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Location Sea Witch Sanctum
Race Maormer Gender Female
Health (?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Dreadsails

Minahel is a Maormer Sea Witch of the Dreadsails who has come under control of a relic that makes individuals amorous at Llanshara.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Sea Runs RestlessFiresong: A mysterious force is causing friend and foe alike to become extremely aroused at the abandoned druidic settlement of Llanshara.

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

She will eventually capture Umindior and has succumbed to the effects of the relic and have been trying to make love to him despite his pleas of protest.

As you progress through the tunnels, you will soon hear Umindior talking with Minahel:

Umindior: "Why are you tying me up? This isn't fun at all!"
Minahel: "You've breached our sanctum! With those toned muscles of yours."

In the next room, you will hear more:

Umindior: "Neri brought me here! I, oh, well then."
Minahel: "I know so many forms of torture. Starting with kisses."
Umindior: "I can't say this is really for me. Wait—ow!"

When you are outside Minahel's Room:

Umindior: "What is that? No! Stop! That tickles. I hate being tickled."
Minahel: "You think this is funny? I'll make furious love to you, intruder!"
Quen: "I guess we know where to find Umindior."

In Minahel's Room, you will find Umindior bound to a wall with sharp vines. In front of him will be Minahel and two Reef Vipers:

Umindior: "Help! Somebody! Help!"

When you engage in combat with her:

Minahel: "You have no right to the relic!"

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