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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Uncover a plot to destroy Mistral.
Zone: Khenarthi's Roost
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Mistral — Secure Mistral for the Aldmeri Dominion.
Quest Giver: Razum-dar
Location(s): Mistral, Chancery, Embassy, Ladrelas' House, Abandoned House
Previous Quest: Storm on the Horizon, Cast Adrift and Tears of the Two Moons
Next Quest: The Tempest Unleashed
Reward: Queen's Own Cuirass
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 4624
The Maormer Embassy
The Aldmeri Dominion seeks to secure the loyalty of Khenarthi's Roost, but an old treaty with the Maormer prevents this.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Razum-dar at the entrance of Mistral, or at The Boatman's Tail Inn.
  2. Speak with Vicereeve Pelidil, the Silvenar, Ulondil, and Harrani.
  3. Sneak into the Maormer Embassy and find a way into Ulondil's private quarters.
  4. Collect the treaty and bring it to Razum-dar.
  5. Meet with the Silvenar and the Green Lady.
  6. Investigate Mistral to find out who the assassin is.
  7. Inform Razum-dar and the Green Lady of your evidence.
  8. Find the assassin and the man behind it all, then decide whether to kill or spare him.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Meeting the Dominion Diplomat[edit]

After investigating the island and reporting to Razum-dar in Mistral, he will have more work for you. He can either be spoken with at the entrance to the city or he can be found at the Boatman's Tail. It involves the local Maormer and the new Aldmeri Dominion presence.

"Keep your wits about you, my new friend. Mistral's houses cast deep shadows, and vipers lurk in the tall grass."
What do you mean?
"Mistral is the jewel of the southern seas, a free port with trade ties to half of Tamriel. Ambassadors from the Dominion arrived weeks ago to negotiate its admission into the alliance. Unfortunately, things have not gone smoothly."
Why? What's happened?
"Khenarthi's Roost has an old treaty with the Maormer. They claim the Dominion fleet intended to invade their home waters.It's a sticking point in the negotiations. The Silvenar could use some help. Find him, give him this token. He'll know you're a friend."
<Take Razum-dar's token.>
"Without Mistral's support, the Dominion will have precious little defense on its southern coasts. But we are not here to conquer anyone. The Silvenar knows this. He's in the Chancery, seeking a peaceful resolution here."

After explaining the situation, he will hand you a Token and will direct you to the Silvenar-the Bosmeri spiritual leader who is acting as the Dominion's diplomat for the island. Before you leave you can ask him about questions about the Aldmeri Dominion and Silvenar's role. Head to the Chancery which can be found in the northern part of the city, once you reach the steps you will encounter Vicereeve Pelidil and he can be heard loudly complaining about the Maormer.

Meeting Vicereeve Pelidil outside City Hall
Vicereeve Pelidil: "Is the Silvenar blind? Every one of these Sea Elves is a venomous serpent waiting to strike! We should've cleansed this place of Maormer scum the moment we arrived."

You have the option of speaking with the Vicecanon who will give his opinions on the Maormer and the current negotiations. He is eager to take an aggressive stance towards the Sea Elves and dislikes the Silvenar's seemingly passive stance.

"Lorkhan take them all! Why does the Silvenar negotiate with these filthy Maormer?"
What do you have against Maormer?
"Those pirates are a stick in the High Elf eye! They capture our merchant ships and raid our settlements.
If I had any say, we'd negotiate with a sword at their throats!"
You don't have any say in the negotiations?
"Not as long as the Silvenar confuses diplomacy with capitulation!
He's inside with the rest of them, pretending this won't end in bloodshed. Go, see this farce for yourself!"
The Dominion Diplomat – The Silvenar

Either way, you can continue inside and meet with the Silvenar, who will being sitting down and reading a book. The Silvenar, upon seeing your token, will confide in you about the issue.

