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Location Vateshran Hollows
Race Reachman Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Spiritblood Clan
Condition Spirit

Aydolan is a Reachman spirit located in Vateshran Hollows. He was the first of the Spiritblood Clan to pass the Vateshran's Rites. He seems to be in good spirits for a dead man, and is more than happy to tell you all about the Vateshran's Rites.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you enter the Choosing, he seems elated to see you.

Aydolan: "Oh ho! An outsider! Haven't seen one of you in an eternity."
Aydolan: "Come have a chat if you want some advice. It may just keep you alive."

You can ask him more about the Rites.

"An outsider! I haven't seen one of you in here for … it must be centuries. Well, as the local ghostly guide for Vateshran Hollows, welcome to the Choosing.
I hear deciding on your first wing can feel daunting. Ask away if you have questions."
Who are you?
"Oh, right. Most challengers recognize me immediately.
Before you stands clan Spiritblood's first ever vateshran. Or at least a shimmering blue version of him. I created these Rites to test our warriors, all those years ago."
Why do you haunt Vateshran Hollows?
"Haunt? You say that as if I make you hear the screams of children or cause blood to pour out your eyes.
No, I choose to stay. The sisters do a fine job, but they really enjoy their cryptic instructions. I like offering more understandable guidance."
You were the clan's first vateshran?
"First and finest. I watched as Carinar the Sharp slew his father, sundering the Quicktalon clan in twain. When Carinar chose to move his people south, I joined him. As we marched, I sang of his triumph and strength. In return, he named me vateshran."
Can you help me understand the Choosing?
"A simple task, but I respect your desire to learn more before deciding. You gain power through foreknowledge as much as by sharpening your blade.
Choose a portal. Once you enter, the others will close until you clear the wing of creatures."
Tell me about the blue portal. / What is through the blue portal?
"The Defiler's realm holds sway within the Wounding. All manner of creature devoted to Molag Bal crawl about, looking to stab you in the back.
I also hear it can get cold in there. Though, I only ever feel cold these days. On account of being dead."
I wish to know about the green portal. / How about the green portal?
"Wild, savage, kind of smells bad—Hunter's Grotto lies beyond the green portal. Hircine, our Lord of the Hunt holds sway within that wing. Expect to meet all manner of beasts that you must slay to complete your task."
I would like to learn about the red portal. / What should I know about the red portal?
"I hope that you can withstand some heat. The Deadlands seep into our world beyond the red portal into a wing I call the Brimstone Den. Mehrunes Dagon's creatures must be cleared out to proceed through the Rites."

The Wounding[edit]

When you enter the Wounding, Aydolan welcomes you.

Aydolan: "Welcome to the Wounding! A playground for Molag Bal's fiends."
Aydolan: "Keep your eye out for traps. The Lord of Lies enjoys his tricks."

You can ask him about the wing.

"Ah, the Wounding. I named it so because a banekin caught me in the thigh with a spear the first time I explored the area. Never walked right after that. But I did make a fine necklace from the banekin ears I took as revenge."
What challenges can I expect in the Wounding?
"A particularly vile Xivkyn waits for you with one of his creations. Also, some ghastly new kind of creature called a "titan." Never saw one of those when I was alive.
Seriously though, watch out for those banekin. They're a sneaky bunch."

After you defeat Zakuryn the Sculptor and his Flesh Abomination, Aydolan appears.

Aydolan: "So far, so good outsider. Halfway done with the Wounding."
Aydolan: "That portal should let you continue on the path."

You can speak to him about the trial so far.

"The first half of the Wounding is clear and look at you! I can already see your strength growing.
Let hardship be your teacher—a demanding, unforgiving mentor—and you will be stronger for it."
Why do people of the Reach venerate hardship?
"You have it backwards. The Reach understands that hardship comes for us as surely as dung falls from a well-fed mammoth. Instead of moaning our sorrows, we embrace the pain as wisdom.
This is why many of my kin revere Molag Bal."
Why would they revere Molag Bal?
"You must know the songs of the Father of Torment. He Who Schemes in the Shadows. Molag Bal grants nothing but unexpected pain.
Those of the Reach who venerate him appreciate the lessons he teaches. They grow resilient in his shadow."
What is through this blue portal?
"The Wounding continues! I designed the next section to test our warriors' speed. The swift hare survives where the dull ox cannot, as they say.
Once through the portal, you won't have long until the magic pulls you back here. Work quickly!"

