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Thieves Guild
Home City Abah's Landing
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Sabileh is a Redguard priestess who can be found in Abah's Landing, on one of the roofs near the Thieves Den. She is the last of an order with two tenets; Firstly, to keep the tomb known as Bahraha's Gloom and its' denizens sealed. Secondly, to never reveal the shameful history of why the ancestral tomb of the Ruling family came to house the undead.

However after the actions of some luckless treasure hunters, the tomb is open and Sabileh needs help to close it again.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As you approach Sabileh on the roof, she will be heard to mumble, "This is bad. This is very, very bad."

You can talk to her to see what is wrong.

"These are troubling times. When we forget the past, it has a disturbing tendency to rear up behind us and bite us in the arse."
That's a grim prognosis.
"Perhaps, but that doesn't make it less true.
Did you know that Prince Hew buried his family's secret shame in his own ancestral tomb? It involved his mad uncle Magnifico Bahraha, who tried to form a necromantic cult under the prince's very nose."
And that would have been bad?
"Oh, most definitely! Luckily, the prince discovered his uncle's treachery and trapped the necromancers inside the tomb. Priests were gathered to create a great seal to make sure they couldn't escape.
Unfortunately, pirates decided to loot the tomb."
I'll help if I can. What do you need me to do?
"You must recharge the great seal. The necromancers are using the pirates' life energy to weaken it.
Take my amulet, Spiritcatcher, and use it to capture the unleashed spirits. Then you can use that same energy to repair the seal."
How many spirits do I need to catch?
"Not many. Once the amulet has absorbed enough spirits, you can use it to repair the great seal at the tomb's far end.
Ironic that the same energy the necromancers use to weaken the seal can also be used to repair it."
It's your amulet. Why do you need my help?
"I am the last of my order and I walk a different path from you.
If I die, the great seal will eventually fail and the necromancers will escape the tomb. I'd like to postpone that occurrence for as long as possible. I'm sure you understand."
Aren't the necromancers long dead?
"Ah, I see you aren't familiar with the term "necromancer." Trapped in a tomb, they embraced undeath before they could expire from lack of food and water.
I don't like to consider how they went about accomplishing that feat."

After you have entered the tomb and reactivated the seal, you can return to her.

"I can feel the fractures sealing. You did it, didn't you? The tomb is once more secure?"
I charged the amulet and used its energy to repair the great seal.
"Excellent! I just hope no other pirate crews are stupid enough to try to loot the old tomb.
I'm glad to have Spiritcatcher back, but I won't see you leave empty handed. Take this as a token of my gratitude for what you have done."

Once you have received your reward, she will request that keep what you learnt a secret.

"What you have done has saved Hew's Bane from a terrible fate. Just do me one more favor and never speak of what happened. Prince Hew's secret shame should remain just that—a secret. Thank you."