"Your pardon, friend. The Dominion's arrival on Khenarthi's Roost has upset the locals. It falls on me to smooth the waters.
Please, help yourself to food or drink. I'm happy to speak with you once this matter is settled."
<Hand Razum-dar's token to the Silvenar.>
"Most unexpected! It seems we have a mutual friend.
May I ask, what brings you to Mistral?"
Our mutual friend thought you could use my help.
Then perhaps you can advise me on a small matter. The Maormer have a treaty with Khenarthi's Roost. This is nothing to fear; a treaty is something I can work with.
Yet neither Ambassador Ulondil nor Headwoman Harrani will produce a copy."
Why not?
"Indeed. Why not?
It would be indecorous to suggest the treaty is anything but actual and sound, yet I fear it won't present itself without a more active line of inquiry. Would you be my voice in this with Ambassador Ulondil and Headwoman Harrani?"
You want me to ask them for a copy of the treaty?
"Exactly. A chorus of requests may succeed in carrying the tune. Harrani in particular seems eager to see this resolved, though I fear the Dominion presence binds her hands.
But I'll leave you to it!"

The locals of Khenarthi's Roost don't like the Dominion presence at the moment. However, there is a treaty between the Maormer and locals, allowing them to coexist on the island. Neither Harrani, the local headwoman, nor Ulondil, the Maormer ambassador, will show him their copies of the treaty, suggesting that it is flawed and cannot hold. He requests that you get one of them to share their copy, as he cannot. You will need to speak with both Harrani and Ulondil who can be found nearby within the Chancery. Both will have their own excuses about why they cannot show their copy of the treaty.

Harrani will welcome you to the city but will explain why they cannot anger the Maormer by showing the treaty to the Dominion.

"It's hard to keep track of the new faces since the hurricane, but I don't believe we've met.
Welcome to Mistral. May your stay here be full of warm winds and soft sand."
The Silvenar wants to see your copy of the treaty.
"And I told him, the mere act of doing so would complicate matters with our long-time Maormer allies. They take great offense to the Dominion's claims upon our island."
Why did you sign a treaty with the Maormer?
"Look around you. What great armies do you see? Our survival depends on knowing when to fight, and when to please.
The treaty brought us prosperity for generations. I will not be the one to break it."

Ulondil, on the other hand, speaks in a hostile manner, angry that the Maormer presence is threatened by the Dominion and "High Elf thieves". He will further claim that his copy is located on another, distant island, and suggests you ask Harrani for her copy instead.

"We upheld our treaty with the people of Khenarthi's Roost for generations, and this is how they repay our kindness?
We will not allow High Elf thieves to gain a foothold in our territorial waters!"
The Maormer claim Khenarthi's Roost?
"By all rights, this is our island! Harrani's people occupy it with our blessing.
If she breaks the treaty, so breaks our truce. We'll take back our island, and the Khajiit will pay the price."
Where is this treaty?
"We keep our copy on an island far from here. I see no reason to send for it. I won't allow High Elf wharf-rats another chance to take our rightful lands!
Why don't you bother Harrani for her copy?"

After speaking with both of them and failing to obtain a copy of the treaty, you can return to the Silvenar who will offer a suggestion of how to move forward.

"Any luck securing a copy of the treaty?"
Ulondil and Harrani refused to provide a copy.
"Then there's little chance for compromise. I'll call a break in formal talks until everyone calms their nerves.
You understand the stakes, yes? It's why I ask you to take a more active role in locating the treaty. I don't do so lightly."
What do you mean?
"I can't allow the Dominion's first act on Khenarthi's Roost to be one of conquest.
I understand our mutual friend prefers the rum served at a nearby tavern. Perhaps he would have ideas on securing a copy of the treaty."

Before you leave, you can also take the opportunity to ask him about himself and his opinions on the Aldmeri Dominion.

The Treaty[edit]

Reporting back to Raz

As per the Silvenar's suggestion, you can find your "mutual friend" at the local tavern which is southwest of the Chancery or at the bridge to the entrance to Mistral. After you explain the issue, he will tell you what he learnt from various Chancery and Embassy employees and how much drink it took to find out. Namely, that Harrani's copy of the treaty was stolen and it can likely be found at the Maormer Embassy.

"You think this one drinks on the job? Good, then so will everyone else.
What is the word, my new friend?"
The Silvenar needs to see the treaty, but nobody will provide a copy.
"Ulondil certainly won't—his viper tongue is sharp. But Harrani can't, because her copy was stolen.
It only takes three drinks to loosen the tongue of a Chancery clerk, if you were curious."
Who stole Harrani's copy of the treaty?
"A good question! Raz answers it with an interesting bit of trivia: Ulondil posted a guard at his quarters the day of the theft. His subtlety is rivaled only by his pleasant personality.
Oh, and it's five drinks for embassy staff. Six puts them out."
Are you certain Ulondil has the stolen treaty?
"Someone needs to slip into Maormer embassy, find a way past the guard, and rifle through Ulondil's private quarters. Oh, and do it without bloodshed that could provoke war with the Maormer.
In case he was not clear, Raz is talking about you."
Why me?
"The pragmatist in this one says it's because you have no firm connection to the Dominion. The optimist says it's because you have proven yourself more than capable already. When you have the treaty, meet both of us at the bridge."
Inside the Embassy

