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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Join a dream-wallow ritual and learn the truth about the Remnant of Argon.
Zone: Murkmire
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Kassandra or Whiptail
Location(s): Lilmoth, Swallowed Grove, The Mists
Previous Quest: Whispers in the Wood
Next Quest: The Swamp and the Serpent
Reward: Tribal Chest Piece Crate
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6259
The ritual creating the Remnant of Argon
The riddles I uncovered with Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn pointed us to a mysterious locale known as the Swallowed Grove. According to Famia, I will have to undertake a dream-wallow vision to learn the truth of the Remnant of Argon.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Kassandra.
  2. Head to the Swallowed Grove.
  3. Explore the grove and speak to your companions.
  4. Participate in the ritual in the Dreaming Nest.
  5. Explore the past of an ancient Argonian tribe.
  6. Speak to Xukas.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak with Kassandra.

"Just look at us. A Bright-Throat negotiator, a Dead-Water kaal, an alley-tough Naga, two scholars, and a hero. As unlikely a party as any I've seen before.
I can only hope that discovering the Remnant will tighten these bonds of fellowship."
Where is this Swallowed Grove Famia mentioned?
"The grove is north of Alten Meerhleel—tucked away near a roaring waterfall, if memory serves.
I will make my personal ferry available to all here assembled. Join us. Or walk, if you prefer. I'd only ask that you avoid any unnecessary delays."
Do you really think we'll find the Remnant in the Swallowed Grove?
"Long years of bitter disappointment have trained me to measure my expectations. We will find something in the grove, I am certain of it. But this dream-wallow business ….
The Hist will not make this easy. Not for you, and certainly not for me."
I'll make my way to the Swallowed Grove now.

The Swallowed Grove[edit]

Meet your companions at the Swallowed Grove. When you arrive, Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn will begin to hear voices that no one else hears.

Xukas: "Huh? Do you hear something?"
Kassandra: "What are you two talking about?"
Xukas: "I hear … voices. Do you not hear them?"
Famia Mercius: "I'm sorry Xukas, no, I hear nothing. Can you describe—?"
Kassandra: "Famia! We haven't the time. If we are this close to the Remnant, others may be as well. Come."

After this exchange, enter the grove and start exploring. When you enter the grove, the group will split up.

Kassandra: "All right, we've arrived. What next?"
Xukas: "Something in the grove is linked to the Remnant. It is just a matter of finding it, I think."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "A hunt, then. Good. Whatever speaks to the Remnant here, Tsojei and I will find it."
Xukas: "And there she goes … She is not wrong. We will cover more ground if we split up. If I see anything, I will find you."
Kassandra: "Very well. You and Famia go ahead. Whiptail and I will follow in a moment."
Famia Mercius: "I hear something … is that creaking? Please say it's not skeletons!"

The cave is filled with the restless dead. Navigate the caverns with Famia.

Famia Mercius: "Skeletons! Mara's mercy. I'm no mage, but these do seems different, don't they? They're not feral. It's like they're guarding something."

Knock the bones out from beneath the skeletons and continue your way into the Grove. You'll pass by plenty of ancient Argonian stonework along the way.

Famia Mercius: "By the Eight, look at this masonry! I'll bet this predates the surface xanmeers by a century or more! Fascinating."
"Xukas and a pool of Deep Sap."

Soon enough, you'll come across Xukas in the main cavern. He will call you over. Follow Xukas and see what he has to show you, then speak with him.

Xukas: "Beeko! Over here! I found something."
Xukas: "Deep sap! Can you believe it?"
"The root bleeds slow and dry, but this is definitely deep sap. We Bright-Throats use this in our dream-wallows. I think this is no coincidence."
Deep sap? I didn't see any Hist trees outside.
"Hist roots stretch very far, beeko. Deep down into the heart of xal-Nirn and out into distant lands.
I cannot say what tribe serves this Hist, but the message is clear. The deep sap is here so we can take it. For your dream-wallow."
Are you sure I'm the one who should undertake the dream-wallow?
"Yes. Many things feel uncertain, but your role pounds like a drum in my mind. The deep sap is for you. The dream-wallow is for you."
How can you be sure?
(If Argonian) "Look inward, beeko. go back to your egg. Shed the dry-world's distractions and uncertainties. The Hist speaks to you, just as it speaks to me. Do you hear it?
(Non-Argonian)"With the Hist, some things are certain. I could try to explain it, but this is like trying to explain how to breathe underwater to someone who is not a fish.
I mean no offense. As not-fish go, you are one of the best.""
Thanks. or We'll see, I guess.
"You should find friend-Jaxsik. She will have something for you too, I think. The Hist drives her, just as it drives me. Just faster … and with more angry hissing.
Collecting the sap will take some time. I will join you as soon as I am finished."
"Jaxsik-Orrn finds Starblossoms."

