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ON-qico-Group Area.png Gain the Stars' favor by completing this pilgrimage.
Zone: Craglorn
Objective: Craglorn Pilgrim
Reward: Yokudan Coffer of Distinction, Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Required Level: 50
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
Group Group Size: 4
Know O pilgrim, the virtues of the stars, for all great deeds cry for blessing.—The Gray Menhir
I found a book describing an ancient Nedic hero named Ranev the Coal-Eyed Wanderer and her legendary pilgrimage along "The Gray Passage." According to the text, those who complete the pilgrimage in the allotted time gain the favor of the Stars.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read the book to start the quest.
  2. Visit the Gray Menhir to start the pilgrimage - the timer will start at that point.
  3. Visit six prayer stones inside the delves.
  4. Return to the Gray Menhir.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Starting the Pilgrimage[edit]

On the balcony of the Dragonstar inn Caravan Company Depot there is a book called "The Gray Passage". Read it to gain information about an ancient Nedic hero who completed a pilgrimage called "Gray Passage" and gained the favor of the Stars. You can undertake the same pilgrimage by visiting the Gray Menhir to start it. Optionally, you can first read the old book on the table to gain additional information.

The Gray Menhir is a stone located in the far western side of Upper Craglorn, between Fearfangs Cavern and Sunken Lair. After you have approached it and read the stone tablet, a timer of two hours will start. You will fail the quest if you do not meet the set time.

The Six Prayer Stones[edit]

There are six prayer stones you need to visit. The following is just a possible order, possibly one that saves you some time. It starts in Fearfangs Cavern which is very close to the Gray Menhir. From there you will teleport to the eastern Upper Craglorn and visit the three stones there - these are the ones that can take most time. Then you can teleport to the middle of Craglorn and visit the two remaining prayer stones.

  • The Pledge of Perfection inside Ilthag's Undertower - clear the first encounter, head upstairs and to the west, towards the rooms of Ilthag. The stone is in the very beginning of the upper part.
  • The Pledge of Piety inside The Howling Sepulchers - head directly southwest towards the lower parts of the valley. Kill the group of skeletons in front of you and head west up the little ramp, climbing over the waterfall. There is a wispmother you need to fight before heading to the prayer stone. This is by far the quickest one because you do not need to kill so many mobs to get it.
  • The Pledge of Simplicity inside Exarch's Stronghold - Head over the first bridge and turn west in the first big room to reach the lower part. The stone is in the same area as Agganor. On the northwestern corner. If you want to, you can now use teleport to Skyreach Wayshrine.
  • The Pledge of Obedience inside Loth'Na Caverns - its in the far northwestern corner. There is a passage to it on the platform where Visskar is.
  • The Pledge of Vigilance inside Serpent's Nest - in the southwestern corner of the large room with lamia sisters in it.

Teleport to Dragonstar Wayshrine and head back to the Gray Menhir.


  • Depending on how much clearing you want to do inside the delves, you should be able to complete the quest in well under an hour.
  • Two other daily quests can be easily completed concurrently: Iron and Scales and Taken Alive. Both of these quests can be easily obtained after traveling to the Valley of Scars Wayshrine to read the three prayer stones in the easternmost delves, and are easy to complete solo.


Quest Stages[edit]

The Gray Passage
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to travel to the Gray Menhir, located to the southwest of Dragonstar, and prepare for my pilgrimage.
Objective: Visit the Gray Menhir
Optional Step: Read the Old Book
I need to travel to six prayer markers located within Craglorn's most dangerous caves and tombs to learn the six virtues.
Objective: Complete the Pilgrimage: 0/6
☑Finishes quest I completed Ranev's pilgrimage. I should return to the Gray Menhir to determine if I have found favor with the Stars.
Objective: Return to the Gray Menhir
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