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Icon Item Description Value Type
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Eagle Feather Quill This fine feather would be of great value to collectors. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Monocle.png Eagle's Gaze Monocle A corrective lens used to enhance the vision in only one eye, enchanted to increase it's magnification a dozen-fold. 00000250250 Gold Devices, Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Mat.png Eagle's Strand Welcome Mat Tawny welcome mat woven of saltrice straw, with a pattern depicting Eagle's Strand. 00000100100 Gold Furnishings, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Needle.png Eagle-Bone Chopsticks A set of polished eating utensils, made from carved eagle bones. 00000100100 Gold Utensils, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Eagle-Screech Whistle If you hear the piercing shriek of this golden whistle, you can be sure that bloody justice is about to be served. 00000100100 Gold Justice
ON-icon-stolen-Tableware.png Eagle-Shaped Gravy Boat A simple, themed gravy boat. Useful and aesthetically pleasing. 00000100100 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Eamond and Arzhela Spice Shakers These rare porcelain spice shakers are painted to look like the king and queen. They were given out at the couple's wedding. 00000250250 Gold Utensils, Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Harness.png Ear Bridle A curved iron rod pierced through a Mer's ears and screwed into place. Commonly lashed together to drive groups of prisoners. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Ear of the Watcher's Pet Fur has been wrenched out of the ear in neat circles by the suction of the Watcher's tentacles. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Earthenware Decanter A ceramic decanter, crafted in the stark style of the local Iron Orc tribes but sold by merchants in Belkarth and Dragonstar. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Earthenware Jar This earthenware jar is surprisingly sturdy. 0000004040 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Earthenware Mead Decanter A ceramic decanter, crafted in the flamboyant style of the Eastmarch Nord clans and sold at Voljar's Meadery. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Earthenware Riften Chamber Pot A lavishly decorated chamber pot of rich earthenware in the Nordic design, never used. You think. 00000250250 Gold Furnishings, Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png The Eastern Fool Oppressively gaudy, this rendition of the Skald-King as a jester in a crown is crusted with small, mostly worthless gems. 00000250250 Gold Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Scroll Case.png Easy-Apply Kohl Stick A soft stick made from, among other things, ash-salts and night-oil. Wrapped in wax paper to maintain its pencil shape. 00000100100 Gold Cosmetics, Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Ampoule.png Eau de Amenos Aromatic cologne that evokes a dark bouquet of rain, smoke, and innate danger. 00000250250 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Bell.png Eavesdropping Earhorn A brass horn with a sound-amplifying membrane, designed to be pressed against a wall or door to eavesdrop on conversations. 00000103103 Gold Medical Supplies, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Tweezers.png Ebon Inlaid Shears These heavy scissors have blades made of black volcanic glass, and can cut through metal and tile with ease. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Plate.png Ebonheart Commemorative Plate This plate, decorated with the seals of Morrowind, Skyrim, and Black Marsh, commemorates the formation of the Ebonheart Pact. 00000250250 Gold Dishes and Cookware, Oddities
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Ebonheart Guard Canteen A standard-issue drinking container provided to guards serving the Ebonheart Pact. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-food-Fondue.png Ebonheart Temple Priest's Thurible Electrum-clad censer for wafting ancestral ash incense during ceremonies in honor of the Tribunal. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Ebonheart War Toys These tiny Ebonheart soldiers and siege engines are carved from ivory. They fit within a simple mammoth-fur pouch. 00000100100 Gold Children's Toys, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Stein.png "Ebony Flask" Shein Stein Black-enameled limeware tankard with pewter lid, showing the sigil of the Ebony Flask in Ebonheart. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Ebony Kwama Scrib This exquisite ebony statue, depicting the hero of the Dark Elf fairy tale, is part of a limited series by the sculptor Nerile. 00000250250 Gold Statues, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Cross.png Ebony Mephala Idol This priceless little idol is shaped like a spider and used in the secret worship of the Daedric Prince, Mephala. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects, Statues
