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Lady's Mantle Leaves

Lady's Mantle
OB-icon-ingredient-Ladys Mantle Leaves.png Oblivion
Restore Health
Damage Endurance

Lady's Smock

Lady's Smock in Oblivion
Lady's Smock in Oblivion
In Elder Scrolls Online
In Elder Scrolls Online
OB-icon-ingredient-Lady Smock Leaves.png Oblivion
(Lady's Smock Leaves)
Restore Intelligence
Resist Fire
Damage Fatigue
Fortify Health
ON-icon-reagent-Lady's Smock.png Elder Scrolls Online
Increase Spell Power
Restore Magicka
Spell Critical

Large Antlers[edit]

Large Kwama Egg[edit]


OB-icon-ingredient-Rice.png Oblivion
(Lavender Sprig)
Restore Personality
Fortify Willpower
Restore Health
Damage Luck
SR-icon-ingredient-Lavender.png Skyrim
Resist Magic
Fortify Stamina
Ravage Magicka
Fortify Conjuration
BL-icon-material-Lavender.png Blades


DF-icon-ingredient-Lead.png Daggerfall


Leek plants
OB-icon-ingredient-Leek.png Oblivion
Restore Fatigue
Fortify Agility
Damage Personality
Damage Strength
SR-icon-food-Leek.png Skyrim
Restore Health
Restore Health
This is food, rather than an alchemy ingredient.

Letifer Orca Digestive Slime

Letifer Orca Planta
SI-icon-ingredient-Digestive Slime.png Shivering Isles
Damage Health
Damage Fatigue
Damage Magicka
Restore Fatigue


OB-icon-ingredient-Lettuce.png Oblivion
Restore Fatigue
Restore Luck
Fire Shield
Damage Personality

Lich dust

DF-icon-ingredient-Dust.png Daggerfall
Increase Intelligence
RG-ingredient-Lich Dust.jpg Redguard


Mana Bloom
OB-icon-ingredient-Lichor.png Oblivion
Restore Magicka
SR-icon-ingredient-Lichor.png Skyrim(CC)
Restore Magicka
Regenerate Magicka
Fortify Magicka
Spell Absorption

Lloramor Spines

Spiny Lloramor
TR-icon-ingredient-Lloramor Spines.png Tribunal
Spell Absorption
Detect Enchantment

Lock Dust

SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Shadowkey
Increase lock picking
Increase disarm


DF-icon-ingredient-Lodestone.png Daggerfall

Luminous Russula

Luminous Russula in Morrowind
Luminous Russula in Morrowind
In Elder Scrolls Online
In Elder Scrolls Online
MW-icon-ingredient-Luminous Russula.png Morrowind
Water Breathing
Drain Fatigue
SR-icon-ingredient-Luminous Russula.png Skyrim(CC)
Lingering Damage Stamina
Lingering Damage Health
ON-icon-reagent-Luminous Russula.png Elder Scrolls Online
Ravage Stamina
Restore Health

Luna Moth Wing

A Luna Moth
SR-icon-ingredient-Luna Moth Wing.png Skyrim
Damage Magicka
Fortify Light Armor
Regenerate Health

"As with the dragonflies, I was taken aback by the number of butterflies, moths, and other insects that manage to thrive in Skyrim. The Luna moth is especially beautiful; its thin, almost ephemeral wings seem too delicate to hoist anything into the air, giving them an almost magical appearance. Indeed, that sense extends to the properties they exhibit when crushed and distilled (an action I admit was difficult to perform at first, no matter my resolve to discover all that Skyrim has to offer. These creatures are simply that beautiful!) While they can be used for creating poisons that damage magicka, I feel that would be a waste of their potential. Do not be alarmed if, when the wings are broken down almost completely, they appear to almost disappear under your mortar. That very quality makes the wings quite effective in potions of invisibility!" —Agneta Falia in the Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim.