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Home City Gideon
Location The Egg and Hammer Inn
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Yisara is a Redguard author who can be found at the Egg and Hammer Inn in Gideon. She is specializes in romance novels and has come to explore the area's history for inspiration for her latest work.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Ghostwriter of Giovesse[edit]

You can either start her quest by picking up one of her flyers, or speaking to her directly. Either way, when you enter the inn you will hear her speaking aloud. She seems flustered:

Yisara: "Right, so if that's north, that means … wait, that's not right. Ugh! Morwha's mercy …. A little help, anyone?"

You can then introduce yourself, her greeting will depend on whether you read the flyer or not:

Started quest from Author's Assistant Wanted!:
"Are you from around here? Sorry, I'm not familiar with Gideon and … wait! Are you here because of my fliers? Thank Ruptga!
Call me Yisara. I'm here on a thrilling, inspirational journey! And I could really use a sturdy companion."
What sort of assistance do you need?
"I'm an author. Aspiring, really. I've penned a few romance novels, but they all lack … what's the word? Authenticity! Yes! So, I resolved to get out into the world and find my muse.
Now, here's the exciting part: I found it in Castle Giovesse!"
You found your romantic muse in a crumbling castle?
"Yes! Well, not exactly. A tragic affair played out there years ago and lovestruck spirits still haunt the castle.
I acquired a magic lantern that allows me to speak to the ghosts. But, you know … ghosts. I need you to ward off the angrier spirits!"
I'll help you with your investigation.
"Hi! Are you from around here? Sorry, I'm just … you know. I'm flustered! Gideon's positively labyrinthine!
Call me Yisara. What brings me here, you ask? I'm here on a thrilling, inspirational journey! And I could really use a well-sculpted friend."
What's this journey all about, exactly?
"I'm an author. I've penned a few romance novels, but they all lack…what's the word? Authenticity! Yes! So, I resolved to get out into the world and find my muse.
Here's the exciting part: I found it in the crumbling ruins of Castle Giovesse!"
You found your romantic muse in a crumbled castle?
"They say a tragic affair played out there long ago and lovestruck spirits still haunt the castle.
I acquired a magic lantern that allows me to speak with ghosts. I just need someone to help fight off dangerous spirits. The job pays well, I promise!"
All right. I ll help you explore the castle.
"Thank you for agreeing to accompany me. With your help, my next romance novel will be a masterpiece!
Here, take the lantern. Now, fair warning—I've never actually used it. But I heard a ghostly woman wanders the city gardens. We can test it there!"

After agreeing to help you can ask some questions:

What can you tell me about this enchanted lantern?
"Well, I can tell you it's Ayleid in origin. It's … you know, it's quite lovely. And it lets you talk to ghosts!"
"Oh, that's easy. You just sort of jiggle it. Or something.
Look, I'm an impulse buyer! But I'm certain it will work. The Orc I bought it from is a very reputable dealer. The ghosts won't be able to resist its glow. You'll see!"
What do you know about this tragic affair you mentioned before?
"Only the basics. My great-great grandmother lived in Gideon for a time before emigrating back to Sentinel, and she brought back all kinds of stories. Some joyful, but most tragic.
I just wish I could have met her before she passed to the Far Shores."
So, what's the story?
"Oh, you know. Star-crossed lovers, murder, betrayal, that sort of thing.
But like I said before, I'm done with those tired, old cliches. I want facts! That's why we're going straight to the source!"
What makes you think any of it's true?
"My great-great grandmother may have embellished a bit. What storyteller doesn't? But every tale she told had some seed of truth to it. And after speaking to the people here in Gideon, I'm certain I'm on to something.
ou'll see! Just you wait."
So, you're a writer?
"Yes! Well, I fancy myself one at any rate. My novels receive … mixed reviews. But romance is a tough genre, you know? All those stuffy critics want is high-brow, "Elf in a parlor broods over losing his father's fortune" type stuff.
What a snooze!"
Why romance, if you don't mind me asking?
"Because I'm a romantic, you silly!
I mean, sure, I've never been in a really serious relationship. But let's be honest—tales of people settling into stable marriages and living happy, fulfilling lives don't sell. People want passion! Danger!"
And you think we'll find both in Castle Giovesse?
"Oh yes! Maybe too much!
Castle Giovesse has a long, tragic history. You've read Carlovac Townway's 2920 series, right? If not, you absolutely must! If I could write something half as satisfying, it would be a dream come true!"

