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ON-qico-Group Area.png Help the last Pyre Watch Sentinel and a vampire investigator in the Unhallowed Grave.
Zone: Bangkorai
Objective: Dungeon: Unhallowed Grave — Defeat the Draugrkin graverobbers and avenge the Pyre Watch.
Quest Giver: Shelaria
Location(s): Unhallowed Grave
XP Gain: 1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
Unidentified Unhallowed Grave Armaments
Group Group Size: 4
Assist in stopping the Draugrkin
A mysterious band of necromancers and graverobbers breached the defenses of the Unhallowed Grave. The burial site's last living defender, Shelaria, asked for my help in ridding the tomb of these invaders.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Explore the Unhallowed Grave to find the Draugrkin Leader.
    1. Optional: Find a grappling bow.
  2. Defeat the lieutenant blocking the path.
  3. Find a way to unlock the warded door by destroying the Keeper of the Kiln.
  4. Head deeper into the tomb.
  5. Defeat the Eternal Aegis.
  6. Kill the lich, Ondagore the Mad.
  7. Confront Kjalnar Tombskald and stop his summoning attempt.
  8. Talk to Shelaria.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you enter the dungeon, you'll find a Redguard warrior named Shelaria speaking with a vampire. His name is Fennorian, and Shelaria is accosting him for healing her wounds. Speak with Shelaria. She's part of an organization known as the Pyre Watch, which is sworn to watch over this place. She informs you that grave robbers have invaded this Unhallowed Grave, and they stole an enchanted lantern that allows them to bypass the traps set by her order. Shelaria isn't sure what they're looking for, but she's sworn to protect this place, and doesn't like the implications of someone robbing an accursed tomb.

A Pyre Watch Ward blocks the way

Make your way into the grave. You have the option of taking the Draugrkin Grappling Bow from the Draugrkin Supply Chest. The chest is located to the left as you exit the tunnel, near the first ledge.

Quest Stages[edit]

Unhallowed Grave
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help Shelaria rid the Unhallowed Grave of Draugrkin necromancers and graverobbers. I should explore this cavernous tomb.
Objective: Explore the Unhallowed Grave
I might need a tool to help me navigate the cliffs and crevasses of the Unhallowed Grave. I should look around to see if I can find a grappling bow.
Optional Step: Find a Grappling Bow
I discovered one of the Draugrkin's lieutenants in front of a stone door, blocking my passage forward. I must kill this Nord in order to progress.
Objective: Kill Hakgrym the Howler
I killed Hakgrym the Howler. Now, I should continue my journey deeper into the Unhallowed Grave.
Objective: Continue Exploring the Unhallowed Grave
I encountered a door locked behind a glowing Pyre Watch ward. I should search for a way to open it.
Objective: Search For a Way to Open the Door
I encountered a colossal Grave Guardian. Destroying it may unlock the door that blocks our passage. I should fell this stone creature.
Objective: Kill the Keeper of the Kiln
I destroyed the Keeper of the Kiln. I should continue exploring the Unhallowed Grave.
Objective: Continue Exploring the Unhallowed Grave
Yet another enormous construct stands in our way. I must destroy this Eternal Aegis to continue my search for the Draugrkin's leader, Kjalnar Tombskald.
Objective: Kill the Eternal Aegis
I destroyed the Eternal Aegis I should continue and explore the Unhallowed Grave.
Objective: Continue Exploring the Unhallowed Grave
A crazed lich stands between me and Kjalnar Tombskald. I must destroy this undead abomination to proceed.
Objective: Kill Ondagore the Mad
I am getting close to where the leader, Kjalnar Tombskald is located. I should continue forward.
Objective: Search for Kjalnar Tombskal
I found Kjalnar Tombskald at the edge of a deep crevasse, engaged in a dark summoning ritual. I must kill the Draugrkin's leader before anything terrible escapes from the Unhallowed Grave.
Objective: Kill Kjalnar Tombskald
Finishes quest☑ I killed Kjalnar Tombskald and avenged the Pyre Watch. I should speak to Shelaria to receive my reward.
Objective: Talk to Shelaria
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