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Location Unhallowed Grave
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Pyre Watch

Shelaria is a Redguard found in Unhallowed Grave. She is the last of an ancient fraternity of guardians called the Pyre Watch who are sworn to protect the burial site from those who would seek to enter it "… and to prevent anything inside from leaving."

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

Enter the crypt and you'll hear the Redguard threatening an unknown foe, who is surprisingly concerned for them:

Shelaria: "You dare touch me, vampire? I may fall today, but by Onsi's bright blade, I will take you with me!"
Fennorian: "Please, just listen. I am not allied with those graverobbers. If you keep this up, those wounds will reopen."

Shelaria is injured but still standing, speak with her to find out what is happening in the tomb complex:

"These … these wounds won't keep me from cutting you down if I have to, wayfarer.
Who are you? Are you in league with these dead-summoners and graverobbers? Speak quickly!"
I'm not allied with any graverobbers. What happened here?
"You … I see no deception in your eyes. Perhaps Tu'whacca has not forsaken us after all.
I belong to an ancient fraternity of guardians called the Pyre Watch. We have but one duty: to protect this burial site from the servants of evil. We failed."
Do you know what these attackers want?
"I do not know what they seek specifically, but this cavern contains vast piles of ash and bone—the remains of an unholy army called the Gray Host. A treasure trove for necromancers.
Please, wayfarer, can you help me drive these trespassers off?"
All right, I'll help you rid this burial site of graverobbers.
"Mara bless you, friend.
I must warn you. The invaders stole an enchanted lantern. It will allow them to bypass the traps that await us inside. Our road will not be so easy. Then there is this vampire. He may offer aid, but undead cannot be trusted."

After agreeing to help you can ask her about the Hallowed Grave and Fennorian, as well as her attackers:

Can you tell me more about the Pyre Watch?
"Certainly. The warriors of the Pyre Watch swear an oath to protect this burial site from those who would seek to enter it … and to prevent anything inside from leaving.
By Tu'whacca's mercy, nothing has ever tried to escape."
You mean undead?
"I mean anything.
Heaps of unholy ashes and charred bones fill every corridor and passageway. You cannot take a step in there without treading on the corpse of an ancient monster. No, wayfarer. We cannot let even a mouse leave such a place."
Tell me about these monsters—the Gray Host.
"You should not speak the Host's name so loudly. Suffice it to say they were creatures of the night. Slain, burned, and buried.
There is an old Yokudan saying: to name an evil is to sharpen its blade. Better to leave it nameless and forgotten."
I saw you arguing with this vampire. He healed you?
"He did. But for what purpose? He told me his name is Fennorian, and that he comes in peace. Hmph. Mischief of the damned.
We must watch him carefully, wayfarer. Creatures like him cannot be trusted."
I'll keep an eye out.
"Good. A moment's carelessness can invite the monsters' fangs."

If the player is a vampire, they will instead say:

I am a creature like him—a vampire. We're not all evil.
"You? Tu'whacca's breath ... to defeat dead summoners, I rely upon the scions of Bal. May my ancestors forgive me.
I will trust you. For now.
Tell me about the attackers. Do you know anything about them?
"Precious little. There were many Nords among them, covered in crimson runes and wielding ghoulish magics.
I heard one of them refer to the others as Draugrkin. An apt name for such ugly dead-summoners."
You said they stole a lantern of some kind?
"Yes. Tu'whacca's Gaze. Its light casts a ward over the one who holds it, protecting them from the traps and defenses inside the Grave. This will allow the invaders to pass through quickly. We will not be so lucky."

As you walk away into the depths of the crypt, you'll hear over your shoulder:

Fennorian: "Our new friend doesn't object to my presence. I hope that settles things?"
Shelaria: "For now, vampire. Only for now."

After slaying the Draugrkin lieutenant, Hakgrym the Howler, Shelaria will arrive and congratulate you on your work:

Shelaria: "Well done, wayfarer. Look there on the door—the Pyre Watch sigil. These Draugrkin must have used Tu'whacca's Gaze to unlock it."
Fennorian: "How far down does this ruin go, Shelaria? Surely they found enough bones up here to fill those urns they brought."
Shelaria: "I do not know. No Pyre Watch sentinel has ventured this far into the tomb since our ancestors sealed it. Come. Our answers lie ahead."