The city gardens are in the southeast corner of the city, when you arrive Yisara will catch up with you:

Yisara: "You made it! All right, this is the place where people see the spirit. Go on and try out the lantern!"

You have the option of talking to her before using the lantern:

"So, here we are. The city gardens! Now, I guess it's time to, uh … time to rouse the spirits, eh?
I'm ready! Are you ready? If you're not, we can wait a while. In fact, maybe we should come back tomorrow. Start fresh, you know?"
Are you all right? You seem nervous.
"Nervous? Pshaw! Just look at me. I'm steady as a leaf. Er, steady as a rock, I mean! Even so, I'd prefer that you be the one to use the lantern.
It's these damned Redguard taboos. Undead spirits and creatures really put us off our appetite."
You're sure you want me to contact this ghost, then?
"Yes. Absolutely. No one ever said writing the world's greatest romance novel would be easy! Goosebumps or no, I'm going to unravel this tale and put it to good use!
Now then, let's get on with it before I lose my nerve!"
All right. I'll test this lantern of yours.

Yiserah will then point at a spot in the garden.

Yisara: "Perhaps there, near that overturned slab?"

Speaking to her again before you use the lantern:

"Go on! Let's see if this lantern is worth what I paid for it."

When you use the lantern it will begin to levitate and Duchess Astella Galenus will appear. Meanwhile Yisara will stand back and take notes:

Duchess Astella Galenus: "Who intrudes upon my grief? Giovesse is lost. My son is lost. All that remains is sorrow!"
Yisara: "Tava's feathers, I was right! Ha! All right, you talk. I'll take notes."

If you try to talk to Yisara before the ghost she will point out her priority:

"What are you talking to me for? Talk to the ghost! Who knows how long she'll linger?"

You can then speak with the Duchess, who will talk about how Castle Giovesse is cursed and her son's plight, due to a woman called Alizinda who murdered him. The ghost will bid you to try and speak with her son who spirit lingers in the cottage where he died. The ghost will then disappear and you can discuss the story with Yisara:

"It worked! I told you it would work!
Tall Papa's breeches, what a tale. A ghostly duchess! Lusty, young nobles! Betrayal and murder! This story's got it all! Phew. Is it getting hot out here or is it just me?"
The duchess says her son Mathen was cursed.
"Yes, tied to a cottage nearby. I can almost picture it. Rustic. Secluded. Tousled quilts, embers smoldering on the hearth …. Gives me the prickles! Almost makes you forget someone likely died there.
Something she said does trouble me a bit."
What's that?
"The duchess said the lover's name was Alizinda. That was my great-great grandmother's name.
It can't be a coincidence, can it? She lived in Gideon for a time before moving back to Alik'r. Do you think … do you think my ancestor murdered Mathen?"
There's only one way to find out. Let's go talk to Mathen.

The cottage is to the northeast of Gideon and Castle Giovesse. Speaking with Yisara before you leave, she is sure the lantern will help:

"Let's make our way to the cottage. If the lantern worked once, it will work again, right?"

When you arrive at the cottage you will find it rundown from decades of neglect, when Yisara meets you she will echo these thoughts as she enters the building:

Yisara: "This is the cottage the duchess mentioned, I think. Not all that romantic, is it? Let's look around."

Once in the cottage, you can search the place for clues before attempting to summon Mathen:

"Not exactly the luxurious love nest I was expecting. I suppose a couple hundred years of neglect will do that to a house.
Let's look around before we try to summon Mathen. Always pays to prepare before an interview! That's what I've heard, anyway."

You can find a Tarnished Ring of Mara and Alizinda's Journal, Yisara will want to see them:

"Nothing but creaky floorboards and old weeds for me. I knew I should have brought my spectacles.
What did you find?"
I found an old ring and a journal belonging to Alizinda.
"May I? Her anguish just jumps off the page, doesn't it?
So, Mathen intended to marry someone else and Alizinda killed him in a fit of passion. Can you imagine loving someone so deeply that you end up murdering them? Gods, that's romantic. Sort of."
Do you think the ring belonged to her as well?
"It's a ring of Mara—the sort of ring used in a pledge of marriage. Mathen might have intended to give it to this mysterious fiancée, or ….
I'll hang on to the ring. Let's use the lantern. Maybe Mathen can shed some light on this."
All right, I'll light the lantern to call out Mathen's ghost.

