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Assist Tee-Wan with a private and urgent matter near Gideon.
Zone: Blackwood
Quest Giver: Peek-Ereel
Location(s): Gideon, Doomvault Porcixid
Prerequisite Quest: A Mysterious Event
Reward: Black Fin Fire Hat
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6672
Peek-Ereel gave me a message from Governor Keshu's spymaster, Tee-Wan. Tee-Wan needs my help with a private and urgent matter.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Tee-Wan.
  2. Speak to Melyn Drad.
  3. Speak to Vos-Huruk.
  4. Speak to Tee-Wan.
  5. Find Xocin at Doomvault Porcixid.
  6. Speak to Xocin.
  7. Find and charge the five Kynaz stones.
  8. Return to the Gideon graveyard.
  9. Speak to Xocin.
  10. Determine Xyria's fate.
  11. Speak to Tee-Wan.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Love Among the Fire
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Tee-Wan awaits me in the graveyard outside Gideon. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Tee-Wan
Tee-Wan asked for my help locating a missing ambassador of the Black Fin Legion, Xocin. He was last seen speaking to Melyn Drad in the Egg and Hammer Inn. I should go there and see if I can get any information from Melyn Drad.
Objective: Talk to Melyn Drad
Optional Step: Talk to Vos-Huruk
Melyn Drad said Xocin went to a vault in the border mashes east of Gideon searching for some kind of ritual stone. I should return to Tee-Wan and Vos-Huruk and let them know where their egg-brother has gone.
Objective: Talk to Vos-Huruk
Vos-Huruk told me about Xocin's history with a Dremora called Xyria, who he feel in love with when the Black Fin Legion went to war. Now that Tee-Wan is back, I should speak to him about what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Tee-Wan
Tee-Wan asked me to go to Doomvault Porcixid in the border mashes east of Gideon to find Xocin.
Objective: Find Xocin
I found Xocin deep inside Doomvault Porcixid. He looks injured. I should see if he needs my help.
Objective: Talk to Xocin
Xocin says the Kynaz stone is spent. I need to find trees with runes in order to charge the Kynaz stone with power.
Objective: Charge the Kynaz Stones: 0/5
Xocin communicated to me that the Kynaz stone should be charged now, and that he would meet me back in Gideon's graveyard with Tee-Wan and Vos-Huruk.
Objective: Return to the Gideon Graveyard
Now that I'm here, I should speak with Xocin.
Objective: Talk to Xocin
Xocin wants to try summoning Xyria once more, but Tee-Wan and Vos-Huruk are divided on the matter. Xocin wants my advice about what he should do.
Complete one: Convince Xocin to Summon Xyria or Convince Xocin to Leave Xyria
Optional Step: Talk to Tee-Wan
Optional Step: Talk to Vos-Huruk
☑Finishes quest I decided to have Xocin summon Xyria. I should speak to Tee-Wan before the summoning begins.
Objective: Talk to Tee-Wan
☑Finishes quest I decided it was too risky to summon Xyria.
Objective: Talk to Tee-Wan
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