Take Xukas's suggestion and find Jaxsik-Orrn. She's not too far away.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Ojel. This way."

When you arrive, you'll find Jaxsik-Orrn sitting next to some large flowers.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Starblossoms. Do you see?"
"I spread my truth-spines. All doubt is dead. The Hist's will is clear"
What are you talking about? The flowers told you that?
"The flowers? Flowers do not speak. Do not be weird. The Hist speaks.
In Dead-Water land, we burn starblossoms. Their smoke leads us to the dream-wallow. They are rare as snow in summer, yet here they are. Tell me, did Xukas find something, too?"
Yes. He found deep sap. He said Bright-Throats use it in their dream-wallow rituals.
"I nod my head. Then our course is clear. The Dead-Water way and the Bright-Throat way will join, like blood and water. A dream-wallow unlike any we have seen before.
Xukas and I will guide you down this third path."
Are you sure? Will combining your rituals even work?
"I know it is what the Hist demands. As for what it will do to you? That is a question for a tree-minder or a naheesh dream-talker. I am neither.
This wallow leads to the Remnant—I am certain. We have the ingredients. You must provide the bravery."
I can do that. Where do we go from here?
"We should find the others. I will search one way, you search another."

You can then ask her about the starblossom plant.

What is starblossom for?
"Dead-Water warriors burn the petals and inhale the smoke. It stretches the soul and widens our eyes. Without starblossoms, we could not fight our kaju dream-beasts, or learn our killing-names.
Breathing this smoke is a great honor, ojel."

Continue forward until you come across a bone colossus. Destroy it.

Famia Mercius: "Geel wazeithi … huptal? Sorry, these engravings are just impossible to read. Something about a Dreaming Nest? Let's keep looking."
The Dreaming Nest

Approach the door to the Dreaming Cave and meet with your party.

Xukas: "We are here. No one is harmed, I hope?"

Kassandra and Whiptail arrive, having been trailing behind the rest of the group.

Kassandra: "We're fine, thank you."
Kassandra: "Did you find something? You all seem quite … motivated."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Starblossoms and deep sap. For the dream-wallow. I feel pain in my throat when I say it, but Famia was right."
Famia Mercius: "Why thank you, Jaxsik-Orrn! The inscription on this door … the Dreaming Nest is just through here. I'm certain."
Kassandra: "Then that is where we go."

Go through the door to the Dreaming Nest and make your way to the Dreaming Nest Ritual Chamber.

Kassandra: "So, this is the Dreaming Nest? Yet another dead end."
Xukas: "There is more here than you think, Kassandra. The dream-wallow will clear the waters. You will see."

Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn then prepare the dream wallow ritual with both of their ingredients, creating a powerful smoke.

Jaxsik-Orrn: "Breathe deep, ojel. We will watch over you, but you walk the path alone."

Breathe the fumes and begin your dream wallow. Approach the mural of the hunting party.

The Hunting Party Mural[edit]

Hunting Grounds

You find yourself in the deep swamp. A voice calls out to you.

Kloxu: "Mateem! Over here!"

You find the Argonian who addressed you standing atop a stone construction.

"The Argonian hunting party."
Kloxu: "Stop dragging your tail, Mateem! The hunting party waits for you at the bone-camp. We have a surprise for you!"

You can hear the voices of Kassandra and Famia in the distance as you make your way down the path towards the bone-camp. Kassandra demands to know what you're seeing, and Famia speculates that you're reliving an ancient Argonian's memories. Throughout the dream wallow, you will hear Kassandra's voice more, increasingly annoyed with the concept you're reliving, and impatient to find the Remnant. She doesn't take the idea of you reliving a "hatchling's naming day" seriously, and is eager to learn about the Remnant. You arrive at the bone-camp in your dream wallow to find the hunting party.