Before you contact Mathen, she will say:

"I'm ready when you are!"

You can then use the Spirit Lantern to summon Mathen's spirit who will then appear and mistake Yisara for someone else:

Mathen Galenus: "Who … who's there? Alizinda, my love. Is it you?"
Yisara: "So, this is Mathen? Gracious. Grandmother Alizinda clearly knew how to pick them."

Speak with Mathen to hear his side of the story, he confirms that he was poisoned by a deceived Alizinda on the night he was going to propose to her but denies that she cursed anyone. He suggests that he may still be anchored to the world by certain personal possessions which can be found in the ruins of Castle Giovesse. After you speak with Mathen, he will introduce himself to Yisara:

Mathen Galenus: "My lady. Forgive my impertinence, but you are the very image of my lost love, Alizinda. How could this be?"
Yisara: "Oh my goodness. I, uhm … I believe I'm her descendant, brave sir duke. Er, baron. Whatever. My name's Yisara, by the way. What were we talking about again?"
Mathen Galenus: "You share her spirit, Lady Yisara. At last, fate grants me a kindness."
<Mathen disappears.>
Yisara: "We must help him. That poor soul!"

You can talk to a flustered Yisara before you head up to Castle Giovesse:

"Sweet Morwha's left tit, what was that all about? Sorry for the language. But … phew! Right? Have you ever met a ghost that gorgeous? Gods, I'm sweating right through this blouse.
We should head to the Giovesse chapel and look for Mathen's armor."
Have you ever seen this chapel before?
"Not yet!
I've heard some nasty rumors about howling ghosts that wander the castle grounds, attacking anyone who draws near. So, we have that to look forward to. Maybe we'll find someone else worth talking to. Hard to say."
Duchess Astella and Mathen seemed peaceful enough.
"Well, the lantern draws in spirits that yearn for connection—at least that's what the nice Orc who sold it to me said.
The ghosts that wander around Giovesse definitely aren't interested in talking."
Can we choose who to summon with the lantern?
"I don't think so. We're basically offering the stage to any spirit who has something to say. There's no telling who might answer.
I'd say it's worked out well so far!"

As you leave the cottage, Yisara tell you to go ahead without her:

Yisara: "I'll catch up to you at the chapel, all right? I need to jot down some notes."

When you enter the ruins of the castle chapel, Yisara will follow you in:

Yisara: "Well, here we are, and not a scrap of golden armor in sight. Let's have a look around."

You can then investigate the area and Yisara will say the following if you talk to her before finding something:

"Call out if you see anything.
I don't know about you, but I can't bear the idea of disappointing Mathen. He's got it hard enough already!"

On an intact desk you can find a Scrawled Incantation, it seems important enough that you can bring it to Yisara for her to see:

"What's that you've got there? Not a golden helm by any chance?"
No. Some strange lines written out. Have a look.
"A magical incantation! The handwriting is different from Alizinda's journal. That means she can't be responsible for the curse!
I knew my ancestor wasn't a sorceress. A murderer, maybe, but not a sorceress! Of course, this all begs the question …."
Who really placed the curse on the castle?
"Yes. And more importantly, why? The person who cast the spell clearly had an axe to grind. Maybe it was a court wizard? Or some jilted witch? My novel's less romance than mystery at this point!
Let's use the lantern again. Maybe the culprit's here!"
All right, I'll light the lantern again.

If you speak to her before using the lantern she asks you to stay close:

"Don't stray too far. I've handled these ghostly encounters well so far, but something about this chapel really chills my blood."

After you place the lantern on the altar, Duchess Astella will appear, wanting to know why you are there. Speaking with Yisara before the ghost, she will be war of the Duchess:

"Duchess Astella? What is she doing here?
Go on and talk to her, but be careful. Something about this doesn't feel right."

When you speak with Duchess Astella, she will let slip that she tried to bring her son back from the dead. She used his armor as a focus but doesn't no why it failed. The Duchess then suggests that you find her notes on the ritual in her study.

After you finish talking with Duchess Astella, she will notice Yisara:

Yisara: "Necromancy? How could she—?"
Duchess Astella Galenus: "You! Oh, I see you well enough, Redguard! You think I don't notice the family resemblance? You stay away from my boy!"
<Duchess Astella Galenus disappears.>
Yisara: "Tava's feathers … bit touchy, isn't she?"
Yisara: "Let's make our way to this private study. Carefully!"

