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Find out what happened to a mage and her sister.
Zone: Bangkorai
Objective: Nilata Ruins — Defeat the Daedra within Nilata.
Quest Giver: Najan
Location(s): Nilata Ruins
Reward: Anexiel's Thorax
Very High Leveled Gold

A Daedra has taken over Nilata Ruins. Having possessed a farmer's wife, the Daedra is luring travelers into her lair—likely to their doom.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Najan.
  2. Find Izzara.
  3. Destroy the focus stones.
  4. Meet Izzara at the Spell Key.
  5. Unbind the prisoners.
  6. Find Adeena.
  7. Defeat Anexiel.
  8. Return to Najan.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When choosing between Izzara or Adeena to live, the choice is yours. If you choose Adeena to live: You have chosen wisely. Adeena is actually an innocent in all of this, Izzara the one possessed. However, as they are twins, the blood is still enough to complete the ritual. If you choose Izzara to live: You choose the one that is actually possessed to live. After talking to the sister that lived, you must go kill Anexiel before it can do any more damage. It did, after all, promise to claim its body first and foremost.

Enter Anexial's lair through the door close by. As soon as you have killed Anexial, Mephala, the Lady of Whispers, appears. Talk to Mephala and find out that the entire thing was a simple play filled with death, a broken marriage, and other things, nothing more. Anexial succeeded in its little bit of fun. Once you exit the lair, talk to the remaining sister and return with her to Najan.


  • When you approach Adeena for the first time Izzara may not appear making it impossible to talk to her and advance the quest. Relogging may fix this.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Marriage in Ruins
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Find Izzara
Hidden Objective: Destroy the Focus Stones
Objective: Meet Izzara At the Spell Key
Objective: Wait for Izzara to Destroy the Spell Key
Objective: Talk to Izzara
Hidden Objective: Unbind the Sacrifices
Objective: Find the Source of the Voice
Objective: Talk to Adeena
Objective: Allow the Sisters to Confront One Another
Objective: Decide Who Lives And Dies
Objective: Witness the Results of Your Decision
Objective: Kill Anexiel
Objective: Talk to the Daedra
Objective: Return to Najan
Objective: Wait for Izzara to Confront Najan
Objective: Talk to Najan
Objective: Wait for Adeena to confront Najan
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