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Daedric Ruin:
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Discoverable No
Outside: Daedroth, Flame Atronach, Scamp
Inside: Kythiirix
Reviled Arbalest, Reviled Assassin, Reviled Coalheart, Spider
Molag AmurVvardenfell
South of Tel Fyr
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"Molag Bal is, in Morrowind, the Lord of Brutality. A race of monsters, said to live in Molag Amur, are the result of his seduction of Vivec during the previous era."—The House of Troubles

Tusenend is a Daedric ruin dedicated to Molag Bal found in the Molag Amur region of Vvardenfell, south of Tel Fyr.

The Cult of the Profane Bond has established a presence in the ruins, where they guard the Stone of Tusenend.

It is not marked on the map, but is one of the locations you need to visit for the Daedric Explorer achievement. To reach Tusenend: head down the main road west from Tel Fyr, and head south when you reach the fork in the road. You'll have the option of heading either east or west at the end of this path. Head east, and take the thin path further eastward once you come upon it.

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Flame atronachs congregate in great numbers outside the ruin, and portals will occasionally open up to release two scamps into the field. A daedroth meanders about in the space above the ruin's entrance.


Dunmer Cultists of the Profane Bond inhabit the ruin. When you enter, you'll end up in a room with an arbalest and two assassins. There are two urns on the east end of this room. You have the option of heading east towards the Stone of Coldfire, or south through the rest of the ruin.

Stone Room[edit]

The hallway east of the entrance contains a bridge that passes over a pool of lava. The bridge is patrolled by two giant spiders.

The Stone of Tusenend lies at the base of the statue at the end of this hallway, and it is guarded by a Spider Daedra named Kythiirix.(map) Kythiirix is worshiping at the defaced statue of Molag Bal. Its head, tail and arms have been broken off. The severed head has been placed on the right-hand corner of the pedestal, and the Stone of Tusenend is held in the palm of Molag Bal's left hand. Cocoons and webbing decorate every corner of this room. Unfortunate mortals can be seen hanging from the ceiling in snug cocoons. They cannot be freed. The door behind the statue only goes one way; it leads you from the very end of the ruin to this room, and cannot be opened from this side.

South of the Entrance[edit]

If you head south from the entrance, you'll find yourself in a fairly linear hallway leading to the easternmost room. A Reviled Assassin stands in front of a bookshelf at the first corner. A nearby table holds a jewelry box, and an urn sits next to it. A Reviled Coalheart sits at a bench beside a backpack at the bottom of the stairs. The basin beneath nearby the sconce is full of blood. There's a jewelry box on the bench.

A giant spider patrols the short expanse of hallway ahead, and a Reviled Assassin occasionally comes in from the next hallway to peruse the two bookshelves. There's a staircase to the east. You'll find another giant spider at the top. If you turn north, you'll find that a grate blocks your way to the stone room. You'll need to move east in order to proceed.

A table in the hallway ahead has two skulls and several books on it. Ahead, you'll see two bookshelves and a Reviled Arbalest. The room ahead is a living area for the cultists. To your left, you'll see the dining table with several chairs seated at it and a few meals on homey plates. A jewelry box is sitting on the table. Two bookshelves are near the table. If you turn right at the entrance, you'll find a corner of the room sectioned off by a divider that contains bunks for the cultists. There's a cabinet, a trunk, a coffer and a chamber pot here.

An inactive blood fountain lies upon the dais in the center of the room. Three more bookshelves lie in the northwest corner of the room. A Reviled Coalheart and Assassin share a meal by the cooking fire in the northeast corner of the room. Nearby, you'll see a platter of bread and cheese, a rack of stockfish, a basket of apples, one sack each of flour, millet and saltrice and a few generic sacks. You'll find a one-way door into the stone room along the western wall.

Related Achievements[edit]

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Daedric Explorer.png Daedric Explorer 10 Visit all of the Daedric ruins in Vvardenfell.



A map of Tusenend