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An ancient temple of Sithis is stirring...
Zone: Murkmire
Quest Giver: Nisswo Xode
Location(s): Teeth of Sithis
Reward: Tribal Glove Crate
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Confront Shuxaltsei, the high priestess of Sithis

The Teeth of Sithis, a pair of ancient xanmeer temples, has been overtaken by the servants of its heretical, former high priestess, Shuxaltsei. She has taken the custodians of the Teeth captive and is sacrificing them in some profane blood rite.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Nisswo Xode just outside the Teeth of Sithis.
  2. Search for any survivors inside the temple.
  3. Regroup with Xode atop the western xanmeer.
  4. Disrupt sacrificial altars and kill Shuxaltsei.
  5. Talk to Xode outside the delve.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

She Who Eats the Light
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Xode, one of the escaped captives, has begged me to enter the Teeth of Sithis and rescue any surviving captives I find.
Objective: Search for Captives in the Lower Level
Objective: Search for Captives in the Upper Level
I found and freed a couple of survivors, but they are the only survivors I found. I should meet Xode at the top of the western xanmeer as planned.
Objective: Talk to Nisswo Xode on Top of the Xanmeer
Xode believes Shuxaltsei's blood rite will hold terrible consequences for the world if it is completed. He asked me to destroy her sacrificial altars before confronting her myself.
Objective: Disrupt Altars: 0/2
With the sacrificial altars destroyed, Shuxaltsei's ritual has been foiled, but the high priestess still poses a terrible threat. Xode asked me to put an end to her tyranny, once and for all.
Objective: Kill Shuxaltsei
☑Finishes quest I destroyed Shuxaltsei, putting an end to the blood sacrifices for good. Xode will want to know that the worst of the threat is beyond him.
Objective: Talk to Nisswo Xode

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