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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Discover the ancient secrets of Morkul Clan.
Zone: Wrothgar
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: Morkul Stronghold – Help a daughter of Morkul return the clan to former glories.
Quest Giver: Lazghal, Ashaka
Location(s): Morkul Stronghold, Morkul Descent
Concurrent Quest: In the Name of the King
Reward: Morkul's Mighty Mallet
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High XP
Ashaka with the Hand of Morkul
All is not right in Morkul Stronghold. Ashaka, the chief's eldest daughter, ran off to Morkul Descent without explanation.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Ashaka in Morkul Descent.
  2. Find a way into Morkuldin.
  3. Help Ashaka decide what to do with what she finds.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Find Lazghal at Morkul Stronghold, in front of the blacksmith. As you approach you will hear her furiously exclaim, "Foolish girl! She'll get herself killed!"

"Children! Never have them!"
"The king insisted on a Morkul daughter for his forge-wife. But then he decided to pass over my eldest!
Now Ashaka wants to prove him a fool for marrying her little sister."
What do you mean?
"Malacath alone knows why Ashaka ran off. Wounded pride sent her to Morkul Descent, no doubt.
Idiot! The girl will end up as ogre dung or a spider hatchery."
I'll head to Morkul Descent and find Ashaka.

You can start immediately, or ask for more background information:

"Running off to Morkul Descent is why Ashaka's still unwed. Finding glory in old relics instead of at the king's side? He'd have chosen her if she wasn't so headstrong. Pah!"
I had some questions.
"Go on, ask."
What do you know about Morkul Descent?
"Old clan legend says it's full of relics. Every few years, a new crop of idiots runs off there to get killed.
You want to know what's in there? Ogres, and spiders the size of ogres."
Tell me about the relics in Morkul Descent.
"I can tell you how long it takes steel to melt. You want old stories? Go ask a poet."
Why didn't the king choose Ashaka?
"Ashaka thinks she's steel in a world full of iron. For all the king blusters, she'd challenge him at every turn. Her little sister is content to just run a forge - easy choice.
Also, I punched his mother."
You what?
"It was years ago! Alga said the breastplate I made her son was "adequate". Question my skill with a word from a Daggerfall parlor? Pah!
Didn't help that Ashaka's first dagger had Alga's tooth forged into the hilt. Heh. Worth it, though."

Head east and enter Morkul Descent, making your way to the southeast chamber, where you will find Ashaka standing in front of a stone bier. Speak with her, and she will ask for your help in solving a puzzle. To gain access to the hidden entrance into the forge, light the brazier in front of Lakora of the Hunt, then the one in front of Mazghar Many-Tongues, and lastly the brazier in front of Baloth Bloodtusk.

Once the Hand is found, you can encourage Ashaka to choose to embrace the clan's heritage of blood magic, or honor her ancestor's decision to stop performing it.


(If chosen to continue to use forge)

Ashaka: "Come here! Stand by my side as I address the clan!"
Chief Abzug: "Is that your ally, Ashaka?"
Chief Abzug: "Quiet! Ashaka speaks on a matter concerning the clan"
Ashaka: "Morkul clan! Our search is over. Today we are whole once more!"
Ashaka: "No more shall we live in our ancestors' shadow. There is power in our blood, and at last we reclaim it."
Ashaka: "Behold! the Hand of Morkul!"
Ashaka: "And beneath the mountains - the great forge of Morkuldin is rekindled!"
Ashaka: "It is a new era for Morkul. A new era for Orcs!"
Chief Abzug: "Prepare yourself, my clan! Soon we march to Orsinium! We shall build it anew!"

(If chosen to leave forge abandoned):

Ashaka: Come here! Stand by my side as I address the clan!"
Chief Abzug: "Is that your ally, Ashaka?"
Chief Abzug: "Quiet! Ashaka speaks on a matter concerning the clan"
Ashaka: "Morkul clan! I come to you with a hard truth. But when have we ever feared the truth?"
Ashaka: "I return from Morkuldin with our clan's greatest treasure. Behold, the Hand of Morkul!"
Ashaka: "It's true our ancestors locked away the hammer - but not for the reasons we thought."
Ashaka: "Morkuldin housed a blood-forge. It's true our clan once turned to black magic! But they faced that hard truth and abandoned it."
Ashaka: "For the blood we work into the metal is our own, not that of our enemies! I say to you, that is the strength of Morkul!"
Ashaka: "This hammer shows our ancestors' strength. With it, we forge a new destiny!"
Chief Abzug: "Prepare yourself, my clan! Soon we march to Orsinium! We shall build it anew!"


  • A journal found in the area of the bloodforge indicates that the clan's bloodsmiths were followers of Mephala.
  • Once you pass through the bloodforge area, you can access the crafting workshop, where you can make the Morkuldin set.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Hand of Morkul
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Lazghal is very worried for her daughter. I agreed to look for Ashaka in Morkul Descent. I should travel there.
Objective: Travel to Morkul Descent
According to Lazghal, her daughter is somewhere in Morkul Descent. I should search for Ashaka.
Objective: Search for Ashaka
I found Ashaka in Morkul Descent, but she seems wounded. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Ashaka
Latest start I should talk to Ashaka and find out what's going on here.
Objective: Talk to Ashaka
Ashaka seeks Morkuldin, the ancient home of her clan, which holds a relic known as the Hand of Morkul. I should help her search for the hidden entrance. She believes the nearby statues are clues to finding Morkuldin.
Objective: Open the Way to Morkuldin
Objective Hint: Examine the Statues for Clues
Objective Hint: Lakora of the Hunt Led the Way into Morkuldin
Ashaka and I found our way into Morkuldin. I should explore the lost home of the Morkul Clan.
Objective: Explore Morkuldin
I discovered a great forge, and what seems to be the Hand of Morkul. Unfortunately, it is trapped within the forge itself. I should speak with Ashaka and see if she has any ideas on how to release it.
Objective: Talk to Ashaka
Ashaka asked me to rekindle Morkuldin's great forge. She thinks that doing so will release the Hand of Morkul. I should activate the blast furnace and the bellows.
Objective: Activate the Blast Furnace
Hidden Objective: Unlock Bellows Wheel Lock
Objective: Activate the Bellows
I rekindled Morkuldin's great forge. I should return to Ashaka.
Objective: Return to Ashaka
Ashaka discovered a terrible truth. The Hand of Morkul was long ago locked away by her clan because it was the centerpiece of a bloodforge – a terrible device that fused living captives into weapons and armor. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Ashaka
Hidden Objective: Convince Ashaka To Hide Morkuldin From Her Clan
(If choose to continue hiding the bloodforge from the clan) I convinced Ashaka to hide the Hand of Morkul from her clan. I should meet her at Morkul Stronghold.
Hidden Objective: Join Ashaka Outside
Objective: Return to Morkul Stronghold
I should meet Ashaka in Morkul Stronghold. She said she would wait for my arrival to address her clan about the Hand of Morkul's fate.
Objective: Meet Ashaka
Objective Hint: Wait for Ashaka to Finish Her Speech
☑Finishes quest Morkul Clan seemed content with Ashaka's explanation. I should speak with her before they depart.
Objective: Talk to Ashaka