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Thieves Guild
Home City Abah's Landing
Location Fulstrom Catacombs
Thieves Den
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Walks-Softly is an Argonian member of the Thieves Guild.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Partners in Crime[edit]

In the catacombs of Fulstrom Manor:

Quen:"There's someone coming! Who are you?"
Walks-Softly:"You don't know me yet, but I'm friend. Quen, isn't it? Put on this uniform and head outside. The Iron Wheel won't detain a Windhelm Guard."
Quen:"There's no way I'm leaving here without my partner."
Walks-Softly:"I only had one uniform. Go on, recover your boat and meet us by the catacomb exit. Then we can return to the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing."
Quen:"You're from the Thieves Guild? I ... all right, I'll meet you both by the exit. Good luck, partner." (Quen leaves)
Walks-Softly:"She'll be fine. Looks like we take the dangerous way around."
Walks-Softly:"Did I mention I'm afraid of spiders? Probably should've mentioned. I'll keep it under control."
Walks-Softly:"Look, a crypt! Nothing bad ever happens in a crypt."

When fighting draugr in the catacombs:

Walks-Softly:"On the bright side, these only have four limbs."

When fighting spiders in the catacombs:

Walks-Softly:"Are we running? No? All right, then!"
Walks-Softly:"That's not good. Look out!"

Nearing the exit of the catacombs:

Walks-Softly:"Follow me, we're almost there!"

After escaping the catacombs:

Quen:"I don't think they saw me."
Walks-Softly:"Are you all right? You're greener than my favorite vest."
Quen:"It's fine I'm ... I'm fine."'

At the docks in Abah's Landing:

Walks-Softly:"When you're up to it, we'll head to the Thieves Den. It's in an old cistern."
Quen:"A cistern? Wonderful. I'm to be surrounded by water, everywhere I go."
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