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The War of the Bend'r-mahk was a war that started in 3E 397 in the Imperial Simulacrum between Hammerfell, Skyrim and High Rock.[1]

During the war Skyrim defeated the forces of Hammerfell and High Rock and took many miles of the eastern parts of those provinces, including the cities of Elinhir and Jehanna.[2] Some of these territories were claimed to have been lost in previous wars at the expense of Skyrim.[3] The war resulted in a deeper division between the Redguard factions of Crowns and Forebears, as the Forebear cities showed no inclination to help the Crown cities assaulted and occupied by the Nords, which in turn was a response to the lack of help by Crowns to the Forebears during the Camoran Usurper's invasion.[4] The resistance of both the Redguards and the Bretons lasted long after the war was over. The most peculiar situation arose in the city of Dragonstar, where the city was divided into western and eastern sections of the city, walled off from each other, with each section having its own government and a desire to take control of the entire city, even resorting to acts of terrorism.[2] One such act was members of the Mages Guild of Dragonstar using noxious enchantments on Skyrim soldiers.[5] The situation persisted for at least 30 years afterwards. After peace was established, a commission was created to repair the damage done by the war.[6]

The war was used by Jagar Tharn and Pergan Asuul to create a Shadow of Conflict, or Umbra' Keth.[7] Jagar Tharn also favored Skyrim during the war, with him paying bandits such as Lakvan to kill Hammerfell soldiers.[8]

One known fighter in the war was Sir Roderic who later went on to join the Knights of the Nine.[9]



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