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Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Daedric Set of Azura 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Furnishings associated with the Daedric Prince Azura. Contains 14 items.
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Furnishing Pack: Coldharbour Arcanaeum 05000Unavailable 5,000 Crowns A selection of furnishings for the true connoisseur of Molag Bal's darkest secrets. Includes a tear in the fabric of reality itself, perfect for impressing guests (voluntary or otherwise.) Contains 13 items.
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Furnishing Pack: Dibella's Garden 04500Unavailable 4,500 Crowns The Lady of Love, Art, and Affection teaches us to treasure the gifts of friendship and to open our hearts to the mysteries of love. In her divine words, "No matter the seed, if the shoot is nurtured with love, will not the flower be beautiful?" Contains 22 items.
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Furnishing Pack: Hubalajad's Final Treasure 05000Unavailable 5,000 Crowns No Prince of the Ra Gada would be caught dead without the appropriate (and extravagant) funerary offerings for his tomb. Not to mention the requisite Mournful Aegis to give a sharp welcome any unexpected guests! Contains 24 items.
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Furnishing Pack: Malacath's Chosen 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Honor Malacath and his Orc-children with these furnishings from the ancient mountain strongholds of Wrothgar. Contains 19 items.
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Furnishing Pack: Sinister Hollowjack Items ata]](?) Crowns (?) Contains 17 items.
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Molag Bal Bundle ata]](?) Crowns (?) Contains 27 items.
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Morrowind: Lord Vivec Set 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Furnishings inspired by Lord Vivec, the Tribunal Temple, and Morrowind. Contains 12 items.
ON-icon-store-Furniture Bundle.png Sithis, The Dread Father 03500Unavailable 3,500 Crowns Hail to Sithis, blood's drop on blade's edge. Before you, nothing. Behind you, the Void. Catalyst, agitator, many-fanged maw.