ON-icon-furnishing-Heiruna Doll.png Ebony Mermaid Figurine This tiny stone mermaid curls her tail seductively. A common fertility idol for High Isle commoners. 00000250250 Gold Statues, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Ebony Orcish File An implement of Orc craftmanship meant to wear the hardest materials down smooth. Makes a good saw in a pinch. 00000250250 Gold Tools, Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Ebony Sithis Idol This small ebony statue depicts Sithis as a bare-skulled figure clutching an Argonian egg. 00000100100 Gold Statues, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Spoon.png Ebony Spoon It's hard to imagine who would waste ebony ore to forge a spoon, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-misc-Tree.png Ebony Treehenge Bookends A pair of heavy ebony bookends, each cast in the shape of the Green Lady Treestone from Treehenge. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Vase.png Ebony Vessel of the Abyss Conical black vase used for meditation; a look into its interior is like peering into an endlessly-deepening black nothingness. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-quest-Wrothgar Stone 01.png Ebony Whetstone This valuable whetstone once belonged to General Godrun. 00000250250 Gold Smithing Equipment, Tools
ON-icon-style material-Dwemer Scrap.png Ebony Wood Musical Calliope A hand-cranked musical calliope of exquisite craftsmanship. Its construction is of a rare ebony wood. 00000250250 Gold Devices, Musical Instruments
ON-icon-stolen-Echalette Skull.png Echalette-Skull Ink Well This inkwell appears both delicate and intimidating. The beast's tiny tusks serve as perfect pen-holders. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Oddities
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png Echatare Vellum Imported by boat from Orsinium. This vellum still smells of woodchips and the sea. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Riding Crop.png Echatere Bullhook A long oaken staff with an ornate bronze hook. The rancher this belonged to must be wealthy indeed. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Blanket.png Echatere Cashmere Sleeping Mask Opaque sleeping mask lined with luxuriously soft echatere cashmere, labeled "North Coast Furriers." 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Echo Box A small wooden jewelry box that repeats the last thing whispered into it one more time. Popular among working spouses. 0000004040 Gold Magic Curiosities, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Ectoplasmic Grease Some claim this ghostly residue implies fabricated beings have souls, but superstitions don't outweigh its lubricant value. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-style material-Dwemer Scrap.png Edifying Illusio-Scope Bulging device with inward-facing goggles and a crank that, when turned, shows the viewer moving images of Bosmer procreation. 00000250250 Gold Devices, Artwork
ON-icon-quest-Letter 01.png Edrald's Extravagant Party Allurement Nobles throughout Rivenspire often save the lavish invitations to the annual costume party held at Edrald Estate. 00000250250 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Tweezers.png Eel Tongs A long, sturdy pair of foreceps used by nocturnal fishermen to pluck unsuspecting eels from brackish water. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Plate.png "Eel-Strangler" Serving Platter Traditional platter depicting a triumphant Lord Zuthorix the Eel-Strangler, who slew his enemies with conger-eel garrottes. 00000250250 Gold Dishes and Cookware, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Net.png Egg Skimmer A downy fine net used for scooping eggs from the shallows of spawning pools. 0000004040 Gold Fishing Supplies, Tools
ON-icon-misc-Diamond.png The Egg of the World Crystal replica of the fist-sized gem Kinlady Entila Errinorne was searching for in the mine now called Entila's Folly. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Cup.png Eight Blessings Libation Shot Glasses Set of eight engraved shot glasses, one for each Imperial Divine, from The Eight Blessings, Kvatch. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Purse.png Eki-Xaht Feedbag The frog-leather feedbags of the Eki-Xaht tribe are watertight, allowing their livestock to eat grubs and rice without spillage. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-book-Scroll 04.png Elaborate Blueprints These sketches are the handiwork of the scholar, Neramo. The images depict the inner workings of a Dwemer automaton. 00000100100 Gold Artwork, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Lute.png Elaborate Clockwork Hurdy-Gurdy Fine string instrument that can be played with a bow, or cranked to automatically play the Camoran March. 00000250250 Gold Musical Instruments, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Box.png Elaborate Daedric Puzzle Box A whirring puzzle box made to entertain the eternally curious Daedra and delight their senses. 00000250250 Gold Devices, Games