With this new information in mind, you can head to the Embassy which is on it's own island to the west and is accessible by a wooden bridge. On the second floor of the embassy, you'll see a guard guarding Ulondil's private quarters, preventing you from entering. If you try and speak with him, he will dismiss you. You will need to search the embassy for a way to bypass the Warden. Firstly, you can question some of the Embassy's staff, such as Clerk Aryaamo and Sentry Cinurmion. The clerk will mention the warden's taste for moon sugar-laced rum, while the sentry mentions that he has a crush on one of the Khajiit in town and has been writing love letters.

Drugging the Guard

If you decide to take advantage of his taste for moon-sugar, you can search the servant quarters downstairs, where you can find a pouch of Moon-Sugar. With the sugar in hand, you can add it to some drink and bring the Drugged Drink to him. He will be pretty easy to convince.

Care for a drink?
"Do you think I take drinks from strangers?"
All right, never mind.
"Never said I didn't want it.
If the clerk didn't toss you out, I guess you're not a problem. Sure, one drink."
[Lie] It's from the clerk.
"Oh. I guess that little barnacle is all right."

Either way, the guard will take the cup from you and have a drink. He will then walk over to the desk that his cup was on before and promptly pass out.

If you decided to take advantage of his feelings, you can head into the Guard Quarters and find the unsent love letter which Sentry Cinurmion mentioned, it is addressed to the object of his affection, Zali, boasting about his prestigious status. You can then head downstairs to a desk with some available blank papers and ink.

<You spot blank paper on this scribe's desk. The nearby inkwell has a vaguely fishy smell.>
Forge a letter to the guard from his secret lover.

After writing the Forged Letter. You can head upstairs and deliver it to the guard.

[Lie] This letter arrived for you.
"What? Give it here!"

He will grab it out of your hands and read it before running outside.

Warden: "She wants to meet me? Now?
Out of my way!"

Either way, entry to Ulondil's room is clear and you can search the room for the treaty. It will not be hard to find and you can take the time to read it. With the Treaty of Khenarthi's Roost in hand, you can leave the embassy before being discovered. Razum-dar will be waiting for you on the bridge spanning Mistral, show him the treaty and he will direct you to the Silvenar for further instruction.

"The spring in your step! Did you know a sense of accomplishment can alter one's stride? You learn to notice it in others."
Indeed. Here's the treaty.
"The Silvenar is certainly being watched by the Maormer. You should inform him the treaty is safe. He will know what to do next."
I'll tell him.
"The Silvenar and the Green Lady are being put up in the armorer's home.
Er, this one recommends you knock before entering. Green Lady gets jumpy at silent approach."
Do you think having the treaty will help?
"At a quick glance? There are holes in the treaty. When the Silvenar worries at them, he'll tear a hole in the Maormer's side. The treaty, of course. Not Ambassador Ulondil. Though … heh, that would be funny."

The Silvenar is staying with the Green Lady at Ladrelas' House which is on the eastern side of Mistral in the crafting area. The Green Lady is lounging outside, and curtly tells you you only have a few minutes with the Silvenar, who is inside.

Murder and an Investigation[edit]

The Silvenar has been murdered!

When you enter, the Silvenar is indeed waiting for you. However, he's dead—lying on the ground, his body glowing red and a dirty red miasma rising from the corpse.

<A strange aura surrounds the Silvenar's corpse. His body is warm to the touch. A faint smell of sulfur permeates the room.>

Once you inspect the body, the Green Lady will then enter and rush to her husband's side.

The Green Lady: "Time for you to leave. I …."
The Green Lady: "No. No!"

You then can question the Green Lady who will immediately interrogate you.

"You found him like this? What did you see? Answer me!"
He was dead when I arrived.
"Then you know nothing! A thousand curses on this wretched island. They've taken my beloved!"
Who would want him dead?
"None who'll survive the day. I am the unerring bolt. Once loosed, I cannot stop 'til I pierce my quarry's eye.
Harrani knows her own city. If she won't tell you who did this, I'll shorten her tail until she does. Now go. Go!"