You have the opportunity to ask her what may be ahead:

"Every step we take in this place feels like a blasphemy, but we have no choice. We cannot allow these graverobbers to escape."
Do you have any guesses about what might lie ahead?
"In my experience, guessing is not a fruitful practice. But, you do my order a great service, so I will indulge you.
Every bone you see here belonged to a black-hearted creature of the night, but some beasts are more dangerous than others."
So we might find the army's leaders in there?
"Yes. Among other things.
My teachers spoke of ancient guardians—timeless defenders that would fight on long after the last Pyre Watch sentinel fell. Without Tu'whacca's Gaze … they may try to cast us out. Violently."
How are you holding up?
"Despite this Elf Fennorian's unholy condition, he appears to be a very capable healer.
My wounds cause me less pain, but … to my great shame, I still cannot join you in battle. Wounded as I am, I would only get in the way. I am sorry."
Are you sure you want to continue on?
"Yes. I may not be able to swing a sword with confidence, but I would sooner cast myself into one of those chasms than abandon my post entirely.
I will find a way to help, wayfarer. Upon Leki's blade, I swear it."

Further on Shelaria and Fennorian will approach one of the sigil locked doors which are hindering your progress:

Shelaria: "HoonDing help us. The door is sealed. And without Tu'whacca's Gaze …."
Fennorian: "Wait, Shelaria. Look there on the floor. More sigils. Perhaps they correspond to the one on the door?"
Shelaria: "You … you may be right, vampire. Look around. We must keep up the pursuit."

If you talk to her for any insight about the sigil:

"These sigils do look familiar. Just be wary. There is more to those stone guardians than meets the eye."

After someone activates the sigil stone, the door will open. Shelaria will be impressed by her ancestors skill:

"My ancestors were clever indeed. Come. Let's keep moving."

At the next locked door, the pair will stare at it. There are no visible sigil stones nearby:

Shelaria: "Another sealed door, but no statues or sigils. Any ideas, blood-drinker?"
Fennorian: "A few. The corresponding sigils may be in another room. We should have a look around—perhaps in that vault to the north."

She will be getting frustrated with the all the obstacles:

"Yet another obstacle. Ironic how my order's defenses are preventing us from dealing with the true villains.
Perhaps one day we'll look back on this farce and laugh …. No, of course we won't."

While you fight Keeper of the Kiln in the chamber to the north, she will have managed to capture a Draugrkin Graverobber. When Fennorian leads you back, the interrogation will be wrapping up:

Shelaria: "Where is Tu'whacca's Gaze? Where is your leader?"
Draugrkin Graverobber: "Kjalnar Tombskald took your magic lantern with him … farther into the cave! You'll never catch him, Redguard. Not before he—"
Shelaria: "Before he what? What are you godless dogs doing here? Speak!"
<The Graverobber stands up and begins to laugh.>
Draugrkin Graverobber: "Ha! You have no idea what's coming. When the one who sent us comes to power, you'll beg for death. Beg!"
Shelaria: "Enough of this!"
<As he continues to laugh, Shelaria runs him through.>
Fennorian: "Shelaria … what did you do?"
Shelaria: "You heard what he said. Their leader and Tu'whacca's Gaze are ahead. Shed a tear for this monster if you wish, but make it quick."

If you talk with her, she will be unmoved by any judgement:

"The vampire judges me. Hmph. True, I break the Pyre Watch code by executing a prisoner. But then again, if our code of honor led us to this grim fate, of what use was the code?
Justice sometimes demands a cold heart. Let's move on."

After you kill the Eternal Aegis, the duo will arrive and Fennorian will ask Shelaria just what else is in these tombs:

Fennorian: "I've explored more tombs than I care to recall, and I've never seen a guardian like this."
Shelaria: "Enough with your academics, vampire! We did not come here to study, we came here to stop the Draugrkin!"
Fennorian: "I only mean to say that this level of protection … are you sure there's nothing else here, Shelaria? Nothing beyond the remains of the Gray Host?"
Shelaria: "What does it matter? Kjalnar and his graverobbing jackals still outpace us. We must move quicker!"