Yisara will then become your follower and will say the following if spoken to:

"Let's find these notes. Catching Mathen's eye gave me butterflies, but catching Astella's eye gives me the shivers!"

Fight or avoid the spectral warriors and enter the study through a hatchdoor:

Yisara: "His own mother, toying with dark magic, in this very room. What a plot twist!"

In the study you can find Duchess Astella's Notes:

Yisara: "You found something?"

After reading them, you can hand the notes over to Yisara:

"You found Duchess Astella's notes that quickly? Thank Ruptga I can rely on your eyes. Can barely see a thing in this place!
What do they say?"
Apparently, the spell involved burying Mathen's armor under clumps of heartsbane.
"Really? Ugh. I think I spotted some on the way across the castle grounds. I knew that herbalism workshop would come in handy someday!
If we do manage to find the armor, be careful pulling it out of the tangle. Heartsbane's quite deadly."
I'll be careful.

You will need to go upstairs and find some heartsbane, a small plant with purple flowers:

Yisara: "I saw a clump of heartsbane on the way here. Come on!"

As you reach the place she saw it, she will call it out. The flowers will be next to a mound:

Yisara: "This way! I think."
Yisara: "There. That's heartsbane, right?"

Speaking with her before digging the mound:

"That's definitely heartsbane.
Take a peek underneath. I'm half expecting the Duchess to pop up and yell at us to hurry up."

You will find Mathen's Golden Helm, after you retrieve it Yisara will want to talk:

Yisara: "You found his helm? We're off to a great start! Unless …. Come here a moment."

See what Yisara has thought of:

"Sorry, sorry. I feel like we've assembled most of the clues to this mystery, but I just can't shake the feeling that we're missing something here."
What do you mean?
"Well, Duchess Astella got them into this situation, right? She cast the ugly spell that cursed poor Mathen. And now, we're gathering up the items she used to make this mistake in the first place?
It can't be that simple. What are we missing?"
You think there's more she's not telling us?
"Maybe. Maybe not. She wasn't a professional necromancer. Maybe she missed something too.
Remember what Mathen told us? Certain objects take hold of the soul. If that's the case, isn't it odd that we found him in the cottage instead of the chapel?"
We found that ring of Mara in the cottage. Do you think that might play a role in this?
"Only one way to find out! Let's use the lantern again.
I'm still carrying the ring. If he followed us here, maybe we're on to something!"
All right, I'll ignite the lantern again.

Speaking to her before you contact Mathen again:

"Before you light the lantern, does my hair look all right? Oh, never mind."

Yisara's hunch is correct, as Mathen appears when you use the lantern. Yisara will be busy writing notes:

"Gods he's gorgeous. Sorry! Taking notes."

Speaking with Mathen, you explain that his mother's attempts to resurrect him caused the curse. But he agrees that the rest of the armor needs to be found, and that he will stay with Yisara for awhile. Before you can ask what he means by that, the following happens:

Mathen Galenus: "Lady Yisara, you bear not only Alizinda's ring, but her spirit as well. Had I a heart, it would pound like a drum at the sight of you."
Yisara: "I, uhm … thank you, Mathen. I'm sorry for what happened to you. My friend and I will fix it, I promise."
Mathen Galenus: "Having you beside me is all I need. Come, let me sweep you away."
<The pair will both disappear and their voices become disembodied.>
Mathen Galenus: "Find my armor and break the curse. Your friend will be safe with me in the meantime."
Yisara: "Oh my! What is—? What just happened?"

During your search for the other armor pieces near heartsbane flowers you may hear Yisara's voice:

Yisara: "Mathen? What did you do?"

Once you have found the the pieces of armor, you will need to find a place to summon Duchess Astella to talk. She reveals that one more item is needed, the Sword of Giovesse which can be found in the crypts. You will need to enter the crypt, fight the first lord Duke Calvus Vanin to retrieve sword and bring the objects to Tavia's Tower which sits on the castle near the castle. When you enter the tower and use the lantern, Duchess Astella, Mathen and Yisara will appears as spirits. While the Duchess is happy to see Mathen once more, Mathen sees it as her taking yet another person away from him.

