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The Beldama Wyrd tree

The Beldama Wyrd is a wyrd of nature-witches. They are protected by the three Guardians of Earth, Water, and Air.

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Named Members
Acolyte Marcele
Acolyte Pepi
Initiate Alana
Initiate Aurelie
Initiate Celence
Initiate Delighre
Initiate Faliara
Initiate Gine
Initiate Lamur
Initiate Mathilde
Initiate Nyna
Initiate Raelyn
Initiate Sabine
Initiate Vien
Wyress Ashtah
Wyress Gwen
Wyress Helene
Wyress Ileana
Wyress Jehanne
Wyress Madenn
Wyress Ofelia
Wyress Olyna
Wyress Shaelle
Generic Members
Beldama Wyrd Initiate



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