalion at the small camp outside the Sea Keep.
  2. Infiltrate the keep.
  3. Seal the magicka fonts.
  4. Raise the gates and defeat the Sea Mage.
  5. Talk to the lovers.
  6. Report to Battlereeve Farwenya.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Storming the Walls
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I have volunteered to help Pandermalion, Sea Keep's displaced commander, stop the Sea Mage conjuring the storm. He asked me to join him at the ruins beneath the keep when I'm ready to begin.
Objective: Meet Pandermalion at the Ruins
Pandermalion is waiting at the ruins underneath Sea Keep. I should speak to him about our plan to infiltrate the fortress.
Objective: Talk to Pandermalion
Pandermalion informed me that we'll need to follow a whirlpool's current to reach the interior of the ruins beneath Sea Keep. I should follow him through.
Objective: Infiltrate the Ruins
Pandermalion and I were able to navigate the whirlpool's currents and reach the ruin's interior. Now that we're here I should speak to him about our next objective.
Objective: Talk to Pandermalion
Pandermalion confessed that he had another reason to return to Sea Keep. His Maormer lover is being held captive in the dungeon. I've agreed to help him rescue her. We can reach the dungeon through a secret door.
Objective: Use the Secret Door to Enter the Keep
After entering the dungeon through a secret door known to Pandermalion, we found his lover, Castire, chained up in a cell. I should find out what she knows while Pandermalion unfastens her bonds.
Objective: Talk to Castire
Castire confirmed that the Maormer are planning to destroy Sea Keep and that their Sea Mage is on the battlements gathering a storm with the power to do so. Pandermalion seems to have an idea of how we might thwart their plans.
Objective: Talk to Pandermalion
Pandermalion told me that there are several Magicka Fonts that channel power to the battlements from the Aldmer ruins below. If we seal those fonts, we may cut the Sea Mage off from his main source of power.
Objective: Seal the Magicka Fonts: 0/3
We successfully sealed all the Magicka Fonts, cutting the Sea Mage, Urlsar, off from his main source of power. Now we need to reach Sea Keep's courtyard to put ourselves within striking distance of the Sea Mage.
Objective: Reach the Keep's Courtyard
Optional Step: Talk to Castire
We reached the courtyard, but the battlement gates are blocking our path. The mechanisms controlling the gates are in two towers overlooking the courtyard. Castire will make for one while Pandermalion and I head for the other.
Complete one: Raise the Outer Gate or Raise the Inner Gate
Optional Step: Talk to Pandermalion
We have unbarred the gate to the battlements, leaving nothing standing between us and Urlsar, the Sea Mage. I need to reach the battlements and put a stop to his storm.
Objective: Reach the Battlements
Optional Step: Talk to Pandermalion and Talk to Castire
We cut Urlsar off from the magic of Sea Keep, but not before he conjured a storm of considerable power. I will have to overcome it and stop him before he unleashes it on the Altmer homeland.
Objective: Defeat Urlsar
The storm dissipated after I defeated Urlsar. With the Sea Mage dead, the threat to Sea Keep is all but gone and the Altmer reinforcements can handle the rest. That only leaves the matter of Castire and Pandermalion's future. I should speak with them.
Objective: Talk to Castire
Castire appears to be wrestling with what to do now that the mutiny against her has been quelled. I should speak to Castire about her plans.
Objective: Talk to Pandermalion[verification needed — Typo in the journal?]
(Depending on your choice, one of these options will appear)

Castire has decided to return to her people, leaving Pandermalion with his own. I should talk to him about what will come next for him.

Objective: Talk to Pandermalion

I advised Castire and Pandermalion to abandon the duties keeping them apart. They dove into the sea together, to head for Castire's ship. Pandermalion asked me to report his death to the commander of the arriving reinforcements.

Objective: Talk to Battlereeve Farwenya
(This option appears when Castire leaves without Pandermalion)
Castire and Pandermalion parted ways before the Altmer reinforcements arrived. Their commander will want to know what transpired here, but should I tell her the truth or keep Pandermalion's secret?
Objective: Talk to Battlereeve Farwenya
☑Finishes quest (Depending on your choice, one of these options will appear)

I chose to tell Battlereeve Farwenya the truth about the attack on Sea Keep. She awaits my proof that he was the one responsible for the sacking of the keep. or
I chose to leave Pandermalion's secret out of my report to Battlereeve Farwenya. I should make sure his heroics are noted in the record of what transpired here.

Objective: Talk to Battlereeve Farwenya

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