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DF-icon-ingredient-Jade.png Daggerfall
Water Breathing
SK-icon-consumable-Potion.png Shadowkey
(Jade Dust)
Increase Defense

Jarrin Root

Jarrin Root
SR-icon-ingredient-Jarrin Root.png Skyrim
Damage Health
Damage Magicka
Damage Stamina
Damage Magicka Regen

Jazbay Grapes

Jazbay plant
SR-icon-ingredient-Jazbay Grapes.png Skyrim
Weakness to Magic
Fortify Magicka
Regenerate Magicka
Ravage Health
ON-icon-food-Jazbay Grapes.png Elder Scrolls Online
Increase Maximum Magicka
This is used as for crafting food, but not for alchemy.

Jumbo Potato[edit]

Juniper Berries

Juniper tree
SR-icon-ingredient-Juniper Berries.png Skyrim
Weakness to Fire
Fortify Marksman
Regenerate Health
Damage Stamina Regen

Juniper Berries comes from the Juniper tree. It's prized for both its alchemical and flavorful propereties. Nords often use Juniper Berries to add extra flavor to mead.

Juvenile Mudcrab

A Juvenile Mudcrab
SR-ingredient-Juvenile Mudcrab.png Skyrim(CC)
Regenerate Stamina
Fortify Carry Weight
Cure Disease
Fortify Two-handed