ON-icon-stolen-Centerpiece.png Elaborate Feather Lure This huge fishing lure looks far too large and ungainly to use. It's covered in beads, feathers, mirrors, and large steel hooks. 00000100100 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Fishhook.png Elaborate Shellfish Knife The Empire loves their shellfish, and this jeweled knife is specially made for cutting the tender flesh for eating. With style! 00000250250 Gold Fishing Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Elaborate Hist Centerpiece An imposing willow wood sculpture. Small polished jades have been inset between the roots to represent eggs. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Model Ship.png Elaborate Model Swan Ship Model, in wood, fabric, and twine, of a Firsthold swan ship, detailed down to the tiny ballistas on the poop. 00000250250 Gold Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Contraption.png Elaborate Skooma Pipe
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This vessel of salvaged Dwemer mechanisms is a small furnace meant to intensify the user's smoking experience. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Utensils
ON-item-misc-Summerset Dress.png Elea Dress-Up Doll This exquisite porcelain doll resembles Duchess Elea Dufort down to the shade of her makeup. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Tapestry.png Elden Tree Golden Acorn Plaque Fist-sized golden acorn mounted on a wall plaque, reading "Winner, Annual Elden Tree Speed Climb." 00000250250 Gold Wall Décor
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Elder Down Pillow This supple leather pillow is filled with the downy feathers of an aged duck. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Tooth.png Elder's Teeth Made from cow's teeth, elders lacking teeth use this insert to grind food into a paste. 00000100100 Gold Tools, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Amber.png Eldergleam Amber A gleaming golden amber that sings a faint and soothing melody. It could only have come from the ancient tree, Eldergleam. 000015001500 Gold Lights, Oddities, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Purse.png Eldertide Clamshell Castanets
(datamined – confirmation needed)
These naturally lacquered clamshells make a hollow, percussive sound when clacked together. 00000100100 Gold Writings [sic]
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Elegant Bloodthorn Quill A quill made from the perfect blade of a Bloodthorn plant that's been magically preserved. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Box.png Elegant Pearl "Veloth's Conundrum" Puzzle Exquisite traditional Dunmeri puzzle game, with an ebony board and pieces of Dwarven metal and nacreous pearl. 00000250250 Gold Games
ON-icon-stolen-Bracelet.png Elegant Velvet-Lined Tail Lifter Elegant folding tail lifter made of flexible spry-wood inlaid with red cedar, with a velvet-lined lift-cuff. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Wineskin.png Elegant Waterskin A supple leather pouch that boasts silver engravings. It can hang at your side, fit in your pack, and quench your thirst. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware, Tools
ON-icon-food-Fondue.png Elemental Clock A timekeeping contraption which can be set to spew water during the morning hours and light a merry flame at night. 00000100100 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Elemental Imbuement Phial
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A smidge of simmering red goo remains within, the focus for a ritual to imbue Atronach energies within a mortal shell. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Collar.png Elf-Biter's Collar Durcorach the Black Drake's prized warhound, Elf-Biter, wore many collars. This one is wrought from bone and precious rubies. 000015001500 Gold Oddities, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png Elite Guard Insignia A platinum pin shaped like four clasped hands of Mehrunes Dagon. Worn by Dremora guards of higher caste. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png Elsweyr Public Safety Pamphlet A pamphlet full of pictorial instructions on what to do during a Dragon attack. The figures seem remarkably calm. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Spoon.png Elsweyr Serving Ladle This fine wooden serving ladle is painted with a pattern that resembles a senche-tiger's stripes. 00000100100 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Elusive Ehlnofey Statuette This gleaming platinum figure is vaguely Elven in shape, but featureless, like the fading memory of the Old Ehlnofey. 00000100100 Gold Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Razor Shard.png Elven Chisel A well-maintained smiths' chisel. It bears the distinctive Altmer eagle motif. 00000100100 Gold Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Elven Vegetable Peeler
(datamined – confirmation needed)
