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Princess Rayelle
Race Breton Gender Female
Resided in Shornhelm

Rayelle was a Breton noblewoman from the Kingdom of Rivenspire. She was the daughter of King Ranser, the twenty-second and last monarch of House Branquette's line in Shornhelm. Rayelle was originally set to marry High King Emeric of Wayrest but was denied when the latter chose Princess Maraya of Sentinel. Her rejection was what sparked Ranser's War, a civil war between Rivenspire and the Daggerfall Covenant at large.[1]


In the wake of Ranser's conflict, a rumor spread throughout Stormhaven's high road that the King bedded many siblings in the royal line and that Rayelle was one of the end results of that genealogically complex couplings.[2] Rayelle is Ranser's only known descendant.[1]

When Emeric of Cumberland became the High King in 2E 563, the question of who would be his queen came up instantaneously. At the earliest time available, Emeric was offered Rayelle's hand in marriage by his brother in Shornhelm often. For the most part, Emeric was fully set on marrying Rayelle,[3] and in the meantime, Rayelle wrote to Emeric with half-hearted[4] and unenthusiastic letters at the behest of her father.[5] But when Emeric decided to marry Maraya of Sentinel, to cement a relationship with Hammerfell,[3] he left Rayelle's father furious and war started soon after Emeric's marriage in 2E 566.[1]

What became of Princess Rayelle after that is unknown, but her love letters were later kept in storage at the Shornhelm Fighters Guild and later stolen by the Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing.[4]