Before you lay out the armor and sword, you can talk to Yisara, who is doing well despite being turned into a spirit:

"There you are! I'm fine, don't worry. Just a little dizzy is all.
I suppose you should set these spirits free. I hate to see Mathen go, but this is the right decision, right?"

Once you lay out the arms and armor, ritual will start though the end result is unexpected:

<Yisara becomes corporal once more.>
Duchess Astella Galenus: "Mathen! Why aren't you—? Mathen!"
<Duchess Astella disappears in cloud of golden sparks while Mathen remains.>
Mathen Galenus: "I'm … I'm still here?"
Yisara: "My poor Mathen! What went wrong?"

If you speak will Yisara before Mathen, she will have no idea what went wrong:

"Mathen's still here. I don't understand. You should talk to him."

Speaking with Mathen, you will learn that Mathen was tied both to the cursed armor and the Ring of Mara, and his soul still remains linked to the ring. He then requests to speak with Yisara:

<Mathen goes one knee before Yisara.>
Mathen Galenus: "Lady Yisara, light of my … afterlife. That ring you carry is the key to my heart. I leave my fate in your hands."
Yisara: "My hands? Mathen, what are you saying?"
'Mathen Galenus: "If you choose to wear the ring, I will remain by your side—an attentive and loving guardian."
Yisara: "Are you serious? Tall Papa preserve me …."
Mathen Galenus: "Destroy the ring, and I will pass to Aetherius. The choice, my lady, is yours."

With a twist straight out of a romance novel, you can talk with Yisara about this decision:

"Did I just get a proposal from a ghost? Up until now, the only man who ever wooed me was a stable hand in Bergama!
I know I should recoil at this. It's profane! Blasphemous? Right? But, gods he's cute. And the way he speaks! It's like a dream!"
He said the choice is yours.
"Ugh! How could he lay something like this at my feet? I can barely decide which boots to wear most days.
When he abducted—I mean, swept me away, he told me his heart was torn to pieces. He said I was the only balm. He said I was his second chance."
Do you think that's true?
"I don't know! Aside from the whole ghostly murder victim thing, this is what my heart always yearned for. It's why I write romance novels! The thought that I could bring him love and joy is intoxicating.
Still, he deserves peace and rest, right?"
I think you should seize this opportunity for love and keep the ring.
"Yes! I want to write, and travel, and feel the rush of romance every time I slip on this ring! Mathen and I have so much to offer one another.
It will be a little weird, yes. But like I said before, who wants normal romance? Certainly not me!"
Mathen's soul deserves rest. Give me the ring. I'll destroy it and set him free.

If you told her to keep the ring, she will say:

Yisara: "I want you to stay with me, Mathen. I know it's weird, but—"
Mathen Galenus: "Weird? No, my lady. Unique. Unique and perfect."

If you advised that she free Mathen's soul, she asks you to destroy the ring for her. She will apologise to Mathen for her choice:

Yisara: "I want you to stay, Mathen. I really do. But it wouldn't be fair to you or Alizinda. Our friend will destroy the ring."
Mathen Galenus: "I understand. Yours is a loving heart, Yisara. I pray you find someone worthy to share it with."

If you trying speaking with Yisara before using the brazier:

"Quick, destroy it before I change my mind!"

With the ring in the brazier, they will both say their goodbyes:

Yisara: "Goodbye, Mathen."
Mathen Galenus: "Farewell."
<Mathen's body disappears in golden sparks.>

Afterwards you can approach the crying Yisara:

"Ugh. Isn't this always the way? You find the man of your dreams, but it turns out he's the lost soul of a man your ancestor poisoned in a fit of passion two-hundred years ago.
Just my luck."
You did the right thing letting him go.
"You're right, of course. I'm desperate for some grand romance, but it's no more real than my stories if I act selfishly. Ugh.
Let's focus on the good things, right? A curse broken, a writer inspired … and it's all your doing! Thank you, my friend!"

