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Battlemaster Rivyn
Location ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (color).pngVulkhel Guard
ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (color).pngDaggerfall
ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (color).pngDavon's Watch
ON-icon-alliance-Vivec (color).pngVivec City
ON-icon-alliance-Alinor (color).pngAlinor
ON-icon-alliance-Elsweyr (color).pngRimmen
ON-icon-alliance-Solitude (color).pngSolitude
ON-icon-alliance-Blackwood (color).pngLeyawiin
ON-icon-alliance-High Isle (color).pngGonfalon Bay
ON-icon-alliance-Necrom (color).pngNecrom
Ald Carac, Ularra, Foyada Quarry
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Circle of Champions
Battlemaster Rivyn in Alinor

Battlemaster Rivyn is a Dark Elf who can be found at any of the Gladiator's Quarters in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, as well as the major cities in each Chapter. Alternatively, he can be found outside any of the three Battlegrounds on Vvardenfell.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

For Glory[edit]

Talking to him for the first time, he'll say:

"Welcome! You stand amidst the Circle of Champions, a guild formed to test the greatest fighters of the realm in games of skill. Do you have what it takes?"
I'm interested.
"Well then, let's see what you're made of! Participate in one of our games at any of our Battlegrounds. Win or lose, doesn't matter. Just get your feet wet. I can offer you a greater challenge after you've learned the ropes."

If you talk to him again before finishing your first game, he'll say:

"You'll never understand the Battleground until you see the games firsthand. Get out there and participate!"

After completing your first match:

"The rush of battle, the glory of contest. There's no greater thrill! That's why we do what we do."
I participated in a Battleground game.
"That's what I like to hear! The more you play, the more rewards. It's as simple as that. Occasionally I'll give you specific goals with greater rewards if you can accomplish them.
Come and see me anytime you wish for such a challenge."

After the quest:

"Excellent work! Now that you have an idea of what we do here, I can offer you more specific challenges. The Circle of Champions is always looking to sponsor players who keep competition fierce.
Completed a challenge and return for your reward."

Let the Games Begin[edit]

I'm looking for a challenge.
"For this challenge I want you to participate in five matches. Use this time to focus your strategy. Let the bond between your team grow without the concerns of victory holding you back.
Win or lose, you'll be rewarded if you complete this task."
I'll return when I've participated in five matches.

Once you have completed five Battleground matches you can return to Battlemaster Rivyn.

"How fare you in today's battles?"
I've completed your challenge.
"As with any skill, practice makes perfect. It's important to stay sharp out there. Champions don't just spring up overnight!
You've earned your reward."

Test of Mettle[edit]

I'm looking for a challenge.
"For this challenge I want you to focus on your personal contribution to your team by earning Medals. Working together is key to any triumph, but each player must pull their weight. Return to me when you've shown your worth."
I'll return when I've shown my contribution to my team.

After getting at least 1000 medals in Battleground matches, return to the Battlemaster.

"I knew you had the right stuff!"
I've completed your challenge.
"Well done! Though a team is made of no single individual, it's still important that each spoke in the wheel bears its share of the burden.
You'd do well to remember that lesson. Here's your reward."

To the Victor[edit]

I'm looking for a challenge.
Participation in the games alone will bring you honor, but to stand alone above all in triumph is to bathe in glory. I challenge you to see your team to victory in three Battleground matches. Return to me when you succeed, and I'll see you rewarded.
I'll return when I've won three matches

After winning three matches, return to the Battlemaster.

"Greatness stands before me!"
I've completed your challenge.
"And such skill deserves ample reward. Keep it up, champion. Strive for victory in every match, no matter who may be your opponent."


