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Coldharbour is a realm of prisons within prisons, where all the imprisoned work without cease at executing the schemes of the Lord of Domination.
The Foundry of Woe
Discoverable No
Dungeon No
# of Zones 8
Dremora Churl, Dremora Caitiff, Dremora Kyngald
Manifestation of Regret, Ragjar
Manifestation of Solitude, Medallus, Varo, Gallinius
Ancient Clannfear, Ogrim
Manifestation of Terror
Quest Chain
Main Quest
Solo Instance Solo Instance
Solo Only Yes
The Foundry of Woe

The Foundry of Woe is a prison stronghold in Coldharbour. It is a place of torment and despair where prisoners work a forge, manufacturing weapons for the forces of Molag Bal. The location is split into eight areas.

Related Quests[edit]

The Foundry of Woe[edit]

Black Forge Workshop[edit]

Black Forge Workshop
Black Forge Workshop

This is where you will end up when the Prophet teleports you in. Lyris is being held captive here. Two Dremora Caitiffs patrol the main chamber. Two more Caitiffs guard the hallway. A Dremora Kyngald guards the door to the next section. Many Soul Shriven who have lost every ounce of their humanity linger here.

Cliffside Graveyard[edit]

Cliffside Graveyard
Lyris at her family's graves

This area was fashioned by the Daedra to resemble Lyris' childhood home in Skyrim. Her father's spirit is trapped here with the Manifestation of Regret, which has taken the form of Gjalder's old enemy and murderer.

Imperial Encampment[edit]

Imperial Encampment

This area has been shaped to appear as an Imperial camp that Lyris stayed at in the past. The Manifestation of Solitude has created three vessels that resemble figures from her time as an outcast in the Legion: Medallus, Varo and Gallinius. Three Imperial footlockers scattered throughout the camp contain the pieces of Lyris' armor, which you must retrieve.

Paths of Toil[edit]

Paths of Toil

A handful of Kyngalds and Caitiffs patrol this tunnel. A single Caitiff guards the door to the Clannfear Roost.

Clannfear Roost[edit]

Lyris' axe
Clannfear Roost

The Ancient Clannfear resides here. It guards Lyris' axe, which you must retrieve for her.

Slag Caverns[edit]

Slag Caverns

Four Ogrim patrol the area. Three Kyngalds and three Caitiffs also reside here.

Prison of Echoes[edit]

Prison of Echoes
Prison of Echoes

Many Soul Shriven stand in the hallway. A lever opens the door to the hallway that leads to the Crucible of Terror. Several Caitiffs and Kyngalds patrol this second portion of the hallway.

Crucible of Terror[edit]

Statue of Molag Bal inside Crucible of Terror
Crucible of Terror

The Manifestation of Terror guards Lyris' will here.


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