Once you have completed the quest, you can discuss her feelings and plans some more:

"Gods he was gorgeous. I'll find someone, eventually. But I doubt they'll have a chest like that."
Will you write about this?
"Are you joking? Of course I'm going to write about this! Tragedy, lies, murder, necromancy, intrigue … true love.
This will be a bestseller. Guaranteed. More importantly, it will help me remember Mathen."
Will you tell your family about Alizinda?
"Ha! No. I have Crown blood on my mother's side. The idea that a beloved ancestor who accomplished so much in Sentinel played a role in some salacious and deadly affair …? It would not go over well. At all.
Better to keep that to myself."
This all happened fairly quickly. Did you really feel something for Mathen?
"I did. At least, I think I did.
I've never been one of those women who thinks about marriage and children. That's why I have my novels, right? To revel in the fun part of love. The only part I've ever really been interested in."
But this was something more?
"Maybe. I guess we'll never find out, will we?
One thing's for sure—love is much more complicated than I ever gave it credit for. That shouldn't really come as a surprise to someone who writes about it professionally, but here we are."

If you instead chose to keep the ring, you can still talk to her after completing the quest:

"Tava's feathers, this is so exciting! Who else in the world has a ghostly beau to talk to? Other than crazy spinsters, I mean.
What an adventure!"
What's next for the two of you?
"The two of us? Ha! It feels so odd having a partner.
I have a lot of writing to do. Mathen, hopefully, will be able to enjoy an existence outside these old ruins. We have a lot to look forward to!"
Are you concerned about appearances?
"Ha! I'm a romance novelist poking around a dingy castle in the swamp. Do I strike you as someone overly concerned with appearances?
No, it will all turn out. I doubt people will even be able to see Mathen."
What are you basing that on?
"A hunch, mostly.
Without the power of the spirit lantern to illuminate him, Mathen should just be a whisper in the wind for most people. I think it actually makes it all even more romantic! Every moment together is a secret rendezvous. Marvelous!"

Heroes of Blackwood[edit]

If you helped Yisara out, she will attend the celebrations in Gideon. Your conversation with her will depend on the choice you made at the end of the quest:

Mathen's Soul was Released:
Mathen's spirit stayed with her:
"Hello again!
Thanks for helping me with such a difficult decision, but I think it's for the best. Right? There are so many wonderful stories yet to spin. Look around us! I'm sure there must be some steamy goings-on to discover!"
How are you faring now that Mathen is gone?
"Oh, I'll be all right. Eventually.
Tragic love stories are the things of legends aren't they? I'll be sure to compose a gripping story about him. It will be a tale for the ages!"
"Isn't it wonderful? Such a romantic story I've written for myself! But I feel like there's much left to discover. This party is sure to involve some steamy goings on as well."
How do you feel about your new arrangement?
"Wonderful. It's going smashingly! He's my muse, my inspiration, my reason for getting out of bed! And he's my … well.
We'll have to see, won't we?"


Mathen's Soul was Released:
Mathen's spirit stayed with her:

Some time after completing the quest, you can enter The Egg and Hammer Inn where you can overhear Yisara working on her novel:

Yisara: "He had shoulders as broad as the Jeralls …. Too much? Hmmm."

She will be on the top floor, writing away. You can then ask how she's doing:

"Ha! Write about your heroes, and they shall appear!
I was just outlining all the details of what we saw and heard on our adventure. I don't want to forget a single thing!"
How's your decision about Mathen sitting with you?
"Ugh. I know it was the right thing to do. But Tava's feathers, that chest! I'll never meet another man like that as long as I live.
I know, I know, he wasn't technically a man anymore, but you know what I mean!"
Maybe you'll see him again.
"Ha! Yes, I suppose that's possible. Though if Mathen ever makes his way to the Far Shores, I imagine Great Grandmother Alizinda will be waiting for him.
Honestly, I just want him to be happy. He's kind, and honest, and good. He deserves it."

After completing the quest, Mathen and Yisara can be found on the second floor of the inn in Gideon. You can overhear them talking:

Yisara : "I think I may stay here for a while, so that I—or rather, we—can get used to dealing with our curious partnership."
Mathen Galenus : "Curious it may be, but I am not sure I was ever happier, even when I was flesh and bone."

After their conversation ends you can talk with her:

"Hey! So nice to see you! Come talk awhile!
Mathen and I are just, well, trying to get to know each other better!"
How are you and Mathen getting along?
"Wonderfully! We have more in common than I ever would have guessed. Did you know he was an author, too? Well, a writer at any rate. He dictates a sonnet to me every night. It's like a dream!
We are still working out a few things …."
"Well … you know!
It's not as if I'm some—! It's fine. We just have to exercise some creativity. Would I like to feel his arm around me while I snuggle up with a good book? Of course. But every couple faces these little hardships, right? Right."