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Book Information
Writer Bill Slavicsek
Publication Date: May 12, 2020
Meet the Character - Fennorian
by Zephrine Frey, Chronicler of Wayrest
A chronicler's account of one of House Ravenwatch's members


Concerning the Vampire Scholar, Fennorian

By Zephrine Frey, Chronicler of Wayrest

My work for King Emeric takes me to many unusual places, such as Castle Ravenwatch. I was there the night Count Verandis Ravenwatch brought home a new ward. The vampire scholar, Fennorian. Oh, right. Forgive me. I forget that not everyone is privy to the darkest secrets of the kingdom. This isn't public knowledge, but Verandis is a vampire. In fact, each member of House Ravenwatch is a vampire. Don't be concerned. They're good vampires. And the count and the king have a relationship. They're friends of a sort, I suppose you could say. They share a mutual respect, at the very least, but I believe it goes deeper than that.

Anyway, I was at Castle Ravenwatch, waiting to deliver a message to Count Verandis. He wasn't in residence, but his wards expected him shortly and happily let me wait. The storm that battered the castle throughout the day only intensified as darkness fell. The wards, Adusa-daro the Khajiit, and Gwendis the Wood Elf, were enjoying a late supper with their blood-servant, Kalin. We were having a nice enough talk, but it was all I could do not to leap up and make them take their fangs out of that poor man. He offered his blood willingly, I had to keep telling myself. And they weren't draining him dry. Finally, the doors to the great hall flew wide, revealing Count Verandis in the open entryway.

The count stood tall and regal, lightning flashing behind him as thunder boomed. He wasn't alone. Standing beside him, dripping wet and looking like a lost puppy, was a skinny High Elf with a dazed expression.

"Look what the count dragged in," purred Adusa.

"Looks yummy," Gwendis added. "Is that for us?"

"Mind your manners, child," Verandis said with his usual mixture of austerity and affection as he led his companion into the hall, "and say hello to your new brother, Fennorian."

Physically, Fennorian appeared closer in age to Gwendis than to Adusa. As he dried by the fire, I couldn't help but notice his long, unruly hair, his smoldering gaze, and his serious expression. I'm old enough to be the young man's grand—er, older sister—but I'm still passionate enough to recognize allure when I see it. The fact that Fennorian was unaware of his effect on those around him made him even more desirable. Which may have been one of the reasons I went out of my way to visit the castle whenever I was near Rivenspire after that.

The next few times I visited the castle, Fennorian was always in residence. We talked while he conducted alchemical experiments or studied a stack of scrolls or tomes from the count's extensive library. He served as researcher for the rest of House Ravenwatch, who busily performed the count's work throughout the land. The Ravenwatch, you see, in addition to being a prominent noble family, has also dedicated itself to dealing with hostile vampire clans, rogue bloodfiends, and other similar threats to the realm. For the time being, at least, the count preferred to keep Fennorian close to home. The brooding scholar had yet to go into the field, and that was starting to make him even more subdued.

I never got Fennorian to tell me much about where he came from or how Verandis found him. If anything, the topic made him uncomfortable, so I didn't press the issue. I don't think Verandis sired him, but I do get the impression that they are related in some way. Given how old the count actually is, I'm assuming that Fennorian is a distant descendant of some sort. Whatever the truth of all that, the young man and the count clearly share a special bond. Verandis is his father in every way that counts, and Fennorian is his son. Beyond that, I'm just guessing, but I believe that whatever situation drew them together was terrible for Fennorian. Why else would he refuse to talk about it?

During my most recent visit to the castle, the place was alive with activity. Adusa and Gwendis were preparing to depart for a mission of their own, while Fennorian ran back and forth between half a dozen alchemical workstations. He added something to one, removed something from another, and then combined the contents of a beaker from a third with a vial from a fourth. A puff of blue smoke arose from the vial, which caused a slight smile to briefly illuminate the vampire scholar's face. He turned and handed the vial to a member of the Shornhelm Guard. "Take this to the healers. That should take care of the epidemic." Once again, the young vampire impressed me with his quick thinking and scientific approach to every problem. With a lull in the action, I decided to get to the business that brought me to the castle.

"Adusa-daro," I said, addressing the eldest of Verandis's wards, "may I speak with the count? I come with an urgent matter on behalf of the king."

The Khajiit shook her head. "Count Verandis is … unavailable. How can this one assist you?"

Verandis not in residence wasn't unusual, and I had dealt with Adusa in the past. I quickly explained the situation. Scouts near Bangkorai Garrison spotted a group of Nord mercenaries that call themselves the Draugrkin sneaking around nearby caverns. King Emeric wanted Count Verandis to look into the matter. Adusa thought for a moment, then nodded as an idea came to mind.

"Adusa and Gwendis have their own task to complete," she said, "but this one thinks Fennorian is ready to leave the castle for a short time."

Fennorian appeared as surprised as Gwendis at this proclamation. He began to protest, but Adusa silenced him with a slight gesture. She looked at him, waiting, until he lowered his own gaze and said, "Yes, sister. I understand. I'm ready."

I watched as the trio headed off, Adusa and Gwendis to whatever Ravenwatch crisis required their attention, Fennorian with his pack full of books and alchemical supplies to investigate the Draugrkin. I just hoped that Verandis had trained him as well as he did his other wards. I had a feeling there was more to the Draugrkin than either I or King Emeric suspected.