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Grandmaster Rythe Verano
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Grandmaster Rythe Verano
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Died 2E 582

Rythe Verano was one of the last of the Morag Tong who was a member before the Potentate assassinations, which would force the guild to go into hiding. He worked for centuries at restoring the reputation of the Morag Tong with the Great Houses, getting them to accept them once again as a legitimate organization,[1] and would eventually become the Tong's grandmaster. He would be one of the people who were plotting within the Morag Tong. The plot involved a coup of the current Tong, and a list of goals, which if achieved, would transform the Tong into more than a mere league of assassins, it would make them powerful enough to allow them to replace the heads of state that were once able to force them to go into hiding. The plot was known as the Simulacrum Rubric, named after one of the items they sought to obtain, Sotha Sil's Simulacrum Rubric. It was orchestrated by him and seven other influential members of the Tong who called themselves the Seven Secretives.

Naryu sought an audience with the Tribunal god Vivec, to be granted a Tribunal sanction for extrajudicial execution for her superior, Rythe Verano. She had discovered that he was involved with the Secretive's plot, and had ordered writs of execution for them to throw her off his trail. Vivec granted her request and provided with her an ally, a warden by the name of Boldekh, who wanted to bring Verano to justice for his involvement in the death of his partner and attempt of the destruction of the sacred grove in the Bitter Coast. They tracked him to Sadrith Mora, where they spotted a Telvanni mage teleporting him to the Clockwork City and him vanishing along with the portal. They convinced the mage to give them passage to the Clockwork City, and once there, they tracked Verano into a mechanist's workshop where he obtained one of the items needed, Sotha Sil's Simulacrum Rubric. He spotted them, panicked, and summoned a portal back to Vvardenfell.

Naryu and Boldekh followed him through it and emerged in Mudan Ruins. Argonian guards were waiting for him there but fled when an army of Dwemer Animunculi appeared out of the ruin. A Dwarven colossus appeared out of the ruin, blasting it apart and immolating Verano along with the satchel that held Sotha Sil's Simulacrum Rubric. With the combined efforts of Naryu and Boldekh, they destroyed the colossus. Naryu severed the grandmaster's head and took his skull as a trophy to take with her as she sought out to carry out the writs of execution on the other traitors.[2]

He was father of Exalted Master Tlera Verano, the Morag Tong's chief accountant.[3]