Aydolan appears after you defeat Iozuzzunth.

Aydolan: "Phew! That last one was a big guy!"
Aydolan: "Strong work, outsider. Head back to the Choosing when you feel ready."

You can speak to him about the trial.

"So you've cleared the Wounding. Head back through the portal when you feel rested.
I can admit now that I hate coming through here. It's just so … blue. Why does Molag Bal keep his realm this color? Father of Torment indeed."

Hunter's Grotto[edit]

When you enter the Hunter's Grotto, Aydolan introduces you to the area.

Aydolan: "Hunter's Grotto! Ah, the memories of this place."
Aydolan: "Hircine's realm truly embodies the greatness of life in the Reach."

You can ask Aydolan about the wing.

"Hunter's Grotto holds a kind of a cozy warmth. It reminds me of the hours spent patiently waiting for my prey, then striking at just the right moment. Memories.
In a place like this you represent both hunter and prey. Be on your guard."
What kind of challenges can I expect in Hunter's Grotto?
"Only the finest spirits the Master of Beasts has to offer. In recent years, the plant life has shown increasing aggression, so watch for that.
Also I met a minotaur named Rahdgarak in here the other day. He had a surprisingly great sense of humor."

After you defeat the Shade of the Grove, Aydolan appears.

Aydolan: "Well that fight looked a bit thorny! Ha, get it? I said …."
Aydolan: "Hold on to that crossbow you found. You'll need it to keep going."

You can talk to Aydolan about the trial.

"The first champion of Hircine falls! Thick bark and vines can't stop a true warrior.
We of the Reach value Hircine's lessons. Mastery of the hunt keeps us alive in the wilderness. Plus, it's fun! Outsiders could learn a lot from his teachings."
Tell me more about Reachmen worship of Hircine.
"Worship? We revere the great spirit of the hunt. Hircine's wisdom should be obvious, even to an outsider. Life feeds on life, but not everything wants to be eaten! Survival requires blood and steel.
Plus, there's nothing more exciting than the hunt!"
How does this crossbow work?
"A simple but ingenious device. Just point it at a wooden post and shoot. It anchors itself deep, then pulls you to the destination.
The way ahead is treacherous, so keep hold of that grapple!"

He appears once again after you defeat Rahdgarak.

Aydolan: "Hircine's champion goes down! Ah, I'll miss that guy."
Aydolan: "Go through the portal to see what comes next."

You can speak to him about the fight.

"Such skill! The speed, the grace. That dumb minotaur didn't stand a chance against you. One key lesson I learned while still alive—size doesn't always determine a battle.
Whenever you feel rested, head back through the portal to the Choosing."
When did you learn this key lesson?
"As a child, I once hunted a stag large enough to feed my entire family. I tracked it for days without sleep. Just before delirium set in, I saw it. I nocked my arrow and drew back. All my focus was on that stag, when I felt a searing pain in my leg."
What happened next?
"A bear had latched its jaws onto my thigh. We wrestled for hours, tooth and claw against my knives. The sun dipped as our battle continued, neither of us willing to back down.
Eventually out of exhaustion, we stopped. The bear knew it was beaten."
So you let it live?
"What? Absolutely not. Once the bear had regained his strength, he turned to leave. That's when I slit its throat.
My family ate well for days. And the pelt made a nice cloak. Never let a good bear go to waste."

The Brimstone Den[edit]

Aydolan: "Hmm, the Brimstone Den. Sorry about the heat. It doesn't bother me so much due to my being, well, dead."
Aydolan: "I can't say I ever liked being here. But you're not here to take in the scenery."

You can ask him about the wing.

"The steam, the heat—this is the Brimstone Den, all right. Mehrunes Dagon truly enjoys his lava.
Probably best to get going as soon as possible. The fumes can't be good for you."
What kind of challenges can I expect in the Brimstone Den?
"A very spritely fire spirit makes her home here.
Also, a surprisingly attractive Dremora. I tried asking him to go for a walk once, but he spit fire at me. I took that as a no."

After you defeat the Magma Queen, Aydolan appears.