An elegant and razor-sharp kitchen utensil. Ruddy stains along the glass blade seem too dark for beets. 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-quest-Broken Frieze.png Emblazoned Arrowheads Forge-Wife Glesh created a series of these decorative arrowheads to commemorate the birth of Chief Tazgol's daughter, Lokra. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Cameo.png Emblem of Lamae Bal A small disk with a portrait of Lamae Bal, the first vampire, who is call Mother Lamae or the Blood Matron. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Forgemasters Medallion.png Emblem of Vykosa A disk embossed with the symbol of Vykosa the Ascendant, a relic of her notorious pack. 00000250250 Gold Oddities, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png Embossed Leather Picturebook
(datamined – confirmation needed)
The Conquests of Vivec' depicted on supple leather pages inviting to the touch, the proportions appear highly exaggerated. 00000250250 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-book-Scroll 01.png Embossed Lion Guard Stationery Special parchment with an embossed Lion Guard symbol, used for official correspondence and documentation. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Dice.png Embossed Scarlet Dice
(datamined – confirmation needed)
These dice have an unsettling crimson sheen to them. When they roll, a small amount of liquid inside seems to move. 00000250250 Gold Games, Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Horseshoe.png Embossed Throwing Shoes Hard-tempered and neatly forged, these horse shoes are embossed with the symbol of the Rilis household of Auridon. 00000100100 Gold Games, Tools
ON-icon-misc-Coin Bag.png Embroidered Coin Purse Ornate embroidered coin purse with brass clamshell closure, 'Presented by the Bank of Kvatch.' 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Cloth.png Embroidered Hand Towel Embroidered with an image of the Crimson Ship, this hand towel is a reminder to those in Hammerfell of the Day of Shame. 0000004040 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Sling.png Embroidered Mudcrab Bib A finely embroidered bib. The stitching depicts a mudcrab being eaten whole by a smiling Orc chef. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Embroidered Ogrim Cloth This rather lovely, stitched modesty cloth was once adorned by a fashionable Ogrim. 00000100100 Gold Artwork, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Embroidered Pot Holder A quilted pot holder with an intricate embroidered floral pattern. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Embroidered Purse A supple leather pouch with a fish embroidery stitched in fine blue thread. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Embroidered Silk Silvenar Pillow Silk-covered throw-pillow with embroidered scene showing a procession of Spinners being carried through Silvenar. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Embroidered Silken Baandari Pillow Silken pillow embroidered to depict the Great Gate of Corinthe, labeled "Property of Silver Moons Inn." 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Embroidered Tavern Pillow Pillow or seat-cushion embroidered with an image of the Dusklight Inn of Hoarfrost Downs. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Embroidered Vivec's Antlers Pillow Silken pillow with an embroidered image of Vivec drowning the Akaviri invaders at Vivec's Antlers. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Monocle.png Emerald Sugar Cane Brooch Commonly worn by wealthy moon-sugar farmers, this glittering pendant is sure to impress. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Monocle.png Emerald-Eyed Stag Pendant Small, emerald eyes stare up from this stag head pendant, daring you to give yourself over to the Hunt. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Emerald-Infused Salts The finest of Wayrest have recently embraced the practice of pouring packets of this expensive powder into their baths. 00000250250 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Needle.png Empress Tavia's Tapestry Needle A large needle, gilded in gold. It is said to have been owned by Empress Tavia herself. 000015001500 Gold None
ON-icon-stolen-Coins.png Emperor Moricar Decennial Coin A commemorative coin struck to mark the tenth anniversary of Emperor Moricar's coronation. It's a poor likeness. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Empty Legionaire's Armor Kit
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This kit was created to include everything you'd need to bang out dents in your armor in the field. 00000100100 Gold Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-Sling.png Empty Ornate Scabbard A beautifully crafted sheath for a dagger, sans the dagger. 00000250250 Gold Oddities, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Empty Skooma Vial This small glass vial still has a few skooma crystals at the bottom. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Pipe.png Enameled Clay Catnip Pipe Catnip pipe painted with images from the tale "How Khenarthi Taught the Clouds to Dance." 00000100100 Gold Utensils, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Enchanted Broom An otherwise unremarkable broom, enchanted to sweep an entire room by itself when its owner claps thrice. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities, Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Enchanted Chicken Xylophone
