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Rolbert Foucher
Home Settlement Murcien's Hamlet
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Rolbert Foucher

Rolbert Foucher is a Breton healer tending to the wounded in Murcien's Hamlet. He has been the apprentice of Medya Zurric for at least three years.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

During The Charge of Evermore you can ask him what he knows about Medya.

"I'm nearly out of supplies, treating all these wounded guards.
If you have something to ask, be quick about it."
I want to speak to you about Medya.
"Kynareth's tears, she's been taking too many risks in trying to treat the wounded who haven't fled here!
You didn't find her dead out there, did you?"
I haven't found her dead. I'm looking for her.
"That's a relief, I think. What did you want to ask me about, then?"
Tell me about Medya.
"In all the years I've been her apprentice, more than three years now, I've never heard her say an unkind thing.
She's the closest thing this dumpy little fishing hamlet has to a leader!"
Does Medya have family here, a son?
"A son? It would be the first I've heard of it.
Medya is like a mother to a lot of us, but she's never raised any children that I know of."
She's out there alone, treating people? Isn't she afraid of the witchmen?
"She hasn't lived to be as old as she is without being careful. I'm sure—I hope she's all right.
She lived here when the Reachmen came down the hills before, with the Black Drake.
Tell me about Murcien's Hamlet
"There's not much to tell. Most of the people here as fishermen.
The longest journey most of us have ever taken is to cross the Bjoulsae River to sell our fish to merchants in Evermore."
The Reachmen attacked Murcien's Hamlet during the Black Drake's war, didn't they?
"They did, but they didn't kill everyone. Medya and a few others lived through it, but she's the last one still alive here.
She's been a pillar for the community since then, even though the witchmen haven't raided us since—until now I mean."
The witchmen haven't attacked here since then?
"Yes—No. I mean, that's correct. They raid other places, but they don't raid here. Well, until now.
I'd always just assumed that we were under the benevolent protection of the gods."
I need to find Medya, do you know where she might be? (Appears once you have asked him about Medya and the hamlet's history.)
"She's been trying to treat the wounded on the field.
If you don't see her outside, she's probably inside one of the homes. Some of the other people are still out there!"
I'll keep looking, then.

After The Charge of Evermore is completed, what he says depends on the choice you made. If you decided that Medya should go on trial, Rolbert is glad you did.

"I've heard about what happened. It's a shame about what happened to Sir Etienne.
I'm not certain most would have chosen to spare Medya, considering the circumstances. I'm glad you did, even if she was bad."

However, if you decided she needed to die, he will instead say: (?)

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