Blades:Silk Farm Hunt

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Side Quest
Clear out a nest of rogue spiders.
Quest Giver: Sirfing
Location(s): None
Reward(s): Silken Eggs x 4, Gem x 15, Fabric x 20
XP: 250
ID: SQ103
Recommended Level: Player Level 12
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: 1
A spider silk farming village has been overrun
A spider silk farming village has been overrun by their own livestock. I have to go there and clean up the mess.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find the village.
  2. Talk to the Silk Farm Owner.
  3. Destroy all four spider eggs.
  4. Return to the Silk Farm Owner.
  5. Kill the Spider Queen.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Destroy the spider eggs

Once you reach level (?), speak to Sirfing in Town to hear about the plight of a nearby spider silk farming village where he sometimes works as a guard. The entire settlement has been overrun by its own livestock and is in dire need of assistance.

Begin the quest to be brought to the outskirts of the village. You will need to fight your way past some woodland creatures to reach the entrance, where you will find the Silk Farmers along with the Silk Farm Owner. Speak to the owner, who explains that the spiders have inexplicably gone berserk and tasks you with clearing out the village. He will give you a key to get past the locked gate. The place is crawling with spiders, but your real goal is to locate and destroy the four spider eggs scattered throughout the web-covered village.

The Web Mother awaits

Report back to the owner and he will task you with killing the spider queen, who they refer to as the Web Mother. The farmers usually make use of scents to trick the queen into considering them friendly, but this technique doesn't appear to be working, so you will need to fight your way through the nest. Head back into the village and enter the underground nest, which is filled with angry spiders and a lone bandit. You will eventually come upon another Silk Farmer who became stranded once the spiders started running wild. She will point you towards the Web Mother, who is fortunately too massive to leave her nest.

You will have to confront and defeat the queen in order to complete the quest. She is weak to cleaving and frost damage. For your trouble, you will be rewarded with gems and fabric, as well as four Silken Eggs small decorations. Return to Town whenever you're ready in order to give Sirfing the good news.


  • The secret area can be found by activating the lever beside the second locked door, which opens up a gate on the right side of the first spider egg area.