Lore:Alchemy I

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Ice Grape

SK-icon-consumable-Herb.png Shadowkey
Increase Magic Resistance

Ice Wraith Teeth

An Ice Wraith
SR-icon-ingredient-Ice Wraith Teeth.png Skyrim
Weakness to Frost
Fortify Heavy Armor
Weakness to Fire


Imp Fluid

OB-icon-ingredient-Vampire Dust.png Oblivion
Damage Health
  • Not seen in game.

Imp Gall

An Imp
OB-icon-ingredient-Daedra Venin.png Oblivion
Fortify Personality
Cure Paralysis
Damage Health
Fire Damage
SR-icon-ingredient-Imp Gall.png Skyrim(CC)
Damage Health
Weakness to Fire
Fortify Barter
Cure Poison

Imp Stool

SR-icon-ingredient-Imp Stool.png Skyrim
Damage Health
Lingering Damage Health
Restore Health
ON-icon-reagent-Imp Stool.png Elder Scrolls Online
Ravage Stamina
Increase Armor
BL-icon-material-Imp Stool.png Blades
Restore Health
Damage Health Regeneration

Iron Ore

Iron Veins in Oblivion
Iron Veins in Oblivion
In Skyrim
In Skyrim
In Elder Scrolls Online
In Elder Scrolls Online
DF-icon-ingredient-Iron.png Daggerfall
OB-icon-misc-SilverNugget.png Oblivion
SR-icon-ore-Iron Ore.pngSR-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.png Skyrim
(Iron Ore and Iron Ingot)
ON-icon-ore-Iron Ore.pngON-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.png Elder Scrolls Online
(Iron Ore and Iron Ingot)
BL-icon-material-Iron Ingot.png Blades
(Iron Ingot)

These are used in crafting armor and weapons, not in alchemy.

  • For background information, see Iron.

Ironwood Nut

Ironwood trees
OB-icon-ingredient-Ironwood Nut.png Oblivion
Restore Intelligence
Resist Fire
Damage Fatigue
Fortify Health


DF-icon-ingredient-Ivory.png Daggerfall
Resist Cold