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Location Nilata Ruins
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health (?)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower A Marriage in Ruins

Izzara is a Redguard mage trying to save her sister Adeena from the clutches of Anexiel, a powerful spider daedra found in the ruins of Nilata. Her sister's husband Najan asked her for help but he became even more worried when neither of them returned. Izzara is considered unusual for her vocation as a mage among the Redguards but her talents saw her studying at Daggerfall and Wayrest.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Finding Izzara[edit]

Izzara can be found standing within the ruins entrance, she appears to be injured and the door is warded. When approaching her to start the quest, she will say "Curse this place. I got to get inside."

Izzara at the Nilata Ruins Entrance

If you start the quest through Najan:

"Damn these spiders …."
Najan sent me. Are you all right?
"Najan. He finds yet another person to do a husband's work for him. Pathetic.
Don't concern yourself with my wounds. The door to the ruins has been sealed by an Ayleid spell key. You must destroy the focus stones protecting it so we can get inside."
Will you be safe here?
"I thank you for your concern, but I am well-versed in restorative magics. I will recover quickly.
Mephala's web grows tighter by the minute. Meet me at the spell key in the center of the ruins once you've destroyed the four focus stones."
All right.

If you start the quest through her:

"Damn these spiders …."
Are you all right?
"Hardly. My imbecilic brother-in-law, Najan, has put my sister's life at risk. My dear Adeena is trapped somewhere within these ruins. I must get inside if I'm to help her.
From the look of things I'd say she's been claimed by a servant of Mephala."
What can I do to help?
"The Daedra cast some kind of ward on the door. A clever but futile gesture.
The barrier is powered by an Ayleid spell key. A simple relic, easily dealt with. Unfortunately it's being protected by several focus stones. Destroy them so we can get in."
I'll do what I can.

She can then be asked about the Ruins and her mention of Mephala.

"Good luck."
You mentioned Mephala?
"Yes. You appear wise and well-traveled. Surely you have heard of her?"
Remind me.
"Mephala is the demon prince of murder, secrets, and seduction. Some call her the "Webspinner." Like a spider, Mephala is always weaving a web of intrigue and terror.
Unfortunately, I believe my precious Adeena has been ensnared."
So you think that Mephala is behind this?
"Directly? No. I doubt that Mephala would take an interest in the affairs of a goat farmer and his wife. But the Webspinner has many servants. A secluded ruin, a foolish, lustful farmer …. Such an opportunity might be hard to pass up."
Can you tell me more about these focus stones?
"Of course. This ruin hides all manner of secrets. One of which is a "spell key." Three thousand years ago, we might have needed a whole host of mages to break its hold on the door. But now, it's a brittle relic."
So the focus stones are keeping it together?
"Exactly. The Daedra must have sensed the fragility of the key and empowered the focus stones to protect it.
They're something akin to Welkynd Stones, albeit larger and more unstable. It shouldn't take much effort to break them."
Is this really as simple as you're making it out to be?
"Well, yes, there's the spiders. But I'm sure they'll be no trouble for a hero of your stature.
As far as the strength of the ward, the Daedra probably didn't have time to prepare. It may simply be stalling until it can complete its ritual."
"Yes. It's complicated.
I apologize for being vague, but every minute we spend talking is another minute that my sister is in danger. I promise you, I'll explain more when you've dealt with the focus stones."

Spell-Keys and Grim Business[edit]

Once you have broken the Focus Crystals, Izzara can be met at the Spell-Key.

Izzara destroys the Spell-Key
"Ah, you made it. And I sense that the focus stones have been dealt with? Well done, hero."
What now?
"Now that the focus stones are destroyed, I can deal with this infernal spell key. We should be able to enter the ruins in short order."
How will you do that?
"As I said before, the spell key is a brittle and aged relic. I'll weave a simple enchantment and that should be the end of it."
All right.

She will then proceed to cast her spell.

Izzara: "Take care, my friend. The spell key is going to become unstable. The effects may be … explosive."
<She begins to levitate and a sphere of daedric runes surround the spell-key. It then explodes.>

Izzara can then be spoken with the find out what must be done next. She will then reveal that the Daedra's summoning ritual must be stopped by unbinding the captives from the spell work—which will kill them.

"Now—we have some grim business to discuss. I pray that you will have the strength of will to see this through."
What is it?
"It's the ritual. I did not have the heart to speak of it before, but I can't put it off any longer.
That fool Najan told me that the Daedra has been abducting people. It is, no doubt, collecting them for a summoning ritual."
Summoning ritual?
"Yes. It plans to summon its true form here—to Mundus. It will need living sacrifices to do so. We have to … deprive it of those living offerings."
You mean kill them?
"Please, do not think of it as murder. Look around. These people were dragged below by some of the most venomous spiders in all of Tamriel. The toxins they were injected with … victims do not recover from such encounters."
Is there no other way?
"None. They are beyond help. I beg you to look on this as a kindness. Their souls will find more comfort in Aetherius, I assure you.
Take my talisman. It will make it easier. Use it on any victims you find. Be a true hero and set them free."

