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Race Dunmer Gender Female
Born 4th Era
Resided in Riften
Appears in Skyrim

Karliah is a Dunmer thief and a member of the Nightingales, in service to Nocturnal. Karliah's maternal grandparents are Queen Barenziah and a Nightingale thief by the name of Drayven Indoril. Karliah's mother Dralsi taught her the art of thievery and how to survive in Skyrim, living as a rogue. However, she did not induct Karliah into the Nightingales before her death. Karliah eventually became a member of Skyrim's Thieves Guild and was inducted into the Nightingales by Guildmaster Gallus Desidenius, who became her lover at some point.[1] She was exiled from the Guild for 25 years after allegedly murdering Gallus. In reality, she was framed for Gallus' murder, which was actually committed by Mercer Frey, a former Nightingale, who stole Nocturnal's Skeleton Key from the Twilight Sepulcher, and took Gallus' place as Guildmaster. With the help from a new guild member, Karliah exposed Mercer, reformed the Nightingale Trinity, and finally killed Mercer, avenging Gallus.[2]

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