She will be annoyed at the delays but her injuries may be getting worse:

"Why do we delay? We must … we must press on."
You don't look so good. Maybe you should turn back.
"You sound like Fennorian.
I am not leaving this grave until I watch Kjalnar breathe his last. If I die along the way, so be it. I will rest on the Far Shores with my kin, knowing I did my duty."

Once the exit the ruins and to an outdoor area, both will be awed at the scale of the architecture:

Shelaria: "I had no idea such grand ruins stood in the heart of this place."
Fennorian: "Yokudan, yes? The works of your ancestors from beyond the sea?"
Shelaria: "Yes. Thank Mara, they all rest in glory on the Far Shores. If they could see what their home has become … the shame would be unbearable."

If she's spoken to:

"I shudder to think what my ancestors would say if they saw this desecration. Ruptga forgive us."

As you approach Kjalnar Tombskald's location, Shelaria and Fennorian will catch up to you:

Fennorian: "We're almost there. I can sense it crawling up my spine. Something profoundly evil lurks here."
Shelaria: "Whatever it is—whatever these beasts have conjured here—it will face a lasting death at our hands."
"I wish I could do more, wayfarer. Truly. But I know that you will wreak the vengeance my brothers and sisters deserve. May Onsi guide your blade."

When you enter the Pit of Sorrows, Kjalnar Tombskald will be waiting. Shelaria will be eager to kill him, only to be stopped:

Shelaria: "Kjalnar! I'll kill you for what you've done!"
Kjalnar Tombskald: "By all means, try. Our patron demanded the remains of the Gray Host. What's the harm in adding a few more corpses?"
Fennorian: "Shelaria! Arta vare! Sleep now."
<Shelaria falls asleep and is taken out of the fight.>
Fennorian: "She's in no condition to fight. Go! Kill that fiend!"

After defeating the leader of the Draugrkin and his summon, Shelaria will awakened and be angered that Fennorian kept her out of the fight:

Shelaria: "Damn you, Fennorian. That … that was my fight"
Fennorian: "A fight you would have lost. I don't expect gratitude, but you're welcome all the same."

You can then speak with Shelaria to complete the quest:

"You … you did it. You killed Kjalnar.
I should have been at your side. My blade should have struck the mortal blow."
You were in no condition to fight. Kjalnar is dead, and the Draugrkin are gone. That's what matters.
"You are right, of course. Even at my best, I could not hope to match a foe like that. Let alone the creature he summoned or the patron who sent him here—whoever that is.
The Pyre Watch will always be in your debt, wayfarer. Tu'whacca bless you."

Afterwards, Shelaria and Fennorian will discuss what they have learnt and leads to who ordered the Draugrkin to come to the site in the first place:

Shelaria: "Fennorian, I … I understand why you did what you did. One day, I will make my peace with it. In the meantime, I will put the life you saved to good use."
Fennorian: "I trust you will, Shelaria. As for me, I have some investigating to do—starting with this mysterious patron Kjalnar mentioned."
Shelaria: "Whoever they are, I suspect they've already gotten what they wanted. The Draugrkin smuggled a great many urns out of the Grave before you arrived. Tu'whacca help us all."

You can then ask Shelaria further questions:

"Part of me will always hate Fennorian for taking this battle from me, but I know in my heart he was right. Had I died here, the Pyre Watch would have died with me.
I have work to do. Doors to seal, graves to consecrate, and teachings to pass on."
Do you really intend to rebuild the Pyre Watch? / Fair enough. Do you really intend to rebuild the Pyre Watch?
"What choice do I have? So long as this place houses the remains of the Gray Host, it remains a threat to all of Tamriel.
I do not suppose you'd be interested in a life of stewardship and seclusion? You would make a fine Pyre Watch sentinel."
I don't think guard-duty is for me.
"Of course. Truthfully, I only asked in jest.
I will find recruits in Bangkorai Garrison, Hallin's Stand, perhaps even Evermore. And before I pass on to the Far Shores, I will make sure an incursion like this never happens again. You have my word."
Has Fennorian changed your view of vampires?
"Fennorian has changed my view of Fennorian.
Remember, we are surrounded by the bones of monsters who sought the end of all life in Tamriel. Fennorian proved to be a steady ally, but he does not speak for all vampires. The Gray Host is proof of that."
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