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Steal away the "king's betrothed" to join his feast.
Quest Giver: Jester King Jorunn, Jester King Emeric
Location(s): Ebonheart
Prerequisite Quest: The Jester's Festival
Previous Quest: Royal Revelry
Next Quest: Springtime Flair
Reward: Jester's Festival Box
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
Princess and her mudcrab apples
This quest is only available during the Jester's Festival
Jester King Jorunn requested that I steal his bride-to-be away from her minders, so she may join him in his Feast of Fools.
After helping King Emeric, he suggested I head to Ebonheart to join King Jorunn's royal roast.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Jester King Jorunn south of Ebonheart.
  2. Steal some mudcrab apples.
  3. Feed the mudcrab apples to Princess.
  4. Escort Princess to Jester King Jorunn without getting spotted.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Tragedy! Despair! Jester King Jorunn's fiancee is not by his side. You must lawfully obtain some Mudcrab Apples and use them to coax the king's bride-to-be to his side! Head down the hill and across the bridge from the Festival pavilion, and go into the large stable next to the stable that has horses in it. You'll get a bounty for taking the mudcrab apples. However, if you sneak behind the cart, you won't get a bounty. Crouch behind the barrel portion of the cart, between the long poles sticking out on each side, zoom your camera out, and snag some apples without being spotted.

Next, head over to the Argonian quarter. Head into ebonheart and keep going north. Head down the stairs all the way to the end of the marshy area, until you find a pig pen. There, you'll find the king's bride, Princess, and her horrid minder, The Butcher! Sneak up to Princess while the butcher's back is turned, and give her a Mudcrab Apple, a token of her groom's affection, to signal to her that her love awaits! With the bride-to-be in tow, run back out of Ebonheart as fast as you can! Back up the stairs, out the city gates, across the bridge, and return Princess to Jester King Jorunn's waiting arms! Be careful not to be spotted by the Butcher, or else you might acquire a bounty for kidnapping the princess.


  • For a more detailed guide on how to avoid the Butcher's sights (and the incoming bounty) as you rescue Princess, look no further than the Princess Rescuer Achievement.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Noble Guest
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find Jester King Jorunn in Ebonheart.
Objective: Travel to the Festival in Stonefalls
I should speak to Jester King Jorunn and see how I can join in the festivities in Ebonheart.
Objective: Speak to Jester King Jorunn
Latest start Jester King Jorunn said I should bring a gift of mudcrab apples to his betrothed. I should acquire some before finding her.
Objective: Steal Mudcrab Apples
I have the mudcrab apples, now to find Jorunn's betrothed and show her he sent me to steal her away.
Objective: Find Jorunn's Betrothed
Objective Hint: Jorunn's bride-to-be is the prized pig "Princess." The mudcrab apples I stole should get her interest.
Objective Hint: Feed Princess Mudcrab Apples
Objective Hint: Help Princess Escape
I convinced Princess to follow me, now I need to lead her back to Jester King Jorunn and avoid the butcher.
Objective: Lead Princess to Jester King Jorunn

(Appears if you get momentarily separated from Princess)

Objective Hint: Return to the Princess before She Wanders Off.
☑Finishes quest I have delivered Princess safely into the arms of Jester King Jorunn. I should speak with him about my success.
Objective: Talk to Jester King Jorunn