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Foolkiller's Ward is a dungeon set found in The Cauldron.

Set pieces are (?) style in Heavy Armor.


2 items: Adds 34-1487 Armor
3 items: Adds 34-1487 Armor
4 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
5 items: Activating Block while in combat places a damage shield on you and up to 3 group members within 18 meters for 2 seconds that absorbs up to 4000 direct damage. If a damage shield breaks, the wearer of the shield restores 132-5680 Magicka and Stamina. This effect can occur once every 30 seconds if a damage shield broke.This effect can occur once every 10 seconds if no damage shields broke.


The set consists of heavy armor and jewelry in all slots, as well as weapons and shields of all types.


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