Aydolan: "Mehrunes Dagon embodies ambition and destruction. Can't say I appreciate the destruction part but ambition, that's something with some real use."
Aydolan: "Speaking of ambition, time to get moving to the rest of the Rites."

You can speak to him about the arena.

"Funny how the Lord of Destruction would choose a pixie as his champion. I guess one shouldn't judge an enemy by appearances. Huh, I suppose I learned something today as well.
Get going! More of Mehrunes Dagon's creatures await."
Tell me more about Reachmen veneration of Mehrunes Dagon.
"With the harsh conditions Reachfolk live under, we always strive to improve. You can never say people of the Reach died for lack of ambition.
That drive eventually leads some to turn to the Lord of Ambition himself."
How do I continue on?
"See that molten orb? Strike it with all the power you can muster! Then, take a step in the lava. It won't kill you. I promise."

Aydolan appears once more after you defeat the Pyrelord.

Aydolan: "And with him down, you complete the Brimstone Den!"
Aydolan: "You can return to the Choosing through here."

You can speak with him about the fight.

"You overcame the Brimstone Den! I can tell you now that most of the challengers who die in here slip and fall in the lava. Glad to see you have more grace. It's a horrible way to go.
Anyway, the Choosing waits for you through this portal."
Why didn't you warn me before?
"The Rites challenge many things—strength, agility, tenacity. But also common sense. If you don't realize getting near the boiling lava might spell disaster, well, perhaps you don't belong in the Reach."

The Choosing[edit]

Aydolan examines the strange rifts

When you return to the Choosing after clearing your first wing, you'll find that strange rifts have opened up.

Aydolan: "Well, this is new. What do you make of this?"
<Aydolan touches the rift.>
Aydolan: "Ah! That burns! What in Oblivion is this?"

You can speak to him about the rifts.

"In a thousand years, nothing like this has ever made its way into Vateshran Hollows. It … burned when I touched it. I don't know that I've felt pain since I died! Strange.
Hmm, well, you completed the first challenge! Where to next?"
The Rites Matron mentioned Vateshran Hollows has behaved strangely in recent days.
"Did she? Wonder what that means. I would certainly call these black spots "strange."
Rarely am I at a loss for words, but this felt completely new. As if the darkness wanted to … unmake me."
What can you do about it?
"Perhaps the Binder in the Dark can clear it from the Hollows. She specializes in controlling otherworldly intrusions.
In the meantime, I think staying clear of it might be the safest course. Never met a problem I couldn't ignore!"
Tell me about this Binder in the Dark.
"Certainly you saw her on the way in? The Binder restrains the bleed between this realm and Oblivion. Without her and the other sisters, the great spirits would overrun the Hollows.
The effort makes her a bit off. But I hear she makes a great stew."

After your second wing, more dark magic has started to pollute the Hollows.

Aydolan: "More dark magic polluting the Hollows. Where does it come from?"
Aydolan: "Wait, did you hear that whisper? Uh … never mind. Let's continue."

You can ask him about it.

"Even more of this darkness within the Choosing. Spreading like an infection. I honestly don't know what to make of it.
Let's get you into the final wing. The sooner you complete the Rites, the faster I can work on curing this."
You heard whispering?
"You didn't hear it? A woman, distant. But also somehow in my mind. Which I didn't realize could happen to a ghost.
This might be the first time since I died that I feel nervous. I don't care for it at all."

After you complete your third wing, you'll see the Rites Matron in the Choosing instead of Aydolan. The black pool in the center of the Chooding has come to life, revealing a pale blue portal which leads to the Champion's Circle.

The Champion's Circle[edit]

When you enter the Champion's Circle, you'll see Aydolan standing in the center of the cave.

Aydolan: "You made it all the way to the end! Only one final challenge left. Me!"
<Aydolan is lifted into the air, surrounded by dark energy.>
Aydolan: "Oh? Ah! What … foul magic? I feel it … tearing me apart!"
<Aydolan's spirit dissipates, and the cave around you dissolves, revealing a shattered realm>
Maebroogha the Void Lich: "Free once more! I can feel such power within these walls!"
Maebroogha the Void Lich: "A pity for your ghost friend. I consumed his spirit to enter this realm. And now I shall take yours!"