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Kagouti Hide

A Kagouti
MW-icon-ingredient-Kagouti Hide.png Morrowind
Drain Fatigue
Fortify Speed
Resist Common Disease
Night Eye
SR-icon-ingredient-Kagouti Hide.png Skyrim(CC)
Lingering Damage Stamina
Night Eye
Fortify Carry Weight
Resist Shock

Kresh Fiber

Kreshweed in Morrowind
Kreshweed in Morrowind
In Elder Scrolls Online
In Elder Scrolls Online
MW-icon-ingredient-Kresh Fiber.png Morrowind
Restore Luck
Fortify Personality
Drain Magicka
Drain Speed
SR-icon-ingredient-Kresh Fiber.png Skyrim(CC)
Weakness to Magic
Fortify Sneak
Fortify Pickpocket
ON-icon-processed material-Kresh Fiber.png Elder Scrolls Online
This is used as a crafting material for clothing, but not for alchemy.

Kreshweed fiber is a resinous fiber with modest magical properties. It is derived from the coarse grass of the Grazelands and Azura's Coast called kreshweed.[1] If kresh fiber is brought into a kwama mine, the kwama will defecate on the fiber as soon as they discover it.[2]

Kwama Cuttle

A Kwama Warrior
MW-icon-ingredient-Kwama Cuttle.png Morrowind
Resist Poison
Drain Fatigue
Water Walking
Water Breathing

Kwama cuttle is a tough, waxy substance that comes from the beak of kwama creatures. Kwama cuttle has several magical properties.

Kwama Egg

Kwama Egg
MW-icon-ingredient-Kwama Egg.png Morrowind
(Large Kwama Egg)
Restore Fatigue
Frost Shield
Fortify Health
MW-icon-ingredient-Kwama Egg.png Morrowind
(Small Kwama Egg)
Restore Fatigue

Kwama eggs are a rich, nutritious foodstuff with several magical properties. Popular throughout the Empire, kwama eggs stay fresh for a long time, and kwama mining is a profitable industry on Vvardenfell.

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