Dosu-Muz: "You finally arrive! We grow old with waiting."
Kloxu: "To hunt is to know patience, root-brother. But where is Uraz?"
Meelni: "Uraz is not with you? He did not come with us?"
Weegam: "No matter. We flushed Fat Gixthi, as you asked, Kloxu."
Kloxu: "Kaoc! I nearly forgot."
Kloxu: "It is time for you chukka-sei, Mateem. Pierce the heart of Fat Gixthi, and the tribe will see you are full-grown at last."

Hunt and kill the wamasu, Fat Gixthi. Kloxu will catch up with you once the beast is dead.

Kloxu: "Ha! Well fought, Mateem! But Uraz is still not here? I do not like this—let us find him."

Follow Kloxu. You eventually find Uraz, but he has... company.

Kloxu: "Uraz! He's—"
Kloxu: "Outsider! Did you do this?"
Myndhal: "Ah, another soul for our harvest? Delightful."

Kloxu is lifted into the air and has his soul torn from his body. As this gruesome scene unfolds, more Ayleid invaders appear from the mists.

Myndhal: "Soldiers! More of these lizards lurk in the swamp nearby, no doubt. Take them. Alive."
Myndhal: "After all, we'll need guides to their village."

Then the vision fades and you are returned to the Dreaming Cave.

The Ruined Village Mural[edit]

Find the survivors in the village

Approach the next mural to continue the dream wallow. Within the dream, you once again inhabit the mind of Mateem. This time, you are in a stone Argonian village, with the corpses of Ayleid and Argonian soldiers alike littering the ground. You are beckoned forth by Raj-Kaal Druxith.

"Mateem! You live? Come, quickly!"
The village bleeds. We pushed the Ayleids back, but our warriors bear new scars.
"Our sap-speaker calls for aid. Several members of her sacred clutch remain. Find them, Mateem, and bring them here!"

Find the survivors of the Ayleid attack. Kasa-Jeen is searching for her beloved, Honei, and will not leave without her. When you find Honei, she is dying on the ground. The third survivor is somewhere in the village. The last survivor has been bound and locked in a burning building. Douse the flames and set them free, then return to Raj-Kaal Druxith. Kassandra's voice is becoming increasingly impatient about the whereabouts of the Remnant.

Raj-Kaal Druxith: "This is everyone? All you could find?"
Raj-Kaal Druxith: "It will have to do. The sap-speaker calls for aid. The four of you must—"
"Myndhal‎ attacks the surviors."

The war chief is interrupted by a frantic scout running up from behind him.

Scout: "They are coming! They are coming!"
Scout: "The Elves! More come, raj-kaal. Hundreds more!"
Raj-Kaal Druxith: "How? We slaughtered them here like hog-fish."
Scout: "That was only the first wave."
Raj-Kaal Druxith: "Kaoc. Fine! Fall back to the Hist. We fight and die in its shadow. Bare your fangs, root-kin!"

Suddenly, Myndhal appears.

Myndhal: "Yes, by all means—bare your fangs! I wouldn't want this to be too easy."

Myndhal tries to attack Raj-Kaal Druxith, but is knocked down.

Myndhal: "Have you forgotten the laws of the hunt so soon? Prey is supposed to run."

Then the vision ends and you are returned to the Dreaming Nest.

The Mural of the Hist[edit]

"Defend the Remnant of Argon from Ayleid Attackers"

When you enter the third vision, you find yourself in a chamber beneath a Hist tree, where Sap-Speaker Kuzei and her ritualists are creating the Remnant of Argon.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "The Ayleid savages approach, but the Hist provides. A seed of our tribe. A refuge for the souls of our people."
Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "Creating this relic is our tribe's last hope. You must find the root's courage and keep the Elves from interfering."

Portals begin to open as the Ayleids arrive.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "Trust in the Hist! Here they come!"

Defend the ritual from the Ayleids. Eventually, Myndhal will arrive.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "Their leader approaches. Keep him away! The ritual is nearly complete!"
Myndhal: "Enough! I will pry your secrets free personally!"

Defeat Myndhal and speak to Sap-Speaker Kuzei.

Sap-Speaker Kuzei: "Come, warrior. The trouble tide recedes, but it will crash again soon."
"Mateem-who-is-not. At last.The sight of you warms my scales. I feared you would not come, but I was wrong to worry. The Hist, in its wisdom, always provides."
Mateem-who-is-not? You can see who I really am?
"In this place, even the keenest eyes see little but embers of the truth, Rootmender. Here, we see with our souls. But these are questions for a dozing time. This moment demands action.
You seek the seed, correct?"
Seed? Do you mean the Remnant of Argon?
"What you call it matters little.
The seed, this Remnant, waits in a dark and quiet place, and our souls hide within it. It calls for a protector, a guide, and a mender that might lift it high and release its spirits in the bright-yellow sun."
How can I find the Remnant?
"I offer you my staff—a branch of great power. It will guide you to us.
Many brambles and snares remain, Rootmender. Betrayal, battle, and sacrifice. But the Hist knows your heart and your strength. In time, you shall find what you seek."
Thank you. If it will help guide me to the Remnant, I'll take your staff.

You hear the echoes of a conversation in the real world as you cross through the dream wallow...

Kassandra: "Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn—they are shaking. What is going on? Is it the Remnant?"
Famia Mercius: "Yes! It's very close now. I can almost hear it."
Famia Mercius: "Kassandra? Kassandra! What are you—?"

You wake up in a haze to find Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas on the ground, and Famia being lead away by Whiptail.

Kassandra: "This staff. It is the key to the Remnant of Argon, isn't it?"
Kassandra: "Then it seems our time together has come to an end. This paralytic should keep you here, for a time. Please know I hold you in the highest respect. Farewell."

Kassandra then takes the staff and leaves the Dreaming Nest. When you recover from paralysis and finally awaken, Jaxsik-Orrn has already left to hunt Kassandra down. Exit the Dreaming Nest and follow Xukas through a whirlpool so you may exit the grove. Talk to Xukas once you're outside so you can move on to the next quest.

"Ah, beeko. I am sorry to have left you, but I had to give chase. Kassandra took the staff—a gift of the dream-wallow, and the key to the Remnant of Argon, yes?
I grew too weary, but Jaxsik still chases them like a stiff wind, I think."
Kassandra betrayed us.
"She did. Kassandra seeks to claim the Remnant for herself. I extend the quill of deep surprise. That is a joke.
You saw the Remnant's history—a seed born in blood and sorrow. It cannot belong to Kassandra. We must stop her before it is too late."


  • While Kassandra says the Swallowed Grove is located north of Alten Meerhleel, it is actuall located to the northwest.
  • Despite Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn being the one that pick up and hold onto the ritual components after finding them, both the Hist Sap and Starblossom flowers are added to your quest items. Later on, the two of them use the components on the brazier without consulting you to get them back as well.
  • While in the Mists, if you take the portal back from where you came from, it places you in the Swallowed Grove's main chamber rather than back in the Dreaming Nest.
    • Taking the door to the Dreaming Nest places you right back into the Mists instead of the Dreaming Nest as well.
  • Anash and Droran won't exist in the village during the Burned Village Mural vision before reaching the related objective.
    • The chest containing the storehouse key during the Burned Village Mural vision won't exist in the Sap-Speaker's Lodge before reaching the related objective.
  • While in previous quests, items like bandages and buckets of water have to be manually gathered first in order to use them later, this isn't the case during the Burned Village Mural vision.


  • It's possible to skip all of the objectives in the Swallowed Grove by heading straight for and using the door leading into the Dreaming Nest. On the other side, the objective updates to observing the ritual and everyone in the group joins you inside. ?
  • Exiting the Dreaming Nest and re-entering after starting the ritual removes the hazy effect from your screen and you lose the woozy, stumbling animations. ?
  • In the Hunting Mural vision, it's possible to skip objectives by simply moving along the path without interacting with NPCs, until reaching Fat Gixthi. ?
  • The harmful plants found in the Hunting Party Mural vision don't deploy to harm you when standing near them. ?
  • Kasa-Jeen appears in the Burned Village Mural vision from the start, but if you speak to her, her talk prompt fails to work. ?
  • Although visible when highlighted on the local map, hints for acquiring the storehouse key, dousing the fires and locating Honei don't appear in the quest HUD. ?
  • The fire surrounding Anash during the Burned Mural vision doesn't cause any damage if standing in it. ?
  • After you enter the Hist Tree Mural vision, an invisible wall will not let you proceed past Raj-Kaal Druxith until you speak to him. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Death and Dreaming
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start (Stage appears if quest is started from Whiptail)

Kassandra has requested a meeting with me. I should travel to her office in Lilmoth and see what she wishes to discuss.