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A wooden xylophone enchanted to play a pleasing melody when chickens peck at the bars. 00000250250 Gold Tools, Musical Instruments
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Enchanted Dictation Quill A quill enchanted for hands-free use. You'll still need a scribe to correct its many errors. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Yarn Ball.png Enchanted Grocers Twine Purported to keep packaged vegetables fresh longer, this spool of twine smells of honey and sparkles softly in the light. 00000250250 Gold Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Pitcher.png Enchanted Hand Pail A supposedly enchanted pail that promises to draw milk from cows without needing physical intervention. 00000250250 Gold Tools, Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Talisman.png Enchanted Handwarmer A sealed metal container inside a small velvet bag, enchanted to continuously give off heat without burning any fuel. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Pen.png Enchanted Paper Trick This paper dagger is guaranteed to twirl and dance in anyone's hands. Its frail blade, however, makes it utterly useless in combat. 00000100100 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Riding Crop.png Enchanted Soil Probe
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This simple, enchanted tool is used by farmers to measure salinity prior to planting crops. Its tip glows blue in bad soil. 00000250250 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Enchantment-Free Beard Booster This fragrant, nonmagic mix of wax and pigments comes with a small blending brush to make patchy beards appear naturally full. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-stolen-Letter Opener.png Engraved Alik'r Walking Stick This is one of a handful of walking sticks King Fahara'jad gave as gifts to the nobles of Wayrest at his daughter's wedding. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Plate.png Engraved Copper Plates A set of burnished copper flatware. Each piece has been stamped with the mark of the famous Argonian smith, Haj-Ja. 00000100100 Gold Utensils, Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-achievement-Bone.png Engraved Femur The writing carved along the length of this bone insists that it's from a pig. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Engraved Golden Flask This is one of several extremely valuable flasks personalized for the merchant-lords of Stormhaven. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Needle.png Engraved Mammoth Tusk Hair Pins Intricately carved hair pins, made from expensive mammoth ivory, depict highlights of the Skald-King's life in minute detail. 00000250250 Gold Utensils, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Purse.png Engraved Ossuary Bones A handful of loose Khajiiti bones inscribed with funerary blessings from a earlier era. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Engraved Pewter Flask This well-worn drinking flask features Seamount Clan motifs etched into the pewter. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-food-Ale.png Engraved Redguard Flask A rare flask engraved with an ouroboros and distributed to members of the elite 1st Redguard Horse Brigade. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Engraved Silver Decanter This is one of several extremely valuable decanters personalized for the merchant-lords of House Hlaalu. 00000250250 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Cup.png Engraved Silver Flagon This imposing tankard has the seal of the Screaming Mermaid engraved on it. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Stein.png Engraved Stein A polished steel stein featuring an elaborate engraving of a man fighting a bear. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Token.png Engraved Tabard Clasp Worn down by sea and sweat, you can still make out the engraving of the Gonfalon Colossus on this small, decorative clasp. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Bloody Sack.png Elongated Saxhleel Claws Though these claws appear to be Argonian in appearance, their size and length are baffling. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Dagger.png Envelope Opener with Rilis Sigil This platinum-chased envelope opener bears the sigil of House Rilis on its pommel. 00000250250 Gold Utensils, Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png Erotic Argonian Etchings A set of limited-edition etchings of Argonian erotica. It is impossible to discern the gender of the participants. 00000100100 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Tapestry.png Erotic Found Object Mosaic Assorted junk and scrap arranged to resemble provocative figures in repose, strategically oiled to give a glistening sheen. 00000250250 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-quest-Book 02.png Erotic Green Pact Drawings A collection of plant life drawings that are strangely suggestive. 00000250250 Gold Artwork
