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King Narilmor
(lore page)
Location Tabernacle of Light Unyielding, Depths of Malatar
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Health Normal1,262,989Veteran3,909,749 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Friendly (initially, while talking)
Gold, Soul Gem, Potions, Radiant Dungeon Set item
Other Information
Faction(s) Warriors of Light
Condition Purified
King Narilmor

King Narilmor is the ancient Ayleid king of Garlas Malatar who serves as the fourth boss of the Depths of Malatar. Purified with the blessings of immortality and loss of free will by Meridia herself, he stops at nothing to reacquire the right half of the Wrathstone from you, sabotaging your expedition and luring you into various traps along the way.

When he is fought in the Tabernacle of Light Unyielding, he will split himself into four various clones: flame (red), frost (blue), lightning (purple), and light (white/yellow), all having attacks based on their element. The spirit of Quintus Verres also escapes during the battle, complicating matters as you have the option of helping Tharayya capture him again. After Narilmor's defeat, his pact with Meridia transforms him into the Symphony of Blades, a vessel of her power fought in the final part of the dungeon.

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The best solution to beating Narilmor once he splits into copies of himself is to have the tank lead all four of them into a corner of the room, allowing the rest of the team attacks them all easily. The healer may also, if possible, heal Tharayya so that Quintus doesn't escape.

Skills and Abilities[edit]




Tharayya: "A shrine? Why would the Imperials build this?"
Quintus Verres: "Who cares? What matters is they found the Wrathstone. It's right there for the taking."
Tharayya: "Imperials aren't known for their traps, but … looks clear."
Tharayya: "Trap free, for once." [She takes the piece of the Wrathstone]
King Narilmor: "That was never meant for impure hands! It will not leave my care!" [He causes a cave in, destroying the shrine and forcing everyone into the ruins below]
King Narilmor: "Submit to her will. It is the only way."
Tharayya: "Over here! I'm alive!"
Quintus Verres: "Unfortunately."

Upon entering the room with the Dark Orb, King Narilmor seals you in with it. He will deliver his commentary of the orbs and aurorans that spawn from them:

King Narilmor: "Struggle as you might, you cannot deny the will of Meridia. Her power is infinite."
King Narilmor: "Submit to the Lady of Light, and be cleansed." (Summons the Radiant Orb and its Aurorans)
King Narilmor: "Blue. The color of calm, measured inevitability, and despair." (Summons the Phosphorescent Orb and its Aurorans)
Quintus Verres: "Brilliant revelation."
King Narilmor: "Purple. The color of regality, and savage gashes in the night sky." (Summons the Scintillating Orb and its Aurorans)
King Narilmor: "Red. The color of fiery passion and boiling blood!" (Summons the Blazing Orb and its Aurorans)
When the orb is shattered
King Narilmor: "Your corruption runs deep, but her purity is limitless. You will be cleansed."

Upon entering the King's chamber, Tharayya examines the room and Narilmor appears in a show of light. The following exchange occurs:

Tharayya: "Feel that? A chill breeze. We must be nearing an exit!"
King Narilmor: "Unclean!" [He casts a spell towards Tharayya]
Tharayya: "Ah! The Pneumeria Chamber!"
Quintus Verres: "Finally! Free!"
Tharayya: "Damn it! Quintus, get back here!"
King Narilmor: "You defy our Lady of Light and desecrate her domain with the undead! I will bleach your souls free of all you ever were!"

In the final chamber of the ruins, Narilmor will transform in the Symphony of Blades, saying:

King Narilmor: "For three thousand years I have protected the Wrathstone! I will not fail her now!"

Combat Dialogue[edit]

"There is no light beyond hers."
"Lady of Light, keep us from darkness."
Upon death
"I will not fail her …."
Cloning himself
"Purity is made from many colors."
"I am every aspect of the light."
"Through her, I am infinite."
"My light viewed through a prism, is no less bright."
Using an elemental ability
"Flame is the vengeful weapon of light."
Party wipe
"Undeath and corruption will be purged from my realm."
"I suffer no dissent in my kingdom."



Achievements associated with this enemy:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Soul Mates
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Veteran Purified Slayer [verification needed — Does he count towards this?]
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Depths of Malatar Vanquisher
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Depths of Malatar Challenger
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Depths of Malatar Conqueror
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Depths Defiler
ON-icon-Question Mark.png The Speed of Light
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Purified


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