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This article is about the weaponsmith in Skywatch. For the innkeeper in Port Hunding, see Irkki.

Home City Skywatch
The Hollow City
Location Auridon, Coldharbour, Skywatch, The Hollow City
Store The Ten-Clawed Trade

Slice & Dice

Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Weaponsmith

Irrki is a Khajiit weaponsmith who can be found at her shop, The Ten-Clawed Trade, in Skywatch.

She opens the Slice & Dice weaponsmith stall at the Hollow City Marketplace once the Hollow City is restored. She has however fallen head over heels for the Dark Elf enchanter Davilia Ralas and is frustrated with her lack of progress - despite rubbing her leg, bumping her head and purring, and even leaving a dead skeever on her doorstep to no avail.



She will assure you of her goods' quality.

"This one sells the best blades in Tamriel! No jokes, no substitutions, no refunds, just high quality steel. At an affordable price!"


"Irrki's heart beats with a thousand sorrows! But if you wish to purchase a sword, this one will show you what she has."
Is something wrong?
"Wrong? Is a sky without moons wrong? Is a day without caramelized goat nibbles wrong?
Oh, this one cannot stop thinking about the enchanting Dark Elf with the fragrant odor!"
You're in love with a Dark Elf?
"The world is coming to an end! What does it matter if Irrki wants to run her claws through the enchanter's luxurious locks of hair?"
Does the Dark Elf enchanter know how you feel?
"How could she not? Didn't Irrki follow all the appropriate courting steps? This one rubbed against the Dark Elf's shapely leg. This one performed the bump of the forehead.
Irrki even left a dead skeever to show how much she cares!"