ON-icon-quest-Eshraf's Journal.png "Erotica for Werewolves" A ragged, hand-written tract detailing very specific acts for a very specific readership. 00000100100 Gold Oddities, Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Tapestry.png Errinorne Ancestry Tapestry Rolled-up tapestry depicting the noble ancestry of House Errinorne, dating back to the Late Merethic Era. 00000250250 Gold Wall Décor, Writings
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Errinorne Impskin Wallet Pouch-wallet of finest lavender impskin, embossed with the sigil of House Errinorne of Skywatch. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Mirror.png Errinorne Valet's Two-Way Hand Mirror Silver-chased hand-mirror, devised so a valet can see from its back what it's reflecting in the front, for proper holding. 00000250250 Gold Grooming Items, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Cage.png Escape-Proof Daedrat Habitat A small wrought iron pen emblazoned with arcane wards. No Daedrat can escape this enclosure. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Essence of Alloy This perfume gives off a heady metallic scent. Popular with apostles who have yet to undergo body modification. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Essence of Bleakrock A wild and wintery cologne for the discerning Nords of Bleakrock, it's surprisingly crafted from a recipe by Biiri the Dark Elf. 00000100100 Gold Cosmetics, Grooming Items
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Essence of Mammoth An expensive fragrance created by alchemists in Windhelm, popular with wealthy maidens and matrons for special occasions. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics, Grooming Items
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Essence of Ravenwatch House Ravenwatch has been manufacturing and selling this fragrant cologne since before the rise of King Ranser. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics, Grooming Items
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Essence of Servitude This bottled substance can be worn by mortals who are bound to a Daedra by a pact. It marks ownership to other Daedra. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png Essence of the Rift A distinct and fragrant cologne for the discerning Nord, it's surprisingly crafted from a recipe by Darva the Dark Elf. 00000250250 Gold Cosmetics, Grooming Items
ON-icon-quest-Tenderizer.png Etched Iron Tenderizer A heavy kitchen tool used to prepare meat. The handle features a stylized wolf skull engraving. 00000100100 Gold Utensils, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Fork.png Etched Lute Tuning Fork This beautifully etched tuning fork makes any lute sound as if it were brand new. 00000250250 Gold Musical Instruments
ON-icon-stolen-Decanter.png Etched Silver Decanter This is one of several extremely valuable decanters personalized for the merchant-lords of Tamriel. 00000100100 Gold Drinkware
ON-icon-stolen-Harness.png Etched Steel Bridle A sturdy and well-crafted harness. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Bugle.png Etched Troll Tooth A large tooth taken from the mouth of a troll. An unknown scrimshander etched Kyne's War Prayer into the enamel. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Tusk.png Etched Twilight Fang Capped with gold and inscribed with dark runes, this tooth came from a massive Grievous Daedra. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png Euraxian Recruitment Bill This handbill depicts Queen Euraxia in all her glory, urging the viewer to join the ranks of her army. 00000100100 Gold Writing
ON-icon-stolen-Plant.png Ever-Blooming Bonsai Tree Rectangular pot containing a living bonsai, a miniature Auridon Gorapple perpetually blossoming pink blooms. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-misc-Woodchips.png Ever-Breath Smith's Bit An enchanted bit that absorbs common airborne impurities when clenched between the teeth. Best to wash before reuse. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities, Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Ever-Dipping Cliff Racer Statuette Exquisite hand-carved cliff-racer statuette that pivots on a hip-hinge, forever dipping its beak and then straightening up. 00000250250 Gold Statues, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Ever-Inked Plume A writing implement that never goes dry! Very popular among travelling scholars. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities, Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Pillow.png Everlasting Slumber Pillow A pillow fashioned with a waterskin in the center, in hopes it will stay cool overnight. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods, Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Lock of Hair.png Ever Sweeping Broom
