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Home Settlement Morthal
Location Docks near the sawmill
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Angrar is a Nord fisherman who can be found fishing behind Morthal's sawmill. He is frustrated by the constant theft of his labor, and has come up with an ingenious solution to the issue. He is the author of Pilfered Poison.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When spoken to before starting the related quest, he will say:

"A sad day when a man has his livelihood stolen.
I went home yesterday with a full catch and just like before, it got stolen right out from under my nose! Every night's the same. Doesn't matter how much I get, it's always gone come morning."

When you've found the fish with a dead body and recovered his note:

"Careful not to disturb the fish, stranger. Hard enough to catch them as is, and even when I manage, they get stolen anyway! I'm sick of feeding thieves. I can barely feed my family!"
I found this note. Is it yours?
"Yes, that's mine! Eugh… smells awful. Looks like something may have swallowed it.
I guess that was the point, eh? Where did you find it?"

Your response will depend on where you found the note and fish.

With a Nord Woman:

I found it next to a dead Nord woman.
"Ah, I'd hoped it was a wild animal ….
I'm sorry for whoever it was, but I didn't have a choice. My family is the most important thing to me. I won't let them starve while some thief makes off with a full belly."

Next to Sabre Cat:

I found it inside a fish near a dead sabre cat.
"Really? Troubling to think a beast like that would venture so close to civilization just for a free meal.
I suppose I should set some traps. I'll probably be doing the rest of Morthal a favor."

In a harpy nest:

I found it in a harpy nest, with a dead harpy nearby.
"A harpy! Nasty scavengers, those things. And they've got quite the appetite for fish.
Suppose I'll have to put up a few nets. Then the winged thieves won't dare swoop down for a free meal!"

In all cases, you reply to him in the same way:

At least you know what happened to your goods now.
"Yes, I do, thanks to you.
You've likely ensured my family will survive the winter. Thank you. Here, take this. I know it's not much but I can't let you walk away empty handed."

This will complete the quest, but he can spoken to again:

"Thanks again, friend. You've given me a sliver of hope in these dark times.
I can't wait to get out on the water again. I'm much more inclined to fish now that I know I get to keep what I catch."
What will you do now?
"Well, now that I know what the problem is, I've got an advantage. Smartest thing to do would be to save up some more money and do my best to safeguard my wares.
Provided the fish keep biting, at least."