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Earth Moss

SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Shadowkey
Increase Agility
Damage Endurance
Damage Strength


An Ancestor Ghost in Morrowind
An Ancestor Ghost in Morrowind
A Ghost in Oblivion
A Ghost in Oblivion
A Ghost in Skyrim
A Ghost in Skyrim
DF-icon-ingredient-Ectoplasm.png Daggerfall
MW-icon-ingredient-Ectoplasm.png Morrowind
Fortify Agility
Detect Animal
Drain Strength
Drain Health
OB-icon-ingredient-Wax.png Oblivion
Shock Damage
Fortify Magicka
Damage Health
SR-icon-ingredient-Ectoplasm.png Skyrim
Restore Magicka
Fortify Destruction
Fortify Magicka
Damage Health
ON-icon-misc-Ectoplasm.png Elder Scrolls Online
BL-icon-material-Ectoplasm.png Blades
Ectoplasm in Elder Scrolls Online is not an alchemical ingredient, but only valuable as loot to be sold for gold.

Ectoplasm is a filmy residue with modest magical properties that remains after a ghost, or spirit has been banished from the mortal plane. Garments made of ectoplasm are lightweight, frigid, and useful for keeping smiths from suffering heat exhaustion.[1]

Elf Cup Cap

Elf Cups
OB-icon-ingredient-Elf Cup.png Oblivion
Damage Willpower
Cure Disease
Fortify Strength
Damage Intelligence

Elf Cup Caps comes from the plant Elf Cup, which is a mushroom found in the West Weald region of Cyrodiil.

Elixir vitae

Elves Ear

Elves Ears
SR-icon-ingredient-Elves Ear.png Skyrim
Restore Magicka
Fortify Marksman
Weakness to Frost
Resist Fire

Elytra Ichor

An Elytra
SI-icon-ingredient-Elytra Ichor.png Shivering Isles
Restore Magicka
SR-icon-ingredient-Elytra Ichor.png Skyrim(CC)
Restore Magicka

Elytra Ichor is harvested from dead elytra which are native to the Shivering Isles.


DF-icon-ingredient-Emerald.png Daggerfall
MW-icon-ingredient-Emerald.png Morrowind
Fortify Magicka
Restore Health
Drain Agility
Drain Endurance
OB-icon-misc-Emerald.pngOB-icon-misc-FlawlessEmerald.png Oblivion
SR-icon-misc-Emerald.pngSR-icon-misc-FlawlessEmerald.png Skyrim
ON-icon-trait material-Emerald.png Elder Scrolls Online*
BL-icon-material-Emerald.png Blades^
Emeralds in Oblivion are not alchemical ingredients, but only valuable as loot to be sold for gold.
Emeralds in Skyrim are also not used in alchemy, but can be used to craft jewelry.
* In Elder Scrolls Online, Emeralds are use in crafting, but not alchemy.
In Blades, Emeralds are used for tempering gear or crafting jewelry, not in alchemy.

Emeralds are a rare transparent green gem with modest magical properties.

Emetic Russula

Emetic Russula in Oblivion
Emetic Russula in Oblivion
In Elder Scrolls Online
In Elder Scrolls Online
OB-icon-ingredient-Emetic Russula Cap.png Oblivion
(Emetic Russula Cap)
Restore Agility
Damage Personality
Damage Endurance
ON-icon-reagent-Emetic Russula.png Elder Scrolls Online
Ravage Health
Ravage Magicka
Ravage Stamina

Emetic Russula is a red fungus that can be found all across Tamriel.

Emperor Parasol Moss

Moss hanging from an Emperor Parasol mushroom
SR-icon-ingredient-Emperor Parasol Moss.png Skyrim(DB)
Damage Health
Fortify Magicka
Regenerate Health
Fortify Two-handed

Emperor Parasol Moss can often be found hanging from Emperor Parasol mushrooms native to Morrowind. Moss hanging from the Emperor Parasols on Solstheim is known to be used in alchemy.

Eye of Sabre Cat

A Sabre Cat
SR-icon-ingredient-Eye of Sabre Cat.png Skyrim
Restore Stamina
Ravage Health
Damage Magicka
Restore Health
  1. ^ Wraith Apron item description in ESO