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"This box was awarded to you for your efforts on behalf of your Alliance"

Rewards for the Worthy are special reward containers associated with PvP. You are rewarded one coffer for every 002000020,000Alliance Points Alliance Points earned, either in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds, and they are automatically mailed to you in-game.


Rewards for the Worthy coffers can contain the following items:


Antiquity Leads[edit]


Deprecated Rewards[edit]

The following Elite Gear Sets originally dropped from Rewards for the Worthy, but can now be bought directly from Elite Gear Vendors, as well as earned from the reward containers received from Cyrodiil town quests, as a reward for completing delves and dolmens throughout Cyrodiil, from completing Board Missions, and from each alliance-aligned town's quartermaster using Alliance Points.

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