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(lore page)
Location New Moon Fortress
Species Dragon
Health 871,961 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Order of the New Moon

Joorahmaar is a Dragon that has allied himself with Laatvulon.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Order of the New Moon[edit]

Joorahmaar at the New Moon Fortress

Joorahmaar is first seen in New Moon Fortress.

Joorahmaar: "You promised us power, Laatvulon."
Laatvulon: "And you shall have it, my brother."
Laatvulon: "The New Moon will rise above, and all who obey shall rise with it!"
Laatvulon: "Relinquish your strength to the aeonstone! Offer your power to our noble cause!"

When you disrupt the ritual, Joorahmaar flies off.

The Dark Aeon[edit]

You will find Joorahmaar on Dragonhold, where he orders a group of cultists to sacrifice themselves.

Abnur Tharn: "A Dragon, but it's not Kaalgrontiid!"
Joorahmaar: "Continue to feed the ritual sites. Kaalgrontiid demands a throne in the sky. We must accomplish this or perish!"
Abnur Tharn: "A throne in the sky? Forget the source of the island's defenses. We need to destroy these ritual sites!"

Back in the courtyard, you'll encounter Joorahmaar once more. Abnur Tharn stands up to him.

Joorahmaar: "What pests dare scurry into this sacred place?"
Abnur Tharn: "I'll deal with this creature."
Joorahmaar: "You think to challenge me, bug?"
Abnur Tharn: "So much … power!"
Joorahmaar: "Savor this reprieve, mortals. You cannot stop the Dark Aeon!"

Joorahmaar flies off.

Abnur Tharn: "That … drove it off. Now … to find the source … of the aegis."

When engaged in combat:

Joorahmaar: "Trespassers! You will not destroy the aegis!"

When he summons weak flame atronachs:

Joorahmaar: "I will burn you to ash and cinders!"

Skills and Abilities[edit]

He takes to the sky at 70 and 30 percent health. He summons weak Flame Atronachs the first time he flies off, and an Iron Atronach the second time. He can use fire breath while in the air.

Wing Thrash
Physical attack.
Physical attack.
Sweeping Breath
A sweeping fire breath attack.
Summon Atronach
He summons weak flame atronachs at 70% health, and iron atronachs at 30% health.
Flame Aura
Deals flame damage when you're next to him.
Meteor Storm
Brimstone flies down from above and causes fire damage to those caught in the AoE circle where it lands.


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