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Regent Cassipia
(lore page)
Location Dragonstar Wayshrine
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Faction(s) Scaled Court
Regent Cassipia
Cassipia in disguise

Regent Cassipia is an Imperial leader of the Scaled Court and an ex-member of the Mages Guild. However, she has betrayed the Serpent to further her own goals and will therefore work alongside you in dismantling the cult's plans. She will initially be found near the Dragonstar Wayshrine. Little Leaf is her companion and love.

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Slithering Brood[edit]

When you meet Regent Cassipia near the Dragonstar Wayshrine, she will ask you to hear her out, "Wait, I'm not your enemy! I need your help. If we work together, we can put an end to the Serpent's threat once and for all. Should I continue?"

I'm listening.
"Despite my position in the Scaled Court, I've grown wary of the Serpent. I realize now that we don't have the same goals. I want to make the world better. The Serpent just wants to destroy it and start over. Will you help me stop the Scaled Court?"
Why come to me for help?
"I've seen you in action. You're my best hope for stopping the mantikoras. Unnatural beasts! Did you know the Court created them? The creation process starts in Fearfangs Cavern. There, we must destroy the scorpion matron and her nests."
I'll go to Fearfangs and destroy the scorpion nests.
"My position is tenuous, but as long as I remain in charge of the Court I can continue to oppose the Serpent. I'll disguise myself and meet you at Fearfangs. Once inside, we need to find the scorpion matron and her nests."
What do scorpions have to do with mantikoras?
"The Court create the horrible beasts in special spawning pools. They use an alchemical process to combine the traits of various predators, including the scorpion matron and her brood."

You can then ask Cassipia about the mantikoras and why you should trust a Scaled Court member:

Tell me more about the mantikoras.
"The mantikoras are fearsome beasts, an alchemical melding of various predators. They are large, powerful, and exceptionally intelligent—and that makes them extremely dangerous."
Why does the Serpent need a new creature?
"The Serpent ordered the Scaled Court to build an army. The mantikoras are the first recruits in his growing legion. But they are perverse creatures. Abominations against the natural order. I can't stand by and let this atrocity come to pass."
What other creatures are used to create the mantikoras?
"Besides the scorpions, the Court alchemists utilize the traits of numerous predators. There are two other primary contributors—a specially bred wamasu ... and one other I hesitate to mention. We'll talk more after we deal with the scorpions."
You're the Leader of the Scaled Court. Why should I trust you?
"The Serpent lied to me. The Scaled Court is no longer working toward the changes that first attracted me to its ranks. And the more I learn of the Serpent's true plans, the more I feel betrayed."
That doesn't really answer my question.
"You want specifics? Very well. Look at the state of our world. An endless war, threats from Oblivion, an outdated order that fails us at every turn. The Serpent promised a change, but I can't support his increasingly destructive methods.
So why don't you simply quit the organization?
"One does not simply quit the Scaled Court, especially not someone of my rank. Besides, the best way for me to stop the Serpent's plans is to continue to attack them from within. I can't openly oppose them and hope to succeed. For that, I need you.


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