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Gender and sexual diversity is an innate and often unexceptional part of life in The Elder Scrolls. This article serves to note the diversity in gender and sexuality present throughout The Elder Scrolls.


  • In Skyrim, marriageable NPCs may be married regardless of the player character's gender. When asked about the possibility of same-sex marriage prior to release, Pete Hines said that the topic is "not hush hush, [we're] just not making a huge deal out of it. You can marry anyone."[1]
  • In a 2020 GDC talk, Tori Schafer said the following: "From the very get-go in Elder Scrolls Online, it was decided that LGBT+ characters were a part of that universe and they were just accepted by their society[...]"[2]
  • Pelinal Whitestrake is confirmed to have had a same-sex relationship,[3][4] though there are unconfirmed accounts purporting that he also was the lover of Alessia.[5]
  • Orc chieftains are traditionally polygamous. The male chieftains are polygynous and their wives are forbidden from marrying others. In the rare case of a female chieftain, she will be polyandrous and the husbands will take on the traditional roles of wives.[6]
  • The Silvenar and the Green Lady are figures of huge importance in Bosmer culture. Every generation the pair of Green Lady and Silvenar is born. They typically become union in ritual marriage. While the Green Lady is typically female, the Silvenar can be of any gender despite typically being referred to by male pronoun.[7]
  • Interracial relationships are somewhat common, but they may be looked upon poorly in some cultures.
    • Some Dunmer consider it heresy to marry outside of their race.[8]
    • The Altmer consider interracial relationships to be the worst possible offense given their stance on racial purity, and have gone to the extreme to punish those involved in such relationships. For example, an Orc named Gurlak was in a relationship with his owner and slave master Nuralanya. When the relationship was found out, they were both imprisoned within Salas En, and the Orc would be imprisoned in a magical circle, which extended his lifespan considerably. He outlived his lover who was also imprisoned nearby and he would go on to live for thousands of years in this state of imprisonment, as no one was able to figure out the means of freeing him.[9]
    • In Cyrodiil, Human-Bosmer marriages are generally frowned upon.[10] The Bosmer have been recorded in early history as "soiling Time's line" by taking Mannish wives.[11]


  • Alchemy is a transgender woman. She alludes that other members of the House of Reveries have changed gender upon joining. She also tells the player that she underwent her transition via magic. While wholly accepted as a transgender woman, her story about joining the acting troupe as opposed to remaining a scholarly mage parallels the real experiences of transgender women.[2]
    • Another member of the House of Reveries named Dreamer is actually a Daedra and uses gender-neutral pronouns.
  • Snaehild uses female pronouns.
  • Vivec is described as the "magical hermaphrodite".[12][13][14] Furthermore, Vivec is occasionally described with female pronouns,[15][16] and even with taking on a female form.[17]
  • Argonians may change their gender (among other characteristics) via the Hist. A Grand Transformation is written about this topic.
  • Gods may manifest however they please, though often having a most prevalent depicted/referred to gender. A few are known to appear differently depending on the instance.


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