Head to the Chancery and report the event to Harrani. She will be shocked by the information but will be eager to help.

"Not again. Please, I understand what the Silvenar desires, but I already told you. We cannot provide him with our copy of the treaty."
The Silvenar is dead.
"Dead? But he was just here! What happened?"
The Green Lady suspects murder.
"How awful. Who would harm such a peaceful creature?"
I was hoping you could tell me.
"My guards saw nothing. We doubled the watch to ensure safety!
I cannot abide the Silvenar's murder in my town. I'll shut down the port if I have to. None set sail until his killer is brought to justice!"
Could I help?
"Of course. I hereby declare you a deputy of the Mistral Guard. No door shall be barred to you."
Where should I begin?
"On my desk you will find the most recent reports from the Mistral Guard. You are welcome to review them for any inconsistencies that could lead to the killer's capture."
Arguing after the Silvenar's Murder

After speaking with Harrani, Pelidil and Ulondil will have overheard and will give their own opinions and begin to argue.

Pelidil: "The Silvenar, murdered? These treacherous Khajiit have plotted with the Maormer to slay our noble envoy!"
Harrani: "How dare you! The Silvenar was our guest! You go too far, Vicereeve!"
Ulondil: "Outrageous! More Dominion treachery. I will conduct my own investigation!"
Pelidil: "No sea-rat will show me up. I'll get to the bottom of this myself!"

While they continue to argue, you can read the report log on her desk. Three recent incidences will have been mentioned; noises at the warehouse, a suspicious apothecary and the Maormer ship Serpent's Kiss. Investigate all three of these.

Head to the Old Sawdust Mill, head up to the warehouse on the second floor, and look for a hiding spot among the crates. You will be able to see a Maormer sneak in and hide some documents:

Sea Viper Spy: "No one here. Perfect."
Sea Viper Spy: "As good a place as any. If that clerk has any sense, he'll find it."
<She will then head to the window and disappear in a puff of smoke.>

Once gone, you can check what the spy left; a note titled Unwelcome Visitors. It appears to have several coded references, such as "Anchor Chains", "Watchful Serpents" and a "Tempest".

Ulondil conducts his own investigation

The apothecary, the Hissing Phial can be found near the docks. However, once you arrive you will find that Ulondil got there before you and has captured Apothecary Mizibir. Ulondil will claim that Mizibir was involved in the murder, you can question the Khajiit who protest his innocence and mentions that you should check his ledger inside.

The Apothecary's Ledger can be found on the counter. Upon reading it, you will notice that there were a number of orders for a daedra heart, sulfur and several drams of daedra blood—and the buyers all refused to give their name.

Nearby is the Maormer ship, the Serpent's Kiss. To properly investigate you will need to go below deck, firstly you can speak with Captain Irinwe.

"Get off my ship before I throw you off."
I need to get into your hold.
"And I need a new rigging and a serving wench. Too bad for us both.
Now get off my deck before I throw you off."

You can either try to bribe her or enforce your authority as Harrani's deputy. While the latter won't work, appealing to her greed does. Another option is to find a sleeping Bosun Guldarol and stealing the Key to the Ship's Hold. Once below deck you can search the area, at the bow end of the ship you can find a hidden compartment in the floor which hides a crate of Sea Viper Paraphernalia.

Once have investigated all three incidences, you can take your findings to Razum-dar, who will be sitting in Canebrake Market alongside Sweet-Whiskers. He will comment on the bond between the Silvenar and Green Lady before asking for a report.

"Killing the Silvenar was foolish. The Green Lady and the Silvenar shared a lifebond. She has little time to avenge him before she too will die, and the Green Lady is a most dangerous creature.
But then, you have that spring in your stride again. What have you learned?"
Nothing that leads to the Silvenar's killer. Here.
"The Maormer plan something, but what? Wait, the apothecary sold Daedra blood in these specific amounts? That would explain the strange liquid upon the …. Oh no. Bright moons, no."
What's wrong?
"This is a sample of the vile cloud from around the Silvenar's body. Bring it to the Green Lady. Tell her it killed her beloved.
As for the rest, Harrani will see what you found. We must move like Khenarthi herself is at our backs."'

He will hand you a Vial of Poison which was taken from the crime scene. Take to the Green Lady who can be found on the balcony of Ladrelas' House, who is planning her bloody vengence.