She will then become your follower and say:

Izzara: "That should do it. We can enter the ruins now."

The Confrontation of Sisters[edit]

As you progress through the ruins, she will affirm your actions by saying:

"I know you have the strength to see this through."

Once you have unbound the captives within the ruins, you will hear a cry which you can investigate. Izzara will recognize the voice.

"Adeena? She must be here somewhere …."

When you find Adeena, she is bound much like the other captives were and Izzara will mention that you must be cautious when you speak with her as she is likely still possessed.

"It pains me, but we cannot take her pleas to heart, my friend. The Daedra will try anything. Speak to it if you want, but you know what we have to do."

However when you speak with her sister, she will plead that you have been deceived and that it is Izzara who is currently possessed by the Daedra. Izzara will then walk into the room and the pair will argue with each other, with both insisting the other is possessed.

A Twin Confrontation
Izzara: "Silence, creature!"
Izzara: "Adeena's the one possessed. The Daedra is trying to trick you. Don't believe its lies."
Adeena: "No. You must believe me. You can't let it finish the ritual. You can't!"
<Adeena will free herself from her magical bonds.>
Izzara: "So long as that thing lives, so does the ritual. You have to kill it to end this!"
Adeena: "Please! Listen to me! If the ritual completes, who knows how many innocent lives may be lost."

After this both sisters can be questioned before deciding who is the possessed sister. Izzara will argue she had many opportunities to kill you but did not as a sign of her trustworthiness.

"We can't wait any longer. She's already free of her bonds! Please, in Ruptga's name, use the talisman and release her!"
Why should I believe you?
"Have I not earned your trust? I've had countless opportunities to attack you … to slay you. But I haven't. Did I not tell you that Mephala is the Prince of Secrets? The spinner of lies and mistrust?
You are being deceived! You must act!"
Is there a way to prove you're telling the truth?
"Look into your heart. Have you been wrong this whole time? Is your compass that broken? I don't offer comfort, but I do offer truth. My sister is lost to that thing. It breaks my heart, but we must finish what we started.
The choice is yours."
I'll think on it.

Deciding her Fate[edit]

If you decide that Izzara is possessed and use the talisman on her, she will die and the spectral form of Anexiel will appear over the body and congratulate you for figuring it out. But then she will smugly note that identical twins count as the same person in a summoning ritual before disappearing.

However, if you used the talisman on Adeena, Anexiel will appear and gloat over your incorrect choice.

"Onsi's blade. It released me? It let me go."
What happened?
"Anexiel tricked you. I was the one who was possessed. You finished the ritual, and now it's gone to claim its new body."
I won't let it leave these ruins.
"Good. Go after it. We can only hope it's still … still weak enough to defeat in its new form."
I'll do what I can.
"Good luck …."

Afterwards, Izzara can be spoken with to figure out to do next.

"So. You killed it."
It's over, but a strange voice spoke to me.
"What kind of voice?"
It claimed to be Mephala.
"Curse that monster. This is all her fault. Hers and Najan's. I'll never forgive either of them. Or forget.
Come. Let's get out of here."
All right.

If you speak to her again, she'll tell you:

"We need to find Najan."
What will you say to him?
"Very little, but what I do will strike at his core. He's a small man. Completely undeserving of my sister. And now her death will be on his head.
I pray that his suffering is endless."
At least Anexiel is defeated.
"Yes, but the cost was far too high. Adeena's life was worth more than this. I'd kill Najan myself, but I suspect that's exactly what Mephala wants."
You did all you could to save her.
"But it wasn't enough.
I know that you carry a burden in this as well. Don't give in to guilt. This is Najan's fault. You slayed the creature. I doubt another would have been able to kill it so handily. You did all of Tamriel a service today."

Confronting Najan[edit]

If Izzara survived she be escorted to Najan where she can confront him about his actions which lead to her sister's death.

Najan: "Izzara? Praise Ruptga, it is good to see you safe. Where's Adeena?"
Izzara: "Najan, you cowardly snake. She's dead! Slain by that monster you lusted after!"
Najan: "No, no that can't be true! You were supposed to save her!"
Izzara: "And what about you? Could you not have saved her? No, you were busy out here cowering behind rocks like a dog!"
Izzara: "After all she did for you … all she sacrificed, you cast her into Oblivion for a fool's pleasure. You disgust me!"
Najan: "Izzara! I … I didn't know! If —"
Izzara: "My sister deserved better than you. A better life than you."
Izzara: "If I ever see you again …. There aren't words for what I'll do to you."

She'll then run off to the nearby wayshrine and disappear.


  • Izzara's health bar remains full after she dies. ?