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A household object that will clean the floor so long as there's a glyph embedded in the handle. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Candle.png Everburning Spice Candle A candle enchanted to release the pleasant aroma of spices while burning "forever," according to the tiny label. 00000250250 Gold Lights
ON-icon-stolen-Candle.png Everlasting Candles A package of dining room candles specially enchanted so that they will light, but never melt. 00000103103 Gold Lights, Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Sundial.png Evermore Officer's Sundial This small sundial has diamonds on the gnomon. King Eamond required his generals carry these to ensure their punctuality. 00000250250 Gold Tools, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Parasol.png Evermore Parasol Citizens of Evermore traveling into Southern Bangkorai often carry these parasols to protect themselves from the desert sun. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Devices
ON-icon-style material-Molybdenum.png Excruciator This small stone is enchanted to continually discharge weak Destruction spells when swallowed. Bears the seal of the Ordinators. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Mat.png Exile's Bedroll This Redguard bedroll was used by the exiles who fled from Hallin's Stand and sought safe harbor from the King of Evermore. 00000250250 Gold Furnishings, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Skull.png Exile's Skull Brand This fragment of bone once belonged to a Vampire of the Volkihar clan who had this symbol carved into their forehead and exiled. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects, Oddities
ON-icon-book-Note 01.png Exoneration Writ A discharge of obligations awarded by a Dragon Knight for certain favors discreetly performed for the Daggerfall Crown. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-stolen-Tableware.png Exotic Bosmer Spice Shakers Something smells … off … about these spice shakers, but they should fetch a good price from gourmets. 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Contraption.png Experimental Magma-Suit, Damaged Silvery coveralls of an unknown material, partially burned through, labeled "Valdam Andoren, Davon's Watch Guildhall." 00000250250 Gold Oddities, Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Explorer's Pick This sturdy pick was given to all of Headman Bhosek's engineers. It probably saw ample use outside the Bthzark ruins. 00000100100 Gold Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Toothpick.png Exquisite Bone Stylus An antique writing tool carved from a wolf's mandible. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Exquisite Carved Reman-Era Fan Antique folding fan, exquisitely carved from some kind of dark chitin, dating from the brief reign of Emperor Kastav. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Trinkets.png Exquisite False Eye A polished marble eye with an emerald inset. A kingly gift from Chief Tazgol to a wounded lieutenant. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Quill.png Exquisite Harpy Feather Quill Lord Diel of Daggerfall gifts a limited number of these rare writing instruments every year to colleagues and associates. 00000250250 Gold Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-quest-Wrothgar Stone 01.png Exquisite Whetstone and Polishing Kit Inlaid with precious gems and the finest oils, this kit can hone edges that will not dull and keep hilts oiled for eons. 000015001500 Gold Tools, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Exsanguination Tools A flat leather poach containing small knives. Includes a diagram showing the carotid arteries for various creatures. 00000100100 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Tools.png Extensible "Strangler Teaser" Pole Seven-part extensible rod of horn and antler, used by the youth of Karthdar in their charming game of "Strangler Teaser." 00000250250 Gold Fishing Supplies, Games
ON-icon-food-Pig's Milk.png Extra Potent Goblin Waft This concentrated Goblin-sweat distillate can be used to induce wakefulness or unconsciousness when placed under the nose. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-trait material-Sapphire.png Eye of Sithis See-All Some Dhalmora Argonians believe this serpent-eye gem, when placed beside their beds, will watch over them during the night. 00000100100 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Eye Charcoal of the Burn This popular shade of eye charcoal comes straight from the magma pits of the Burn. 00000250250 Gold Grooming Items
ON-icon-food-Pig's Milk.png Eyeball Collection A glass case of a variety of ocular organs. The eyes are arranged by a color, shape, and size. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Wig.png Eyes of the Queen Disguise Kit A kit of false beards, mustaches, noses and other prosthetics. A small marking indicates it was made for the Eyes of the Queen. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Medical Supplies