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Emperor Durcorach
ON-trailer-Deadlands and Damnation-Durcorach.jpg
Durcorach the Black Drake
Race Reachman Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
The Reach
Died 2E 541
Reign 2E 533-
2E 542
Previous Ruler Attrebus
Next Ruler Moricar
Resided in The Reach
Black Drake Villa

Emperor Durcorach, the Black Drake, was a Reachman leader of the Blackdrakes Clan during the chaotic Interregnum period. At some point he raised an army from the Reach and seized control of the Empire of Cyrodiil, reigning as the first of the Longhouse Emperors. Durcorach married Veraxia Tharn of the prominent Nibenese Tharn family, allegedly to legitimize his claim to the Ruby Throne.[1] He had a warhound named Elf-Biter.[2] Rule of the Empire passed to Durcorach's son, Moricar.


According to a heavily biased manuscript commissioned by Durcorach, on the night of his birth a great comet blazed across the sky and "seven sevens of silver swans" flew over his mother's shelter in the snowy mountains of the Reach.[3] All who beheld the infant were said to be "struck by the strong beauty of his young face, with eyes so dark and fierce that great warriors could not bear to meet his gaze". He was raised in the challenging wilderness of the Reach, which taught him "the value of courage, honor, endurance, and wisdom". The propaganda continues to describe his early life; At the age of three, a young Durcorach allegedly saved his mother's life by seizing his father's hunting-spear and instantly slaying a great black bear that had already devoured twenty men. At the age of five, he saved his village from starving in a harsh winter by hunting a herd of "a hundred elk from Karthwasten to the high peaks of the Druadach Mountains". On his seventh birthday, a tribe of Giants invaded the peaceful pastures in which his people kept their flocks, and he once again somehow managed to beat them back.[4]

Durcorach soon became an exceptionally strong and clever chieftain, and in 2E 527 began building a following in the Reach. He soon caught the eye of the Witchmen coven, the Tagh Droiloch, and allied with them, subduing all rival clans with their help through means involving Daedric bargains. By 2E 528, he became warlord commanding two thousand soldiers, which rose to ten thousand by 2E 529.[5] A deal was struck with Mehrunes Dagon to have Durcorach crowned, with his sorcerers performing countless tasks in wait for the day when the "final part of the arrangement" would be carried out and Dagon will "claim his due" with the Four Ambitions.[6] With years of preparation, Durcorach summoned a great horde of Reach warriors and descended upon Cyrodiil in 2E 533, seizing the Ruby Throne for his own.[7] The Tagh Droiloch disappeared afterwards, with some suspicions that his most trusted sorcerers were original members.[5] He was known for his imposing stature and prowess with blade and hedge magic.[8][5]

On 1 Sun's Dawn, 2E 534 Emperor Durcorach appointed new members of Elder Council and bestowed the title of Chief Councilor to Legate Tarnian Lovidicus of Leyawiin.[9]

In 2E 541[10] or 2E 542,[11] Durcorach led the Reachmen in a bloody invasion of High Rock, ravaging the countryside and pillaging many cities. In 2E 541, Hallin's Stand was briefly captured by Durcorach during his invasion on High Rock.[12] All goods of value were stolen or destroyed.[8]. A year later, in 2E 542 Durcorach's forces conquered and sacked Evermore and were responsible for death of King Heseph of House Moile.[11] After abandoning a lengthy siege of Wayrest, he set his sights towards Daggerfall. As his forces massed before the gates, Emeric of Cumberland led a daring maneuver that completely flanked Durcorach's ranks, taking them by surprise. The defenders of Daggerfall sallied forth for a devastating pincer attack, during which the Black Drake himself was struck down by Emeric and his forces were scattered.[10]



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