"The killer will share the pain my beloved's death has wrought. Hand down the throat, a kiss for my wrist; hand on the lungs, a kiss for my arms. Grasp, tear, yank … and one last kiss for the killer's own heart.
Now. What have you found?"
This is the poison that killed him.
"No poison in all of Tamriel could harm my beloved!
But … this scent was on his body. Why is it out here, as well? I can see it, leading away into the heart of this wretched city."
I didn't notice a scent.
"You're blind to it. Easily remedied.
Follow, if you can."
Stop the Assassin's Ritual

She will then cast a spell which will make the scent visible to you, as a trail of dark red miasma. The Green Lady will have already run ahead of you, follow the trail to the Abandoned House on the outskirts of the city. Once inside, you will find the assassin has trapped the Green Lady in a ritual. Since the assassin is entirely focused on the Green Lady, you can disrupt the ritual which will incapacitate the Maormer so you can interrogate her.

The Green Lady exacts vengeance
"Covered my tracks. Couldn't have found me!"
Tell me who killed the Silvenar.
"I followed his orders. Daedric poison, for the Wood Elf and his mate. I followed his orders."
Whose orders?
"Ulondil. He said they could stop the tempest. Had to be removed."

After this, the Green Lady will finish the interrogation.

Green Lady: "I've heard enough."
Assassin: "His orders! Had to follow his orders!"
Green Lady: "There, there. You did what you had to."
<Blue motes of light appear from her hand, which kill the assassin.>
Green Lady:"As did I."

Confronting the Diplomat[edit]

In the face of the mountain of evidence, you will need to confront the Maormer Diplomat Ulondil. He can be found at the bridge to the embassy, in conversation with Harrani and Pelidil and will inform you of the results of his own "investigation". In turn, you can accuse him of orchestrating the Silvenar's death.

"Ah, the errant deputy.
I was just informing Headwoman Harrani of her apothecary's connections to the High Elves of Summerset Isle. Once the torture begins, we'll learn why the Dominion killed their own diplomat."
Your assassin said you ordered the Silvenar's death.
"My what?
You mean the apothecary? I assure you, he was never in my employ?"
Your assassin bought Daedric blood from the apothecary and used it to kill the Silvenar.
"Oh, well done.
It doesn't matter now. The Green Lummox and her idiot husband lie dead. There's nothing you can do to stop us."
The Green Lady isn't dead.
"You're lying! She must be dead, or else she'd have come for me!
She's coming for me, isn't she? I … I'm a duly appointed ambassador of the Maormer people. The grounds of the embassy are sacrosanct, according to our treaty!"

After he smugly admits his guilt, he will quickly become terrified when you reveal the Green Lady still lives. At this point Ulondil will flee to the embassy, shouting about the Tempest.

Ulondil: "The tempest is coming. You cannot stop it!"
Pelidil: "Sea-rat coward! I'll have your head for this!"
<The Green Lady runs past, into the Embassy>
Green Lady: "I have his scent. And soon, his heart."
Harrani: "Stop, all of you! This madness ends now!"

In the face of the chaos, you will need to talk to Harrani. You can either brush past her or find out what she wants done.

"This is madness. There has been enough death in this city!"
It's clear the Maormer betrayed Khenarthi's Roost.
"This does not excuse mindless slaughter! We are better than our enemies.
You must apprehend him. Don't let the Green Lady cut him down like an animal! We must learn what the Maormer plan for Khenarthi's Roost."
I'll go after him.
"I trust you'll do what's best for my people.
Now I must … apologize to Vicereeve Pelidil. Whatever the Dominion needs, we will provide."
I don't have time for this. I'm going after them.
<Ends conversation>
The Green Lady confronts the Ulondil

Head into the embassy, all of the guards and staff will have left. Once upstairs, you can find Ulondil cowering at the door to his quarters while the Green Lady has him cornered. When you talk to the Green Lady, she will be in no mood for words.

"Move. Unless you don't mind the spatter."
What are you going to do to him?
"I'll keep him alive for a time. He won't starve. His limbs have so much flesh to sustain him.
Go tell Harrani the Maormer is dead. Leave me to my work."

You now have a choice, you can either let her kill him and have vengeance or convince her to allow you to take him into custody.

I'll leave it to you, then. [Ulondil dies]
"Go. This is a private matter."