Objective: Talk to Kassandra
Famia believes the riddle points to a cavern upriver, known as the Swallowed Grove. I should make my way there.
Objective: Enter the Swallowed Grove
Optional Step: Use Kassandra's Boat
Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas suggested we split up to cover more ground. Famia and I should search the cavern for any sign of the Remnant of Argon.
Objective: Explore the Swallowed Grove
Xukas appears to have found something interesting. I should follow him.
Objective: Follow Xukas
Xukas appears to have found something interesting. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
According to Xukas, Jaxsik-Orrn likely found something interesting. I should seek her out.
Objective: Find Jaxsik-Orrn
I found Jaxsik-Orrn. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
I should make my way through the rest of the Swallowed Grove. Our destination should be just within reach.
Objective: Explore the Swallowed Grove
The party reconvened outside an ancient Argonian ritual chamber, inside the Swallowed Grove. I should enter the chamber and see how it relates to the Remnant of Argon.
Objective: Enter the Dreaming Nest
Xukas and Jaxsik entered the Dreaming Nest and began performing a dream-wallow ceremony based on the riddle we uncovered. I should watch and see what happens.
Objective: Observe the Ritual
Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn used the reagents they found to create a potent mind-altering smoke. I must breathe it in to begin the dream-wallow.
Objective: Breathe the Smoke
My mind is reeling! A tangle of roots parted to reveal an ancient mural. I should see what I can learn from it.
Objective: Examine the Hunting Party Mural
In touching the mural, my consciousness was transported to a distant, dreamy marsh. And my body has taken on the aspect of an unfamiliar Argonian. I should explore the marsh. Perhaps I'll find some sign of the Remnant here.
Objective: Explore the Marsh
An Argonian called me by an unfamiliar name—Mateem. He urged me to meet a hunting party. I should find the hunters' encampment.
Objective: Find the Hunting Party
Kloxu and a number of other Argonians are gathered around a campfire. I should listen to what they have to say. Perhaps I'll learn why I was sent here.
Objective: Listen to Kloxu
Kloxu and the rest of the Argonian hunting party tasked me with killing Fat Gixthi, a wamasu they drew out of hiding. I should defeat the beast to continue the vision.
Objective: Kill Fat Gixthi
One of the members of Kloxu's hunting party has gone missing. Perhaps in finding him, I'll learn more about why I'm here.
Objective: Find Uraz
I encountered a party of Ayleid soldiers in my vision before being sent back to the Dreaming Nest. A new mural appeared—one depicting an Argonian village. I should investigate it.
Objective: Examine the Village Mural
The dream-wallow sent me to the scarred ruins of an Argonian village—once again, in the form of Mateem. An Argonian war-chief named Raj-Kaal Druxith wishes to speak to me. I should see what he has to say.
Objective: Listen to Raj-Kaal Druxith
The Argonian war-chief, Raj-Kaal Druxith, tasked me with gathering four members of the sap-speaker's "sacred clutch." I should find these four Argonians, and send them to the center of town.
Objective: Rally the Survivors: 0/4
I found the four Argonians. I should return to the center of the village to see if Raj-Kaal Druxith needs anything else.
Objective: Find Raj-Kaal Druxith
My vision of the besieged village ended and I returned to the Dreaming Nest. Soon after, a new mural has appeared, showing the image of a Hist Tree. I should investigate it.
Objective: Examine the Hist Tree Mural
The dream-wallow took me to a strange cavern. I should investigate this mysterious passage.
Objective: Explore the Cavern
I found a sap-speaker and other surviving members of the tribe in the caverns beneath a Hist Tree. Ayleid soldiers will attack any minute. I should listen to Sap-Speaker Kuzei.
Objective: Listen to Sap-Speaker Kuzei
The tribal elders, led by Sap-Speaker Kuzei, are creating the Remnant of Argon. I must protect the sap-speaker from the Ayleid forces until she completes the ritual.
Objective: Defeat the Ayleid Forces
I successfully protected Sap-Speaker Kuzei, allowing her to finish creating the Remnant of Argon. I should speak to her to learn more about what I just witnessed.
Objective: Talk to Sap-Speaker Kuzei
Sap-Speaker Kuzei has offered me her staff, claiming that it is the key to finding the Remnant of Argon. I should take the staff.
Objective: Take the Sap-Speaker's Staff
Finishes quest☑ After emerging from the vision, Kassandra quickly betrayed the party and stole the staff in order to claim the Remnant of Argon for herself. I should speak to Xukas about what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.

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