The Rules of the Battlegrounds[edit]

When spoken to, you have the option of asking him to explain the rules of the Battlegrounds games:

Tell me about the Battleground games.
"Of course! Now, we have many games available. Which challenge would you like to know about?"
Tell me about Team Deathmatch.
"Team Deathmatch has always been popular. All that ceaseless bloodshed really gets the heart pumping! Just go into the field and attack as many players as possible. The more hits you get in, the more points your team scores."
Tell me about Domination.
"Anyone can claim a capture point, but it's a true test of skill to master Domination. Seize and protect as many capture points as you can. The team with the most territory in the end wins. In this game you must dominate your rivals, or be dominated!"
Tell me about Capture the Relic.
"Capture the Relic is one of our simpler games. You must seize your enemy's relic and return it to your base, all while protecting your own relic as well. Teamwork is the key to victory in this game, as you'll need a strong defense and offense."
Tell me about Chaosball.
"Chaosball sounds simple. You grab the ball and hold onto it for as long as you can. The longer you last, the more points you earn. It gets a bit more complicated when you're also running for your life, dodging swords and spells from the other team."
Tell me about Crazy King.
"Ah! One of my personal favorites. Unlike our other games where you must stand fast, Crazy Kind gets the blood really flowing. In this game the capture point keeps moving. Keep your feet quick and your shields up. Difficult to win when you're dead!"

Letters of Congratulations[edit]

Battlemaster Rivyn will send you letters of congratulations for achieving various things during Battlegrounds matches via the Rewards for the Worthy.

After taking first or second in a Daily Battleground, thus completing the requirements for the Daily Battleground:

One day at a time!
Greetings <PlayerName>!

The Circle of Champions has heard of your recent battle and congratulate you for stepping for into battle once more! Here is your reward for completing yet another match for glory on this day! May the blessings of the Eight allow you to join us again tomorrow!

-Battlemaster Rivyn

As you compete in matches you will be sent rewards along with messages like this:

Renown and Rewards!
Greetings <PlayerName>!

The Circle of Champions has noticed your tenacity in recent Battleground matches, shown by your significant number of medals earned. With each bout you become a greater gladiator than you were before. Such an undertaking merits encouragement, and I hope this reward helps you with the matches to come. Keep at it, Gladiator!

-Battlemaster Rivyn

Renown and Rewards! [verification needed — correct title for letter]
Greetings <PlayerName>!

The Circle of Champions has noticed your efforts in recent Battleground matches. Each bout is an opportunity to learn and grow, and every endeavor deserves recompense. I hope this reward will help you with your next match. Keep up the good fight!

-Battlemaster Rivyn

An alternative message, which may appear if your team does not come first.

Renown and Rewards!
Greetings <PlayerName>!

The Circle of Champions has noticed your prowess in Battleground matches. Your medal count alone speaks of your expertise. I'm still in shock that victory was snatched from your hands! Such skill simply demands compensation. I hope this reward aids your in the victories surely to come. Onwards to glory!

-Battlemaster Rivyn


A Champion's Prize!
Greetings <PlayerName>!

We here in the Circle of Champions are in awe of your latest victory in the Battlegrounds!, a heart-rousing match that had the crowds on their feet! Your prowess is only matched by your glorious medal count, each earned with decisive judgement. I hope that this reward will help you continue such a stunning display of skill. May your victories continue!

-Battlemaster Rivyn

A Champion's Prize! [verification needed — verify letter title]
Greetings <PlayerName>!

The Circle of Champions wishes to congratulate you on your latest Battleground victory. Your contributions to your team have been well noted, and I look forward to your matches to come. May this reward help you with your next match. Good luck!

-Battlemaster Rivyn

A Champion's Prize! [verification needed — correct title for letter]
Greetings <PlayerName>!

The Circle of Champions has heard tales of your latest victory in the Battlegrounds. I've no doubt of your contribution to such a valiant win, given the significant amount of medals that you've earned. The Circle is always eager to encourage such skill! May this reward help you in your next match. Fortune's blessings!

-Battlemaster Rivyn

If your character manages to find a spot on the leaderboards for any Battleground game type, Rivyn will send you the following:

Go Forth and Conquer!
Greetings <PlayerName>!

The Circle of Champions has heard the rumors; gladiators shudder when they hear your name, the crowd roars when you enter the ring, the bards sing your praises after each match! I know a true Battleground champions when I see one and am honored to offer you this reward. May it help you to continue on your path towards greatness. Stay strong, Champion!

-Battlemaster Rivyn

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