If you decide to let her kill him, you will witness the start of her work.

Ulondil: "No! Gods' mercy, stay back!"
Green Lady: "The gods can't hear you. Scream louder."
Green Lady: "That's it. Again."

It will be harder to convince her to not do it and the choice will be given again.

No. This isn't justice, it's revenge.
"Exactly. And I'll have the blood that's due!
What does this creature's life matter to you, anyway?"
I'll leave it to you, then. [Ulondil dies]
<Repeat of Above Decision>
Is this what the Silvenar would want? [Ulondil lives]
"You dare speak for my Silvenar? I'll beat you with your own flayed skin! I'll smash your teeth to powder and choke you with the dust! You're ….
You're right. Curse your bones, you're right. Take him away, before I lose myself."

Ulondil's arms will then be tied behind his back and he will be lead outside. Whatever choice you made, you will need to report to Harrani outside. Her reaction will depend on what happened inside the embassy.

Ulondil was killed:
Ulondil was taken into custody:
"Where is former Ambassador Ulondil?"
I left him with the Green Lady.
"Another honored enemy we must send to the Temple of the Mourning Springs. Too many, today. No matter. Before he fled the embassy, Ulondil mentioned something about a "tempest". Did he say anything about this before he died?"
No, he didn't.
"I fear we'll learn soon enough. What a nightmare! I hope all dealings with our Dominion allies won't end this way."
Have you officially joined the Dominion?
"I signed a new treaty with Vicereeve Pelidil moments ago. He assured me the Dominion will defend our little island from any reprisals, Maormer or otherwise.
Khenarthi's Roost will see much change to come. We must grow together, or we shall die apart."
"We've taken Ulondil into custody, thanks to your quick action. No treaty will keep him from proper justice."
The Green Lady wanted to take revenge.
"I understand. I am certain she'll find another way to mourn her husband.
I asked Ulondil what he meant about the "tempest." After what the Green Lady did to him it is difficult for him to focus, but what he did say isn't good at all."
What did he say?
"The Maormer have some ships waiting offshore. Ulondil's people signaled them before the Green Lady arrived. Some sort of invasion force.
With the Dominion's help, perhaps we can fortify the town. That alone may save many lives."
Have you officially joined the Dominion?
"I signed a new treaty moments ago. Vicereeve Pelidil assured me the Dominion will protect our little island.
It's a new beginning for Khenarthi's Roost. We will prosper or fall—together."

Regardless of your choice, you will receive a piece of armor: the Queen's Own Cuirass. Then, a Khajiit named Zaeri will run up and ask to speak with you about conflict at Cat's Eye Quay.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Perils of Diplomacy
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Razum-dar gave me a token to hand to the Silvenar, a diplomatic envoy for the Dominion. This will let the Silvenar know I can be trusted to assist him in this delicate matter.
Optional Step: Talk to Vicereeve Pelidil
Objective: Talk to the Silvenar
The Silvenar has been unable to review a copy of the treaty. Perhaps speaking with Ambassador Ulondil and Headwoman Harrani will change their minds.

Hint: If neither is willing to produce a copy, I should inform the Silvenar.

Objective Hint: Talk to Ulondil
Objective Hint: Talk to Harrani
Objective: Investigate the Chancery
Objective: Talk to the Silvenar
Neither Ulondil nor Harrani would produce a copy of the treaty. The Silvenar suggested I speak with Razum-dar to see if there's another way to gain access to a copy.
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
Razum-dar discovered the Maormer stole Harrani's copy of the treaty. He asked me to sneak inside the Maormer embassy and recover the stolen copy.

I can't attack them head on - I'll need to use trickery.

Objective: Sneak into the Maormer Embassy's Private Quarters
Objective Hint: Find a Way to Incapacitate the Guard
(Via a Love Letter)
Hidden Objective: Find the Love Letter
Hidden Objective: Talk to the Clerk

Hint: found a love letter written by the ambassador's guard. I should forge a response from his love interest to get him to leave.

Objective: Forge a Letter for the Guard

Hint: I figured out how to get the guard away from the ambassador's quarters.

Objective: Give the Forged Letter to the Guard
Objective: Sneak into the Maormer Embassy's Private Quarters
(Via a Drugged Drink)
Hidden Objective: Talk to the Off Duty Guard
Hidden Objective: Find the Moon-Sugar

Hint: I found a small amount of moon-sugar in the Maormer embassy. I should use this to put the ambassador's guard asleep.

