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Defend a Horseman settlement from harpies.
Zone: Rivenspire
Objective: Silverhoof Vale — Defend the Vale from a harpy flock.
Quest Giver: Bumnog in Silverhoof Vale
Location(s): Silverhoof Vale
Reward: Darkstride Silverhoof Loop
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
A crew I once helped in Glenumbra was hired to hunt harpies in Silverhoof Vale. They may need my help to complete the job. [If you have previously encountered the Daggers]
A crew hired to hunt harpies in Silverwood Vale may need my help to complete the job. [If this is the first time you help out the Daggers]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Bumnog just outside the vale.
  2. Find one of the Remly brothers.
  3. Set out some harpy traps and find the other Remly brother.
  4. Return to the camp.
  5. Defend the vale against a surprise attack.
  6. Return to the camp and talk to Bumnog.
  7. Make your choice to either lie or tell the truth to the village elder.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • There do not seem to be any consequences of the choice at the end of the quest and the rewards are the same.

Quest Stages[edit]

Rusty Daggers
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Bumnog asked me to look for the Remly brothers, who set out to set traps for the harpies and have yet to return.
Objective: Find the Remly Brothers
I've found one of the Remly brothers. He appears to be caught in a trap. I should find a way to free him.
Objective: Free Balin
I've freed Balin from his trap. I'd better ask him where I can find his brother.
Objective: Talk to Balin
Balin's asked me to go find his brother. He also wants me to set the remaining traps at the scent lures his brother deployed.
Objective: Set Harpy Traps: 0/3
Objective: Find Armel
I've found the brothers and helped them with their task on the cliffs. I should return to the Vale, to speak to the brothers and Bumnog.
Objective: Find the Remly Brothers in the Vale
The harpy hunters are getting a tongue lashing from the village elder. I should listen.
Objective: Listen to the Confrontation
The Remly brothers, still covered in their scent lure, have attracted a flock of harpies to the village. I should follow them to protect them while they wash the scent off.
Objective: Follow the Remly Brothers to the Pond
The Remly brothers are washing off the scent lure in the pond. I should protect them while they clean themselves.
Objective: Protect the Remly Brothers
The Remly brothers washed the scent off, and we managed to kill all the attacking harpies. I should return to the campsite in the caves.
Objective: Return to Camp
Before I entered the camp within the cavern, Bumnog signaled that he wants to talk with me at its entrance.
Objective: Talk to Bumnog
Bumnog asked me to lie about their prowess to cover for them so they can get paid. The village's elder will want to know how the crew did. I can lie to protect them, or tell Makar the Elder the truth.
Complete one: Tell the Elder the Truth or Lie to the Elder
☑Finishes quest (This line appears if you told Makar the truth about the Daggers)

I told Makar the Elder the truth about Bumnog, and the Remly brothers. It doesn't look as though they'll be paid for the job.

Objective: Talk to Makar the Elder
☑Finishes quest (This line appears if you convinced Makar to pay the Daggers for the job)

I lied to Makar the Elder, saying the crew worked alone. I should talk to Bumnog and find out what's next for them.

Objective: Talk to Bumnog
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