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Help Lady Laurent observe the annual rite of renewal.
Zone: Murkmire
Quest Giver: Lady Clarisse Laurent near the Ruined Guardhouse
Location(s): Swallowed Grove, various places around Murkmire
Reward: Tribal Equipment Crate
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 6284
"Search with your toes, Stibbons! Your toes!" Lady Laurent and Stibbons in Murkmire
Lady Laurent and her manservant, Stibbons, have come to Murkmire in search of an antique Argonian renewal charm. Lady Laurent needs it or she won't be able to observe the annual rite of renewal.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Lady Laurent's missing mirror nearby.
  2. Help Stibbons out of the mud.
  3. Speak with Lady Laurent.
  4. Head to the Swallowed Grove.
  5. Find and speak with Many-Whispers.
  6. Either find the ornate key. or Convince Many-Whispers to hand over the renewal charm.
  7. Travel to the Renewal Lodge in eastern Murkmire.
  8. Speak with Ux-Deelith Mezatil.
  9. Help Stibbons prepare for ritual by finding places where he can become attuned.
  10. Return to the lodge and wait outside while the ritual goes ahead.
  11. Speak with Lady Laurent.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Lady Clarisse Laurent is located very close to the Ruined Guardhouse. She can be found prodding Stibbons with a stick in one of the pools just southeast of the ruin.


Quest Stages[edit]

Something About Stibbons
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lady Laurent asked me to find the hand-mirror that her manservant lost in the nearby swamp.
Objective: Find Lady Laurent's Hand-Mirror
I found Lady Laurent's hand-mirror. Now she wants me to help Stibbons extract himself from the mud.
Objective: Rescue Stibbons
Hidden Objective: Help Stibbons
I helped Stibbons extract himself from the mud. Now I should talk to Lady Laurent and see if there's anything else I can do to help.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
Lady Laurent asked me to accompany Stibbons to the Swallowed Grove to confront Many-Whispers and try to acquire a renewal charm.
Objective: Talk to Many-Whispers
Many-Whispers agreed to trade a renewal charm if I bring him a key. I can find the key on the body of his associate somewhere in the Swallowed Grove.
Objective: Find the Key
I recovered the key. Now I should return to Many-Whispers and trade it for the renewal charm that Lady Laurent has been looking for.
Objective: Talk to Many-Whispers
Now that I have the renewal charm, I should meet Lady Laurent in the Renewal Lodge north of the Bright-Throat Village.
Objective: Go to the Renewal Lodge
Lady Laurent asked me to convince Ux-Deelith Mezatil to allow her to observe the ritual of renewal.
Objective: Talk to Ux-Deelith Mezatil
Lady Laurent volunteered Stibbons to take part in the ritual. I need to help him prepare by aligning his blood, bile, and mind in the prescribed fashion.
Objective: Help Stibbons Align Blood
Objective: Help Stibbons Align Bile
Objective: Help Stibbons Align Mind
Objective Hint: Find a Hummerwing Hive
Objective Hint: Enter the Deep Swamp
Objective Hint: Meet Stibbons by the Waterfall

(Appears when you reach Hummerwing Hive)

Objective Hint: Kick the Hummerwing Hive

(Appears when you reach the Deep Swamp)

Objective Hint: Find a Snake Den

(After finding a Snake Den)

Objective Hint: Signal Stibbons at the Snake Den
Now that Stibbons has finished the preparations for the ritual, I should return to the Renewal Lodge and meet him and Lady Laurent there.
Objective: Attend the Renewal Ritual
Stibbons entered the lodge to take part in the ritual of renewal. I should wait with Lady Laurent until he returns.
Objective: Await Stibbons's Return
Stibbons transformed into an egg after attending the renewal ritual. I should talk to Lady Laurent and see if she knows what happened.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent
☑Finishes quest I should check with Lady Laurent and see if she knows how to restore Stibbons to his non-egg self.
Objective: Talk to Lady Laurent

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