Objective Hint: Add Moon-Sugar to the Guard's Drink

Hint: I figured out how to get the guard away from the ambassador's quarters.

Objective: Give the Drugged Drink to the Guard
Objective: Sneak into the Maormer Embassy's Private Quarters
I've located the missing copy of the treaty. I should leave the embassy before anyone grows suspicious of my presence.
Objective: Take the Treaty of Khenarthi's Roost from the Maormer Embassy
I now possess a copy of the treaty. I should bring it to Razum-dar.
Objective: Bring the Treaty to Razum-dar
The Silvenar can challenge Ambassador Ulondil's claims with the copy of the treaty. I should bring it to him immediately. He and the Green Lady are staying at Ladrelas the armorer's house, located above the forge.
Objective Hint: The Silvenar Is at Ladrelas the Armorer's House
Objective: Talk to the Silvenar
Someone murdered the Silvenar! I should ask the Green Lady if she saw anything.
Objective: Talk to The Green Lady
When the Green Lady discovered the Silvenar's murder, she could barely contain her rage. I should find out if Harrani knows anything before the Green Lady seeks her own kind of justice.
Objective: Talk to Harrani
Harrani seemed shocked to learn of the Silvenar's death. She deputized me into the Mistral guard so I can help pursue the killer. I should examine the notes her guard has assembled of any suspicious activity in the city.
Objective: Examine Harrani's Report
Notes taken by the Mistral guard mentioned some strange occurrences around town. Perhaps investigating could lead me to the Silvenar's killer.

Hint: I should take a stealthy approach in the warehouse if I hope to catch anyone off-guard.

Objective Hint: Stake Out the Warehouse

Hint: While in a warehouse, I discovered a Maormer sailor leaving a suspicious letter for an unknown recipient.

Objective Hint: Investigate the Apothecary

Hint: I've found a suspicious listing of sales in an apothecary's ledger. It details the sale of a significant amount of Daedra blood to unknown customers.

Hidden Objective: Find a Way into the Serpent's Kiss
Objective Hint: Talk to the Ship Captain
Objective Hint: Search the Serpent's Kiss

Hint: I found some Sea Viper paraphernalia on the Serpent's Kiss, a Maormer diplomatic ship. This shows a direct connection between the Maormer Embassy and the Sea Vipers in Shattered Shoals.

Objective: Continue Harrani's Investigation in Mistral
I explored all the leads in the Mistral guard report. I should bring what I found to Razum-dar and see what he makes of it.
Objective: Bring Evidence to Razum-dar
Razum-dar believes the Silvenar was poisoned with Daedra blood. He asked me to bring a sample to the Green Lady.
Objective: Talk to the Green Lady
The Green Lady used the poison to detect the assassin's trail. She ran off faster than I could follow. I should pursue the trail and see if it leads to the Silvenar's killer.
Objective: Follow the Trail through Mistral
I followed the Green Lady to an abandoned house and found a Maormer performing a strange ritual! I need to stop the ritual before it kills the Green Lady.
Objective: Destroy the Maormer Ritual
I ended the ritual and subdued the assassin. I should ask her what she knows of the Silvenar's death.
Objective: Interrogate the Assassin
The assassin confessed that Ulondil ordered the deaths of the Silvenar and the Green Lady so they wouldn't be able to stop "the tempest." With such overwhelming evidence, I should confront the ambassador.
Objective: Confront Ulondil
Ulondil fled when I revealed the evidence against his people. I should speak to Harrani and see what should be done in the face of this treachery.
Objective: Talk to Harrani
Ulondil fled when I revealed the evidence against his people. The Green Lady gave chase, seeking to avenge the Silvenar's death. I should follow and deal with the Maormer threat as I see fit.
Objective: Follow Ulondil
I found Ulondil and the Green Lady in the Maormer embassy. I need to decide whether to deliver Ulondil to face Harrani's justice or the Green Lady's vengeance.
Objective: Deal with Ulondil in the Embassy
☑Finishes quest I let the Green Lady kill Ulondil. I should let Harrani know the ambassador won't trouble her town any longer.
Objective: Talk to Harrani
☑Finishes quest I took Ulondil into custody, preventing the Green Lady from taking her revenge. I should let Harrani know the ambassador won't trouble her town any longer.
Objective: Talk to Harrani