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Guardian of the Earth
Location Vale of the Guardians
Beldama Wyrd Tree (quest-related)
Race Ehlnofey Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Guardian of the Earth

The Guardian of the Earth is one of three ancient, extinct beings known as the Ehlnofey, the Earth's Bones. The group are known as the Guardians of the Wyrd Tree, and have been allied with Wyress Ileana ever since they discovered the tree. These Ehlnofey appear to represent three classical elements - Earth, Water, and Air.

They have been imprisoned by the Reachmage, Angof the Gravesinger, and ask your for your aid in setting them free.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Seeking the Guardians[edit]

"Greetings, child. We have been waiting for someone to summon us."
"Angof the Gravesinger has imprisoned us and we are cut off from the Wyrd. You must set the Guardians free."
How do I set you free?
"Have mortals so soon forgotten the old ways? Surely the wyresses remember the standing stones.
First, the stones must be cleansed of Angof's dark influence. Protect the Wyrd while they destroy the corruption binding the stones."
Will destroying the corruption set you free?
"No, but cleansing the stones should loosen Angof's grip. Tell Wyress Ileana about the corruption. She will know what must be done.
Our time grows short, mortal. Free us before Angof's corruption takes hold."
Tell me more about the guardians.
"We are the echoes of old voices, remnants of a time long ago. Still, a few of us remain.
We were the Y'ffre. Then we became the Ehlnofey, the Earth Bones. We nurture the land and guide the Wyrd. They call us guardians."
What is the Bloodthorn cult?
"They are a pestilence. They serve the corruption that binds us, the one called Angof the Gravesinger.
The cult spreads his decay, planting his blighted seeds to pollute the natural world. They prepare a path for Angof's true master - Molag Bal."
Who is Angof?
"He is a tremor in the land, a poison in the water. He is a whisper, a shadow, a chill wind. He is Gravesinger and Reachmage, necromancer and corrupter.
Death and decay are his domains. Angof binds us and seeks to make us part of him."
A Reachmage? What's that?
"Far from here, where the earth and sky grow cold, lies the chill of the Reach.
Daedra worshipers live there, mocking the Aedra, the Ehlnofey. They call themselves Reachmen and their mages pollute the land with dark magic."
Gravesinger? That sounds... bad.
"Gravesingers are necromancers that seek power over life and death. They seek to control the realms we would nurture and protect. They call upon the the [sic] Daedra who hide in darkness to aid them in their efforts."
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