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Icon Item Description Value Type
ON-icon-stolen-Needle.png Ugduk's Meat Skewers A general good merchant in Aldcroft sells these traditional Orc meat skewers, perfect for roasting over a fire. 00000250250 Gold Utensils
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Ulath Ashlander Ceremonial Body Wrap Long gray fungus-linen wrap-shroud, draped many times around a wise-woman's torso during Holy Meditation. 00000250250 Gold Ritual Objects, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Spriggan Hoop.png Ulathi Silver Spiderweb Armlet Jewelry of the Ulath Ashlanders, a fine silver armlet worked in the semblance of a spiderweb to honor Mephala. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Jar.png Umeen's Uplifting Unguent A popular ointment said to treat numerous bodily ailments, sold exclusively by Umeen at the Gem & Flask in Belkarth. 00000100100 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Hourglass.png Unauthorized Order of the Hour Hourglass A fine, silver-chased hourglass. Only a limited number were created before the Order of the Hour commanded the maker to desist. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Undead Expulsion Pouch A small pouch containing blessed items. It is said to ward off some types of undead creatures. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Green Banner.png "Unforeseen Queen" Homecoming Banner Bright silk banner displaying the Altmeri eagle, prepared for Ayrenn's return to Summerset by way of Firsthold. 00000250250 Gold Wall Décor, Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Flute.png Unidentifiable Instrument This multi-piece instrument brings to mind a flute, though it's unclear where one would put their mouth. 00000100100 Gold Musical Instruments
ON-icon-misc-Diamond.png Unique Rotating Prismatic Window Chimes Etched-Glass rotating prisms that throw rainbows and chime on the nonatonic scale, made by Kragenmoor Khajiiti slave-artisans. 00000250250 Gold Musical Instruments, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Coronation Decanter.png Unity Philtre Traditionally used during marriage negotiations to ensure the betrothed harbor no lingering feelings toward other paramours. 00000100100 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Unknown Holy Symbol A religious icon from an earlier age, the god it represents has been long forgotten. 00000100100 Gold Ritual Objects, Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Vial.png Unopened Vial of Glue An unopened vial of adhesive made from rendered Skeever skins. 00000100100 Gold Smithing Equipment, Scrivener Supplies
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Unspoiled Butterfly-Wing Napkins Fancy and delicate, almost every wealthy household owns a set—but it's rare to find a set that hasn't been used. 00000100100 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Unspoiled Spidersilk Napkins Fancy and delicate, almost every wealthy Nord household owns a set—but, being Nords, they never use them. 00000250250 Gold Dry Goods
ON-icon-stolen-Tin.png Untamed Elixirs Silvered Pill Tin A pill tin bearing the mark of the Untamed Elixirs alchemy shop in Shornhelm, provided to its most exclusive customers. 00000250250 Gold Medical Supplies
ON-icon-book-Generic 211.png Untranslated Ayleid Book Rare book from the Reliquary of Stars, bound in mysterious leather, and written in untranslated Ayleidoon. 00000250250 Gold Writings, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Stone.png Unusual Stone from Northwind Mine This stone might be an ancient Dwemer relic … or not. Its strange glowing specks make it quite valuable. 00000250250 Gold Magic Curiosities
ON-icon-stolen-Stone.png Unusual Stone from the Lorkrata Hills This stone might be an Ayleid relic … or not. Stones of this kind are highly sought after for their colorful striations. 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments
ON-icon-stolen-Wraps.png Unwrapped Silk Turban Gossamer fine and threaded with gold, this head wrap would be gorgeous if one knew how to style it. 00000250250 Gold Wardrobe Accessories, Dry Goods
ON-icon-quest-Wrothgar Container 01.png Used Candlestick Mold Though the mold itself is worth something, its greater value comes from the partial silver candlestick fitted snuggly inside. 00000100100 Gold Smithing Equipment
ON-icon-misc-Monster Claw 01.png Used Dibella Figurine A highly detailed mold used to form a figurine of Dibella. The partial golden remnants of a previous attempt are still inside. 00000250250 Gold Smithing Equipment, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Clothing.png Used Horker-Skin Boot Liners Though they smell like they visited a pigpen before being eaten and spit up by a sick Hagraven, these liners appear comfortable. 00000100100 Gold Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Marbles.png Used Marbles A set of matching rust-flecked iron marbles. This collection has seen more than a few games, but it's still good. 0000004040 Gold Games
ON-icon-stolen-Imperial Coin.png Usurer's Obligation Esiree of Aldcroft distributes these tokens of obligation to remind customers of the debts they owe her. 00000250250 Gold Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Wound Rope.png Utility Sash A leather workman's sash, fitted with multiple cloth loops to hold nails, small tools, or small vials. 0000004040 Gold Smithing Equipment, Wardrobe Accessories
ON-icon-stolen-Coins.png Uveran Promotional Kagouti Bank Ceramic coin-bank in the shape of a painted kagouti, with a coin slot on its back, engraved "Compliments of Uveran Bank." 00000250250 Gold Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware
ON-icon-stolen-Paperweight.png Uxith Stone Carving A large stone with etchings depicting several nests filled with eggs. Imperial scholars theorize it to be a fertility charm. 00000250250 Gold None