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Resolve the situation between the harpies and the mercenaries in Kozanset.
Zone: Alik'r Desert
Objective: Kozanset — Rid the town of the harpy threat.
Quest Giver: Gold Coast Scout on the roads into town;
Hamza in the town square
Location(s): Kozanset
Reward: Harpy Feather Shirt
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
"This creature had done no wrong, yet they would kill her to be paid for her feathers!"
Kozanset, a small settlement in the deserts of Alik'r, is having harpy troubles.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the townsfolk.
  2. Find the magistrate.
  3. Talk to Leja at-Lehiel.
  4. Recover the harpy eggs.
  5. Investigate the warehouse.
  6. Meet Leja at her home.
  7. Search the harpy nests.
  8. Find Magistrate Andrin at-Lehiel.
  9. Gather the townsfolk and head to the guardhouse.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Feathered Fiends
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Hidden Objective: Talk to Townsfolk about the Harpy Situation
Objective: Talk to Kabrahla
Objective: Talk to Foreman Malumah
Objective: Talk to Zihlran
Objective: Find the Magistrate
Objective: Talk to Magistrate Andrin at-Lehiel
Hidden Objective: Ask Leja at-Lehiel where she wants to meet
Objective: Talk to Leja at-Lehiel in Her Home
Objective: Talk to Leja at-Lehiel
Objective: Follow Leja at-Lehiel to the Balcony
Objective: Gather the Harpy Eggs throughout Kozanset
Objective: Bring the Harpy Eggs to Leja at-Lehiel in Town
Objective: Find a Suitable Hiding Spot
Objective: Eavesdrop on Mercenaries in the Warehouse
Objective: Meet with Leja at-Lehiel in her Home
Hidden Objective: Search for Leja by the Harpy Nests
Objective: Investigate the Body
Objective: Follow the Trail of Victims
Objective: Find Magistrate Andrin at-Lehiel
Objective: Gather Groups of Townsfolk
Objective: Talk to Leja at-Lehiel outside the Guardhouse
Objective: Confront the Mercenaries
Hidden Objective: Enter the Guardhouse
Objective: Retrieve the Matriarch's Body
Objective: Investigate the Guardhouse
Objective: Take the Harpy Matriarch to the Balcony
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